A Change Of Pace

The Empress (Avg NPCs: 20)
This club of ill repute holds none of the usual qualities that have come to be
associated with most of the other seedy establishments that are dotted through
the City of Angels. While it is, at essence, still a haven and showcase for
women who display their flesh for money, it is a glorified version of such.
The women here are succulent, sweet and as tempting as the fruit from the
gardens of sacred Eden. Those who work here are called, in tribute to the
heritage of their hometown, Angels. Never of virgin stock, they always appear
as such anyway, playing to the fantasies of those who haunt this most esteemed
establishment. Poles of pure silver are lined along the length of the east and
west walls, harboring maidens of driven snow, with each lit in the background by
a soft, white light, dimmed so as to not outshine the prizes that they
illuminate. Any person, male or female, can rent the bodies and confidence of
these Angels, if the price is right, though anyone seeking to do so should
ensure that their pocketbook is thick.

* Exits *
south - Intersection of Santa Monica and Vine

Sliding into the club between the various customers and the large, muscular bouncers is a slender handsome man dressed in unassuming, intellectual clothing. He glances around the club and begins to walk in, silver-green eyes watching the world with a scrutinizing, careful gaze. He wears a pair of nice blue jeans, and a black, long-sleeved sweater on his torso. The color of his sweater matches the earrings in either ear, and his spiked, ebony hair. Elijah moves towards the bar, looking this way and that as if he's actually searching for a familiar face.

One of the lesser stages is already dark, giving little evidence as to what's wrong with the lighting or who might be working on it behind the scenes while the gentleman go about enjoying their night with the various Angels gyrating around the place. It's not until Janet Jackson's breathy, confidant voice pipes up over the speakers that the other Angels drift off to the fringes and that lone darkened stage flickers with red lights. Poised near the top of the pole itself is a voluptuous, yet undeniably nimble figure, her body spinning down around the silver pole with a careless sort of ease. The fishnet bodystocking she wears does nothing to hamper her moves in the slightest, nor do her knee-high red patent leather boots, or the twisting black horns on her head. Most everyone in the club seems completely enraptured by this performance that the redheaded woman known as Persephone is tossing everything into. (8 successes to dance)

Elijah watches the woman dance for a few moments while resting against the bar, apparently waiting for his drink to arrive. He idly rubs the fingernails of one hand against the material of his black v-neck, a slight smirk forming on his lips as he watches the woman's skillful dance. His gaze holds none of the lust that the other men in the bar seem to lavish on the woman, simply from the way they stare. Rather, Elijah seems to be admiring the dexterous movements of her body, and the obvious skill with which she moves so nimbly. He turns once his martini has been placed on the bartop, taking it with slender fingers as he walks towards a small booth.

As Persephone slinks her way across the stage on hands an knees, making the patrons better able to reach her, men begin twining their fingers into her fishnet while using the excuse that it's only to put some money into her evening's trust fund. Everything from the sparkle in her violet eyes to the exuberant way she moves while within this circle of men proves she absolutely eats up the attention. It's not until she's working the floor, doing the whole lap dance thing, that she notices a familiar face that isn't one of the regulars. Amid whistles and cat calls, Persephone shimmies her way towards Elijah, though once she reaches him her dancing subsides. Bumping her hip against the booth opposite him with various denominations of bills stuck between her fishnet bodysuit and her tanned skin, the woman leans casually as she purrs, "What brings you to my neck of the woods this evening, hm?"

"Thought I'd get a change of taste." The man replies readily as he raises the glass to his lips, his statement so smooth that he may have expected the question before hand. "Not that I'm tired of pretty man faces and needed a fresh breath of female, /but/…" The man says, tilting his head to the side and shrugging once, one of his small black earrings dangling as much as it possibly could as his head moves. "The same techno and the same damn club can get rather dull. I thought I'd paint my night… differently."

Letting her arm crawl up the side of the booth until her pretty little head is resting against her upper arm, Persephone's gaze remains fixed upon Elijah. "I'm flattered you thought to come here, and maybe I can convince whoever is doing the hiring now to bring on a few male Angels," she responds with a chuckle, her sparkly red lips pulling into a perfectly devilish smile, "I sure as hell wouldn't mind that. You're talking about the Improv, maybe? I've been there a time or two. Not too bad, not too bad," she admits just over the din of the thumping music.

