A Toy & A Tussle

The Copper Lily
Clearly a place for the frugal tourist, the hotel room is built to a low
standard. The walls sport a single coat of black paint that is chipping and
peeling in most places, barely covering the splintered wood that makes up both
the walls and floors of the room. Sand covers the flooring as well, probably
left behind by ill-mannered guests but positive proof that no cleaning staff has
been through the room for quite some time. From a single window with white
shades a little natural light eeks through and provides the lone source of
illumination for the entire place. In the corner of the room there sit a few
wooden chairs and in the opposite there is a small bed covered by a black
bedsheet that's stiff and scratchy to the touch. This seems to be the 'main'
bed, whereas the rest of the room is almost broken down into 'tents' that serve
to replace the more modern or normal 'rooms'. There is no sign of electricity
or air conditioning of any sort.

* Exits *
east - Khan el Khalili: The Bazaar

Maxwell Hearkenstone wanders into The Copper Lily from the backdoor, each hand grasping an old, tin bucket. Both of them are filled with water that's fresh out of the pump. Meaning that it's pretty hot. He sets them down just inside of the door and wipes his brow, mumbling, "Man. Can we go home yet?", though it's half-hearted at most. He leaves the buckets there, before wandering over to the cooler and grabbing a much cooler bottle of water, which he cracks open and takes a sip on, "..I'm about to go and blow up that damn warehouse myself, if it means leaving this place earlier..".

Coming out of his tent with a slight smirk on is face and something sticking out of his back pocket, Phelan stands and looks about. As he makes eye contact with the male, he waves a little and takes a step forward. "Hey, Max. Feeling good this morning?"

"Yeah. I'm good. I've just been working out this side so that it doesn't heal tight. Hawthorne said pumping water would help. But everything he needs done is something that would help, suspiciously enough..", Maxwell states, just smirking at his own sentence and shaking his head. His voice is light-hearted about the subject though, "What're you up to, pup?", he asks, setting the bottle of water down and going about tightening his belt.

Giving the man a sympathetic nod and a soft chuckle, Phelan reaches into his back pocket and pulls out the object. "Just wondering something. Came out to ask you what you would do if you found yourself in this situation." His smirk broadens, and with that he finally reveals the object. A pink box with blue lettering that reads 'Diamond Diana's Three-Speed Bunny: For When A Man Just Can't Cut It.' "And you don't even wanna see the note attached to it," he says after giving the Kinfolk enough time to stare at the box. "Now, I'm operating under the assumption that Maiyun's not a dirty sex fiend so my instinct tells me to find the one who planted this in my stuff with her name on it and test it out on their virgin ass. That is, unless that person admits to it."

The thin outline of Charlie is apparent through the curtained doorway just before it swings open, leaving the tanned, blond Alpha in full sight. Her hair, which is streaked with sand and dust, has been pulled back out of her face in a messy bun, and her eyes are covered in almost overlarge sunglasses. She's garbed in a pair of gray running pants and a double-layered white teeshirt, a shorter sleeved one that's laid over one that leaves the sleeves hanging loosely over the backs of her knuckles. Tied around her neck is a faded blue bandana that's discolored from sweat and dirt, which she begins to untie as soon as it's slid off of her face with the crossing of the threashold. Her pale eyes move from Maxwell to Phelan, and she ofers both just a nod before stopping near the cooler to withdraw herself a bottle of water.

Maxwell Hearkenstone stares at the object like a deer caught in the headlights of a truck, at least for a few seconds, before he doubles over in sheer, musical laughter that is nothing less than frabjous. He even goes so far as to giggle and titter at it, in a way that men should not giggle and titter, but his hand comes up to his side to press against his wound. He manages to straight up, /very/ suddenly, long enough to admit, "..Don't look at me. It'd never fit. Who knows, though. Can you cut it?". Then, his laughter and composure leaves him again, his maintained facade gone just as quick as it had come, and he stumbles across the room to fall upon Charlotte's shoulder, almost sobbing at this point.

"Wouldn't you love to find out?" Phelan says, smiling and unable to hold back a little of a laugh of his own as he sees the Kinfolk break down into a hysterical fit of laughter for the second time and tossing the box back into the confines of his tent then locking up for a second. "Oops." Shrugging it off, he goes back to his bed of chairs and sits down to watch Maxwell calm down and smiling all the while. "Anyway, thanks for the thought, I guess."

