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"..The Prince of Los Angeles was starting to have second thoughts. And for good reason. He'd branched off from the rest of the Camarilla and come to the City of Angels in hopes of carving domain for himself. After the rest of his sect had declared the zone a lost cause, he gathered forces and moved in. Despite the thriving swarm of Anarchs, he was making headway, that was..until all of the Nosferatu cleared out. Left. Scrammed. Something had scared them off, and whatever was that frightening wasn't something he was prepared to deal with at the moment. He'd also lost a few of his loyal Brujah to the swaying actions of the vermin that crawled around this stinking hole. Still, it was a stinking hole that he intended to convert into a shining beacon of his own worth. In his eyes, it was still prime. Few Sabbat, if any. He'd had yet to run into them, but didn't doubt that a few of the wretched mongrels were lurking about. Since the Siege of Los Angeles, most of them kept clear with the exception of the few scouts. For now, he ran his organization more like a guerilla campaign than a throne of power. And that was how it should be. He was outnumbered. Close to fifty Anarchs for every member of his small group. Nothing easily gained was ever worth having though, his Ventrue blood reminded him. And so, despite the headache of having lost several key allies, he made the call to bring back in his small patrols of roaming Kindred. There would be more time tomorrow evening, to sniff out and snuff those chaotic assholes."

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