"Wait, Improv?" He asks, his eye brows shooting up. He raises the martini glass to his lips quickly, as if to hide his excitement. "I was talking about /Essence/." He pauses, silver-green eyes moving up Madison's form before settling at her eyes. "Is Improv a gay club?"

Slender fingers curl idly through the material of her bodystocking as Persephone lifts an eyebrow, her intense gaze never once wavering from the handsome young man before her. A light chuckles bubbles up from her throat as she shakes her head, letting her other arm fall back to her side, "No, I don't think it is, but it's the sort of club where it's not rare by any means. Obviously, I've never been to Essence," she winks playfully, her smile still set loosely on her lips.

The handsome man opens his mouth slightly, to let out an 'ahhh' of realization. He nods solemnly, raising the martini glass again for another healthy mouthful. "Maybe I'll have to check it out sometime." He says, tilting his head slightly to look past the woman, shooting glances at the customers who currently stare at Persephone's body. "And /you/," He says, bringing his focus back to the woman. "Should come by Essence. It's rather fun."

With a slight turn of her head over her shoulder, peering through her curtain of scarlet hair, a bright smile alights upon Persephone's face. She moves her body in a single, sinuous turn to wink at her admirers behind her before once again taking up a post against the side of the booth. "If I do, I'll drag along that spicy blonde," she remarks before letting out a full-throated laugh. "So what do you think of the evening's entertainment so far?"

The handsome man leans back in his seat, casting one arm on top of the booth, to let it rest there lazily as he raises the martini with his other hand. "Well, why don't you join me for a drink? Have a seat." He says, moving his attention back to the men in the club as he adds, "If you're off soon, that is." He looks back to Madison, raising a black eyebrow as he sips his drink. "And, do they sell smokes at the bar?"

A soft, melodramatic sigh falls from Persephone's lips as she slowly shakes her head, her hair neatly covering the thin plastic ties that keep the coiling black horns attached to her head. "Ah, no, they don't sell any smokes at the bar here so far as I know. But usually the girls have a vivid array in the back dressing room," the curvaceous dancer intones with her trademark purr, "It's only a matter of asking and hoping they have the type you like. I have some strawberry cigarellos back there myself." Her sparkly lips purse together as she eyes the drink, fighting back temptation for the moment, "I don't drink on the clock, but I'll definitely have more than a few when I punch the timecard."

The handsome man smirks, taking a sip of his martini before softly replying. "Ahh. Those sound delicious." He says, raising an eyebrow, as well as his glass. "Would you be kind enough to bring one out, when you're done? I'll buy the drinks, babe." He says, finishing off the last sip of his martini. He takes the olive and raises it near his lips, while looking up at Persephone. "What time, then, shall we rendezvous?"

A rather thin dark haired fellow makes his way through the doors of the Empress and up to the bar proper in his usual unhurried fashion. Dressed reasonably well in khakis, a deep blue button-down and black patterned tie. Settling against the bar without taking up a stool, he orders a Jack and Coke and lets his eyes wander, the corners of his lips turned up ever so slightly in a seemingly ever-present smile.

"How about…" the statuesque woman begins at length, peeking over her shoulder again at the antsy businessmen still waiting their turn for a lapdance from the she-devil. "Give me ten," she turns her head back around with a definitive nod, already swiveling her body around and reaching one hand above her head, her hips shimmying in time to the music. The fishnet clinging to her body is all that holds all those greenbacks in place against her skin, her shiny red boots looking as if they were colored with fresh red paint. True to her word, she takes no more and no less than ten minutes to work the floor, teasing the men that tip her so well with laughter and coy glances, even removing the bills from their hand with her teeth in some instances. Before long, she's sidling into the back dressing room, her hips swaying naturally all the way.

Elijah nods to the woman and watches her walk off, still holding the olive in his right fingertips, a bored expression coming over his handsome face. Silver-green eyes wash over the various customers and lusty-eyed men, before he lets out a dissatisfied sigh and looks towards the bar. Settled in his booth in the corner, Elijah's oddly-colored eyes fall on the newly entered Felix, a black eyebrow raised as he looks the man over from afar. He lets a small smirk twitch at his lips, attempting to catch the man's gaze with his own.

Turning so that his back rests against the bar proper and setting his elbows light atop it, Felix meets eyes with Elijah across the room, raising one dark brow in question. The tender hands him his drink and he accepts it with a low-spoken word of thanks, lifting it to his lips shortly afterward.