Charlie stops as Maxwell lays his head against her shoulder, not bothering to ask any questions over the two laughing men. She pulls the bandana away from her neck with one hand and tosses it to the side, afterwards opening her water and raising an eyebrow heavily. As Phelan steps away, she removes her attention from him and onto Max, not looking very amused herself, mouthing 'What?' with a confused expression.

It takes Maxwell a minute or two to calm down from his tirade of happiness and assault with laughter upon the physical person of his Mate, and with a few heaving crosses between weeping and giggling, he finally gets himself back under control again. But barely, it would seem. Still clinging to the honey-haired woman, his other arm is brought up and wrapped around her, eyes a bit reddened as he slips her a quick, chaste kiss before whispering something.

Phelan takes a second to lean back and strecth, giving a long yawn then leaning forward again. "So, anyway, is there any news on our attack plan? I can see we're all getting desperate to get the Hell outta this place." Then, with a blink, he looks up again. "Oh, and Charlotte? If it's not too much to ask could you take me for a hunt around the marketplace? There's something I need from there, and soon."

Charlotte blinks a few times as her second eyebrow shoots upwards with Maxwell's whispering, and her eyes train from the Kinfolk to Phelan. She wets her lips as Max finishes whispering, and snorts lightly once. "She's out of here, and quite soon," she seems to say off-handedly with a roll of her eyes before she sighs. "I suppose we should. After what happened last time, I'm not sure there's anything you need that's important enough for one of us to get killed, but, you'd know best."

Maxwell Hearkenstone does nothing to leave his spot against the Alpha, instead resting there as if he still needed time and help to recover from the raucous bout of laughter that had just taken him hostage in such a volatile manner. He doesn't show much emotion at the words of the honey-haired woman, but in the end, he does speak up with, "..Hawthorne did say something earlier about the other Black Eagles getting in tomorrow evening, babe..".

As Charlotte speaks Phelan simply nods, then leans back again with a sigh. "Well, yeah, I suppose you're right. Besides, there's time once we get back to LA as well. Assuming I can find the right place." He shrugs, but his grin never falters as he continues to listen in on Max and the Alpha.

"I'd heard that one of them went with Waltzes near the warehouse. I'd rather hear it from her, but I haven't had a chance to sit down and talk with her. No way we're going in blind, though." Charlotte's voice takes on the usual air of confidence, despite the shrug of her shoulder. "We're better prepared here than we've been at home any of these times. More of us." Her eyes turn towards Phelan quickly before they go back to Maxwell. "Everyone's stir crazy enough for us to make mistakes. I was hoping everyone would be around so we could do some warming up."

"Yeah. I talked to her a little. Not much. I told her to wait until you could be around to hear about it too. We'll have to staple her down for long enough to get some information out of her..", Maxwell Hearkenstone states, still lounging in such a casual fashion upon the brickhouse of a woman, "..I'll get word to 'em as they come through though. That we need to start getting more focused, and onto the task at hand. And the warm up and stuff. Shouldn't be too hard. I think most of them are just tired of the waiting.".

"You'd be right, then," Phelan states as he nods his agreement with the Kinfolk, then reaches a hand that almost goes to the back of his neck to scratch until he sees the frantic movement of the fleas on his arms that only calms down when his hand is stopped in midair. Looking at it he smiles softly and puts his hand back down. "Almost forgot," he tells the small arachnids before glancing at his tent, then back to the others.

Charlotte nods idly, taking a long drink of water from the bottle in her hand. "You're feeling up to it?" she asks of Maxwell, her voice lowered only a bit. She continues in a regular tone, looking between the two of them. "You've been looking to do some training, right, Pup?"

"Hey. I'm always up to it. It's what I do..", Maxwell states, before adding in to clarify, "..Whatever you tell me, babe..". He grins a bit at her, before managing to find the gumption to pull at least one arm away from the form of the cotton-clad Alpha female of the Warpack, "..What've you got on your mind?", he then asks.