Gone are the horns, the fishnets, and the patent leather bitch boots as Madison comes strolling out from the 'Employees Only' area of the club, her dancing attire having been replaced by a ruched, black, strapless satin dress and a pair of black platform heels. The amethyst gems around her neck gleam in the flashing lights as she slinks up to Elijah, offering small waves to a few men on her way. It takes her only a couple of seconds to pull out the box of cigarellos, along with a matte black zippo, offering both in unison to the green-eyed gentleman. "Delivered as promised," she remarks, granting him a wink.

He keeps his eyes on Felix, his sly expression somewhat ambiguous from so far away in the club, though the smirk remains on his lips. "Wonderful…" He says in a soft voice, still staring at the man as he pops the martini olive between his lips. He turns his head and waves a waitress over, all while waiting for Madison to take a seat. As the employee reaches there table, Elijah says, "I'd like an.. 'Appletini', please." He says with a small chuckle, crunching down on the olive and swallowing it after a short time. "And, I'd like to pay for that gentleman's drink.." He glances back to Felix, silver-green eyes looking him over once more. "And anything for Miss Madison, as well, please."

Sliding into the booth across from Elijah, the svelte dancer sits up with near perfect posture while offering the waitress, her co-worker, a benign smile. "Not a mojito this time," she purrs softly, leaning towards the woman just a bit, "I can't decide what flavor of drunk best suits tonight, so bring me a long island ice tea, will you please?" As the Angel wanders off to fulfill the demands, Madison follows the line of Elijah's gaze with a curious lift of a russet eyebrow. "He's not one I've seen around before."

Though he watches the silver-green eyed man for a time, the slim dark-haired fellow does let his eyes wander, unwilling ot let himself be caught. The corners of his lips pull upward just the slightest bit further as he notes the now combined gaze of Madison and Elijah, though he doesn't immediately acknowledge them. The young woman saunters over to inform him his drink has been paid for, and this time both his dark brows rise in surprise. Pushing off the bar, he starts toward the two of them in decidedly round-about fashion following the far side of the main stage, drink in one hand as he flashes the occasional easy smile to the few silently investigating his progress.

"An Appletini. I've never had one before. I watch /one/ hour of television in the past few years, and I'm already getting ideas." The man chuckles softly as he turns, gazing at Madison and taking one of the strawberry cigarillos from the pack. "Well, it seems I've snagged us another playmate." He says with his eyebrows raised, lighting the cigarillo with a zippo before putting it to his lips. Now he turns to watch Felix as the man approaches, slinging both arms on the top of the booth headrest, reclining lazily as his silver-greens settle on the dark-haired man. Wisps of strawberry-flavored smoke rise around his attractive face, rolling over smooth skin and dispersing upwards towards the ceiling.

Madison adopts a more refined pose, especially for what those would consider proper from an exotic dancer such as herself, by neatly folding her hands in her lap and keeping her back entirely straight. "Oh, you know what they say…" she begins with a husky chuckle, her lavender sights flicking towards Felix as she finishes, "Three's a crowd. But if we could get just one more, we'd have enough for a decent adult movie." As if following through on her suggestion, she casts her wandering eye out towards the club itself, scanning each person she can clearly see and mentally discarding or adding them to the roster.

"I'm not normally one to impose.." slender the black-haired fellow admits, offering Madison an easy smile as he catches the end of her statement and fills in the rest easily enough, "but it's not every evening someone buys me a drink. Particularly… well, another gent." The surprise is clear enough in his voice, accompanied by what might well be a hint of appreciation or something akin to it. "Not to worry — just figured I'd offer my thanks, then be on my way."

The handsome man smirks, taking one hand off the top of the booth so he can lower it to his lips, pulling the strawberry cigarillo from his mouth. He rounds his lips and blows a smoke ring out, without looking away from Felix. "You're welcome." Elijah says, putting the cigarillo back to his soft lips as he watches the dark-haired man, his smoke ring tearing itself apart in midair, over the middle of the table. "..To have a seat." He adds, changing the statement completely while casting Madison a glance.

One hand tugs on the hem of Madison's skirt as she crosses her legs, making quite certain that she's decent while doing so. A fully vulpine smile etches itself across her plush lips as she blinks up at the lanky fellow, the dark eyeliner still tracing the edges of her eyes just serving to make them all the more brilliant. "Oh, no, I don't mind at all," she drawls with the undercurrent of a chuckle, "I just love meeting new people, especially potential return customers."

"Is it that obvious I'm out of my element?" the slender man asks, a flicker of concern and disappointment finding its way through in his voice even as he settles easily in to a seat more or less opposite Madison and Elijah both. The remains of his Jack and Coke slides on to the table at much the same time. "You two seem an interesting pair." he states, casting a meaningful glance from the silver-green eyed man to his lilac eyed companion.

"Pair… Ah." Elijah says with a smirk, reaching forward to grab his new green drink, before lifting it to his lips and settling back in his seat. "We're more.. acquaintances." The handsome man says, tilting the glass back to let the apple liquor slide into his mouth and down his throat. "And where is your date this evening?" Elijah asks with a raised eyebrow, looking back to Felix with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. He sets his martini glass down in the spot where his empty one had been, before it was snatched up by the waitress. He smokes his cigarillo for a moment as he waits for the man's answer.

Gingerly, Madison wraps her fingers around the long island ice tea, bringing it to her glossy lips without hesitation. As that first taste of the strong combination of spirits collides with her tongue, her eyes flutter closed momentarily. "Mmm it's tragic how easily I forget during my shift how delightful a nice stiff drink can be," she muses aloud while reopening her eyes, casting them towards the ceiling as a relaxed smile caresses her lips. "Don't let those girls out there fool you," she begins with a single nod in the direction of the floor at large, "no matter what they tell you, very few of them are looking for dates among their clientele."

"Conspicuously absent." Felix replies without apparent concern, transitioning easily in to, "…and while I may be out of my element, I'm well aware of that. Still, it's nice to see one among them — quite well known at that, I gather — looking out for the hapless." Drink retrieved from the table top, Felix humms low to himself and takes a languid swig. "A departure from the norm; seems a recurring theme for me lately." Attention then shifting back to Elijah, the slender fellow gestures vaguely with his glass, swirling the remains of the ice in the quickly disappearing dark liquid. "Felix Montbertrand. And you are?" Eyes flick to one side, including Madison. "Both of you."

"Elijah Day." The handsome man says, still watching Felix closely as he raises his glass to his lips, taking a sip. "Might I ask… What you mean? 'One among them'?" He asks, looking wholly curious as he raises a black eyebrow and puts the cigarillo to his lips, silver-green eyes staring into Felix'.

Laughter, low and sweet, fills the air around the table as Madison shakes her head slowly from side to side. "I think he means me," she winks at Elijah before turning most of her attention back to Felix, one finger dipping into her drink to lightly stir the top of it. "Right now, I'm just Madison, but when I'm on stage I'm Persephone. And you don't have to thank me, I'm just doing the duty of a good fallen Angel and making you feel welcome here."

Leaning forward just a touch, Felix smiles easily at Madison's response. "Yes — I watched her walk out, watched her walk back in… the transformation isn't /that/ extreme." he offers in good-natured fashion, clearly directed at Elijah, before settling back in to his chosen chair. "As for my proving a return customer, that's yet to be seen. A pleasant enough place thus far; a fine start."

"Oh.." Elijah says, glancing between Madison and Felix briefly as he settles back in the seat, suddenly looking terribly bored. He reaches forward and takes his appletini, sinking into the background of the conversation, while taking rather large mouthfuls of the drink.

Amethyst eyes jerk towards Elijah as Madison lifts one reddish eyebrow, offering up her piece of advice for the evening, "I'm sure you already know, but it bears repeating," she pauses to lean forward against the table, letting an elbow rest idly on top of it as she gets just a little nearer to Elijah, "The faster you drink it, the quicker you'll become drunk." She then leans back, though still resting her elbow on the smooth surface of the table. "It's a shame you missed my show tonight, darling. But if you stick around, you're bound to see a couple of other girls in their solo acts."

"Quite something, I understand." Felix offers, voice low, his attention wandering briefly. "I'd suspect it will take more than one, nevermind how fast." he murmurs a few moments later, taking in Elijah with a quick down-up flick of his hazel sights. "Neither of us are of particularly hardy looking stock, but I've faith in his ability to withstand an 'appletini'." follows in much the same tone, a hint of amusement there.