Maiyun was asleep in the tent. She was attempting to catch more hours of sleep, to see if the day would go by quickly, as she had nothing else better to do. As she slept, she heard something, then opened a eye, only to meet the box with her face. With a quick yelp, she managed to close her eyes before the note did any minor damage, and quickly got up. She picked up the box, and eyed the note. 'Maiyun…?' She raised a brow, only reading the signature. Questions filled her head as she stared at the box, and opening it, took one quick look at what was inside. Quickly she dropped it and crawled as far away from it as possible. 'What the hell is that?!' What had she gotten into this time? Now that she was one of them, she was going to act that way? She hoped not. A frown curled onto her lips as she crawled around the box and out of the tent. Boy was she going to give Phelan a piece of her mind.

"Ready whenever there's time, Charlie," Phelan says to the Alpha in response to her question, but as he stands to ask if something is up he hears and sees movement in the tent. As the now very much awake Maiyun crawls out he turns to her and smiles a little. "Morning, princess. Sleep well?" he asks in a regular tone.

Charlotte opens her mouth to speak just as Maiyun curses, and lets her eyes shift over to the girl's tent, letting her eyebrow cock once more. As Maxwell releases one arm from around her she wraps an arm around his waist lightly, careful to avoid the wound at his side, resting her hand on his hip instead. "It's up to you two, if you want to spar a little bit."

"I think I can handle it. This thing in my side is pretty much healed up. Except that..there's still stitches there. But it can't be worse than lifting boxes and pumping water and shit..", Maxwell states, keeping close to the woman at his side. His attention does turn, however, as Maiyun starts to stir up a bit of a storm, and eyeballs the tent for a minute, before adding in, "Oh Phelan. You dog, you. Sleeping in your tent and everything. And I thought I was fast with the whole..straight up flashing in the middle of getting pummeled thing..".

Maiyun just glared at Phelan. She balled her hands into fists before pointing a finger at her tent. "What is that rubbish that woke me up?!" she asked him in a thick Irish accent. "What is it?! Because I'm sure others don't wake up with filth right in front of 'em!" She didn't focus on the others, as one, she was half asleep, and the second she could only focus on one thing once so angry. And this was one of those times. "But it's always acting the maggot with you, aye?" She huffed. "You deserved that kick up your fucking clackers."

As he watches Maiyun suddenly get into a fit of rage, Phelan simply holds up his hands with open palms and shakes his head. "Whoa, hey! Chill. I know what you're thinking, but trust me, I had nothing to do with that." His arms lower into a half-shrug. "Think about it for a second. Why would I plant that thing in my own stuff with a note like that on it? Someone else…" He takes a moment to give Maxwell a glance and an accusing tilt of his head, "…must have put it there thinking I would believe you wanted to get in my pants." As he starts to say something else, he stops and pauses. Then, with a nod he puts his hands at his side and nods. "But you're right. I did deserve that kick."

Charlotte starts with her attention on Maxwell, but is quite clearly sidetracked by Maiyun's outburst. The tan-skinned woman snorts softly, before dragging her arm out from around the Kinfolk's waist to cap her water bottle, and she steps away from him to put it on the counter. "Well, she clearly didn't do it," she says to the side before between back towards Maxwell and stopping at his side. "Max didn't do it. I want to know who did, though. Suggesting something like that would sour my mood pretty fast."

"Well. I guess, it's at least safe to say that she's not a Garou at this point. If she were, we'd be doing a lot more fighting and I'd be doing a lot more screaming..", Maxwell points out, seeming amused at the situation, if just by the slightest bit. He catches Phelan's accusatory glance, and just dismisses it with a simple, "Pft. Don't flatter yourself, soap eater..", before tacking onto the end, "Besides. It's good that she isn't, I think. That means that we don't have to like..go through the major rage. And screaming. And mindless first-time killing. And that that thing won't need a damn car battery to keep it going..".

Maiyun kept glaring. "It's definitely not my handwriting, that's for sure." Her hands were relaxing slowly as she stared hard at the male. And when she heard another voice, her gaze turned to the others. Still angered, though, she looked back at Phelan. "Well who else could have signed my name, though…?" she couldn't help but ask as she began to relax, though her balled fists didn't loosen.

Phelan gives Charlotte and Maxwell both a longer, more solemn nod of apology, then as his gaze turns back to Maiyun he snaps his fingers and smiles more broadly. One could practically see the cliche cartoon light bulb turn on above his head. "Maybe we should ask our black-haired she-ninja when she comes around the next time. If it wasn't you or Maxwell, and it sure as hell wasn't me, then she's the only one left who could've done it. Well, Holiday could have, but I doubt she's dirty enough to think something like that." With that, he sits down and looks back to Maxwell with a thoughtful glance. "And Mr. Hearkenstone has a good point on this one. Does that outrule the possibility that she's a Kinfolk as well, or… does Cairo tend to fuck with the senses that badly?"

"Don't believe a word that girl says. We don't know anything more about her than we do about Maiyun, but I'll see if I can get Charlie or one of his men to have a look at her later. Next time Ella's here, don't let her leave." Charlotte scowls harshly as her eyes flicker between Phelan and Maiyun, though a few glances are cast towards her mate. Still looking a little baffled, but mostly annoyed, the honey-blond Alpha clear her throat loudly, waiting for everyone to be quiet and listen. "That's not what we need to be worrying about right now. And it doesn't prove anything about her, unforunately. Everyone forget about it until there's someone here who could have actually done it. Otherwise, let's get ready to go out back."

"I'd put my chances on the Ragabash, actually. Sieg hasn't been showing himself much. You never can tell though. People do the weirdest shit. Probably someone acting out, or hoping to live vicariously..", Maxwell states, seeming a bit more serious on the matter that time, before he does, indeed, drop it as a whole and move right on to the next subject, "..So are we going to spar for now? Or plan it for another time? If we are, I'll need to start stretching all of my shit-kicking muscles. They don't get much of a workout when I'm on my off season like this..".

After a few minutes, Maiyun finally relaxed all muscles in her body, including both balled up fists which were now released. With a sigh, she bowed her head, ashamed, and sat down, though she scooted as far as she could away from Phelan to avoid any more complications. With her gaze to the ground, she nodded and bit her lip.

After finally quieting down to listen to Charlotte, Phelan gives her one final nod before ducking into his tent to pull out a light green Hawaiian shirt decorated with hula dancers in pink skirts and "Aloha!" strewn in various places in lighter green text. Slipping it on, he holds his arms open. "There. Looks like I'm ready." He puts his hands down again. "You've probably got this one in the bag, Max. About all I know when it comes to fighting is all that 'Wax on, wax off' stuff that'd never actually work."

"Are you kidding me? Everything I know I learned from Indiana Jones and MacGuyver. Trust me. Your formal training can't have been much worse off tha mine, Pup..", Maxwell states, slipping his arm around Charlotte's and ensuring that she's going to follow as he heads for the back door, and the sands of Cairo, "..Besides. If I do win, it'll be because I'm a major badass anyway…". The last part is added as a rather matter-of-fact tone, as he chuckles, winking at the Alpha female, but waiting for Phelan and the others to exit first.

As he steps toward the back door with a shrug of his shoulders and a chuckle along with Maxwell's, Phelan steps outside onto the sands with bare feet. "Alright, then. I'll just be sure not to hit the stitches." He glances back to Maiyun, however, then gives her a curl of his hand. "Care to watch? Bet you'd like to see me getting the shit kicked outta me after that little… surprise you woke up to."

Charlotte remains at Maxwell's side, allowing him to lead her with gentle steps. A light smirk is offered to his winking, and she glance back at Phelan briefly. "I'll stick out of the first round and take whoever wins. I promised Phelan a jaunt in war form, too."

"So in other words, she'll be wrestling me. And then the both of you can have at it in ass-tearing form, and half kill one another..", Maxwell states, nudging Phelan in the side before following him out and taking Charlotte along for the ride as well, "What're we gonna call this, pup? Boxing? Wrestling? Mixed Martial Arts? It doesn't matter much to me. I know as little about the first as I do about the second and third. But I've seen enough Bruce Lee movies to know when to bob and when to weave, I think..".

Maiyun looks to Phelan. She huffed, slowly getting up. Brushing herself off, she followed him out back, though she knew she wasn't going to like it. She looked away from him. "Wouldn't hurt to see a little action…" It was certainly better than just sitting inside all day doing nothing.