"Oh, trust me. I have plenty of experience in the field of alcohol.. tasting." He says with a slight smirk, though the look on his face suggests he might have already begun his trip to intoxication land. He glances at Madison briefly, sipping the green drink as he looks her up and down, before looking at Felix and giving the man another once-over. His eyes linger for an uncomfortable moment too long, before he blinks and looks away, setting the glass on the table and making due with his strawberry cigarillo. "So… Madison. How did you come to realize that you wanted such a.. profession, as this one?"

Madison takes a moment to drain more of the strong liquid from her glass, savoring every drop. The very tip of her tongue pokes out to dab up a few stray droplets left on her upper lip before she lets out a faint sigh. Leaning back against the booth cushion, a wry smile set across her lovely mien, she replies smoothly, "Which do you think pays better in the long run? A prima ballerina or an exotic dancer? Flipping and somersaulting for international news stations once every four years, or flinging your body around a silver pole? Plus, there's no sort of rigorous testing involved with this job…" she pauses to grin wickedly, "of any sort."

"Something to be said for that," the slender gent concludes after a moment's thought. "But that we could all be so lucky." There's a tinge of seemingly genuine regret there, though he grins faintly.

"Ahh… No testing." Elijah says with a grin, raising his glass to Madison. "I like your style." He chuckles and takes a drink, turning to look at Felix now, with a more appreciative gaze, it would seem. "And.. you? What is it that /you/ do.. handsome stranger." Elijah sets his nearly empty glass on the table and settles back with his half-smoked cigarillo, peering out at the club as he listens for Felix' response.

A teasing tone enters Madison's velvety voice as she runs one finger along the decolletage of her strapless dress, "My style, you say? Believe me, I have plenty of it." A faint chuckle weaves its way past her lips just before she takes another drink of her dark beverage, her gaze sliding easily to Felix. "It must be something lucrative to land you in here."

"A mere corporate cog." the slender fellow responds, chuckling softly to himself, "Worse than that — the sort that gets passed around often." A bit of melodramatics follows, playfully over-stating, "In league with 'the man.'" The chuckle returns stronger than before as he raises the glass to his lips a final time, draining the last of the liquid from it and popping a piece of ice in to his mouth for good measure.

"Mmm. Yes. 'The Man.'" Elijah says with a sour expression, grabbing his glass while removing the cigarette from his lips. He downs the entire drink and sets it back on the table with a 'Ahhh', before sighing softly and smoking his cigarillo in thought. "The man is an oppressive force, indeed. I'm sorry to hear that you're part of his evil structure." Elijah says, already displaying a few signs of drunkenness as he glances up at Felix, smirking and raising his eyebrows. "And here I was going to buy you drinks all night."

Lifting a hand and gesturing with a flick of her wrist to the various occupants of the Empress, Madison rolls her shoulders in a stiff shrug, "Everyone here is working with 'the Man'. You know why?" she asks, lifting an eyebrow as if to punctuate her question. "Because he pays the best. Like it or not, money is power and money is necessary, especially for those who want to live comfortably. There are worse things than being a 'cog', as you say," she responds at length, an actual thoughtful tone entering her low voice.

"Oh, it could be far worse. I could be sacrificing my principles for mere peanuts. As things stand, I'm sacrificing them for… well, I'd say it's a very reasonable rate." Felix muses, smiling happily enough. "As for the drinks, I'm, well, I'm flattered. and you Mister Day are most certainly a fine looking gent, but I'm afraid that's not quite the way I'm wired."

The handsome man shoots a playful glare at Madison, saying "I was only /kidding/ for chrissake." He chuckles and puts the cigarillo to his lips, turning to listen to Felix with an eyebrow raised. He blinks once or twice, a hint of crimson creeping into his cheeks as the man speaks. "Well.. /thank you/, Mr. Montebrand.." He doesn't seem to be aware that he's butchered the man's name, but regardless seems smitten by the compliment. However, the hook of the man's statement seems to get him, one end of his mouth twitching into a frown as he looks away. "Very well, then. I didn't exactly /expect/ to woo a man in.. this place."

"I was wondering when that fact would hit you, but I can never resist watching men flirt with one another. It's entirely too adorable," the scarlet-haired dancer purrs as she leans forward. "Granted, it's also true that you can never really tell who is interested in both genders and not just one unless you talk to them a bit, am I right?" A single eyebrow is raised with this last question before she forestalls anymore of her words by finishing her wonderful iced tea.

"Not that I've been what you could call 'glued to the entertainment,' but I do have to agree there are… well, more likely locations hereabout." Felix replies, a hint of something like regret in his voice as he watches the other man's face. "I didn't think it very nice to lead on, nevermind the details." he adds in response to Madison, "And you're quite right in that."

"It must be Heaven for you, then. Working here." Elijah remarks to Madison, though he stares off at the customers and waitresses in thought, smoking his cigarette casually. "And, don't worry about it, Felix. I'm not going to throw a queen fit all over the place and have my mascara run." He chuckles through his nostrils, reaching forward to stub out the cigarillo as the last of the strawberry-flavored smoke trickles from his mouth. "That just wouldn't do at all."

Madison tips her head back and flares her nostrils in the slightest, catching that last, sweet breath of life from the cigarello before it's snuffed out for good. Her eyes slide to the pack as she mulls something over, her fingers tapping indecisively on the tabletop. "Heaven? Isn't that what this place is supposed to represent? No one ever said it had to be heaven just for the patrons," she murmurs with a mischievous smile. "Granted, if it's ever an issue," she glances at Elijah, "which I highly doubt it will be for you, I do prefer men, but I'm not going to limit myself."

"Wouldn't suit you." the slender dark-haried fellow readily admits in a low voice, smiling faintly oncemore. Settling back in his seat Felix falls calm and silent, hazel eyes shifting back and forth between Madison and Elijah as they speak.

"Well, dearies." Elijah says, sitting up slightly and looking around. "My cigarette is dead, and my drink is empty. Normally I would get a fresh one of each, but" He says, smiling quite pleasantly as he makes a shooing motion to Madison, suggesting she should slide out of the booth so he can exit. "I've got someone to go home to. So, those days have died, along with my liver. Now, if you'll excuse me." He mutters, still seeming rather intoxicated as he slips out of the booth.

Madison breathes out a long-suffering sigh as if it's such a chore for her to move at all, though she does slide herself out even past the protestations. Even though she's wiped out her heavy drink, she still seems to keep her balance rather well on the five inch heels she wears as she steps aside for Elijah. "I wonder if going home to someone is all it's cracked up to be," she murmurs, mostly to herself, before rolling her shoulders in a vague shrug. "Take care, and maybe I'll run into you again somewhere more to your liking than this place."

"Good meeting you, brief awkwardness aside." Felix offers in farewell to the attractive silver-green eyed gent. "Have a pleasant evening, aye?"

The handsome man turns his head, raising his eyebrows at Madison. "Oh, it is. If you find the right one." He says, barely able to conceal his smile at the prospect of returning home to whoever it may be. He glances back at Felix, tilting his head to the side and nodding to the man, sliding his hands into his blue jeans. "You too. No awkwardness. Avoid Club Essence, as a warning." He snickers and turns around, beginning to walk towards the exit with a calm, steady stride.

Bending over to retrieve her purse and cigarellos, as well as her zippo, from the tabletop, Madison serves Felix a sly smile. "Don't look so quiet, dear. That never got anyone anywhere. If you want to share your time with an Angel," she nods appropriately at one of the passing girls, "You will have to speak up and wave a bit of cash around. Believe me, it's worth. They…" she grins lasciviously, "-We- know what we are doing."

"Another time, perhaps." the dark haired gent murmurs, returning the copper-haired young woman's smile ins near-automatic fashion. "I've had my drink and an interesting chat… and now I think it's best I call it a night." He rises unhurriedly from his chosen seat, still smiling faintly to himself. "Good to meet you too, and I do hope I didn't ruin the time with your friend."

A smirk finds its way across Madison's lovely facade as she glances idly at the doors while shoving her cigs and lighter back into the folds of her purse. "Not at all, Mr. Montbertrand. We're more just casual acquaintances, but I thank you for your concern." Pulling the strap of the purse over her shoulder, the voluptuous woman begins to stroll off towards the back room, her ample hips rolling with every measured step she takes almost as if that sort of gait is natural to her. "Have a pleasant even, good sir," she mentions over her shoulder, before disappearing completely into the back.

Felix gives a little shrug and strolls toward the exit, humming a low, rather odd tune to himself as he goes. "Curiouser and curiouser, as it were."

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