"Nah. I'd call it Fisticuffs cause that's about all it is." He starts to shift a little in the sand, then bounces up and down a little to loosen himself up before doing some stretches. His eyes occasionally avert to Maiyun and Charlotte, though most of his focus is kept to his newfound opponent. "Here's the bigger question. Any illegal tactics or moves?"

"Half-killing isn't in the cards tonight, I'm afraid. We have too much to do in the next few nights for that," Charlotte responds, stepping away from Maxwell's side now to move back towards the building near Maiyun to give the two men space.

"Fisticuffs? What? You want to do face punching?", Maxwell asks, arching a brow at the Pup, and just shaking his head, "I'm down for whatever you're down with. You touch my junk though, or stick a finger where it doesn't go, and I'm going to become fucking Daredevil on you. Minus the blindness, and the gay red suit with the gay red horns..", he admits, before tromping off into the sand as well. Remaining in the shadow of the building, where the ground isn't ten thousand degrees, he kicks out of his sandals and begins to make a big show out of stretching.

"Well your gal said the only thing not allowed is half-killing," Phelan states in relpy to Maxwell, spreading his legs a little and bending over to touch the sand in the ground with a bit of a grunt. "Feels good to finally be moving again."

Charlotte leans up against the wall near the back door of the Copper Lily, crossing her arms over her chest as her pale eyes flicker back and forth between Phelan and Maxwell while they get ready to spar. She's grinning softly, the usual half-smirk on her lips as she crosses one ankle over the other and glances towards Maiyun. "Do I even want to know what happened a few minutes ago?"

"Feels good to be moving again? You weren't the one stuck in a bed..", Maxwell states, twisting his arms back and popping his sockets, a talent for which he found much use earlier in his life than most could ever have for it. He reaches down, scooping up a handful of sand and letting it slip through his fingers before wiping it off on his pants and blowing Charlotte a kiss, like some sort of athletic superstar, "Alright. Ready for this, Pup? Just go when you're good..".

Maiyun watches both closely out of pure curiosity. Maybe this would tell her how she was freed by those two men who attacked her. As she watches, she hears Charlotte and looks over towards ger. Her cheeks turns red as she looks back. "Unless you wish to know, then I will not speak a word of what happened back there." She felt embarrassed after what had happened. She was really that angry. "I'm sorry for my behavior."

Phelan shrugs in response as soon as he rises from his strecthing, then does a quick change of stance twice and shakes his arms. "I'll let you have the first shot, man." His gaze shifts to the two women for a brief moment, then he raises his arms into a ready position and bends his knees a little as he starts to bounce very slightly. "Let's go."

Pressing most of her weight on the balls of her sneaker-clad feet, the slender frame of a dark-haired photographer slips into the courtyard out back. Not a sound is made as the flea-infested Ella, a steaming cup of fragrant coffee in one hand, slinks up behind the group to stare at the duel about to take place. Even as she sips from her cup, she remains rather silent, blinking over the rim towards Charlotte. As she lowers the cup, she adopts her most casual tone with a half-smile curling one corner of her mouth, "So," she begins, giving the first hint to her presence at all, "who's the odds on favorite to win this match? Maybe we should tie their left hands together with rope while they face each other and give them little wooden sticks in their other hands like some kind of monkey knife-fight, but less fatal?"

Charlotte shrugs up one shoulder in Maiyun's directly as her eyes travel back to the two men. "I couldn't possibly care less, aside from a few occassions. I'll have Hawthorne come up and tell us." She takes a soft step towards the girl, leaning in to whisper something briefly. Her eyes travel up to Ella and she motions with a jerk of her head for the woman to go to the back door that she'd just come out of.

"No, really. I've already got the age and the beauty. It wouldn't be fair for me to take the first shot too..", Maxwell goads, trudging through the sand a bit more, and watching Phelan as he comes to a stop, "So come on. Let's see what you have. At least you can't accidentally shoot me in the back with a SAW here..", he teases, smirking at the Pup and raising his hands in a 'Come Hither' gestures to his sparring opponent.

Nodding, Maiyun looks back towards the leader, though she can't help but wonder who Hawthorne was. To keep from asking, she looks towards the two. From the whisper, she averts her gaze over to Phelan, though her head doesn't turn. Looking back, she couldn't help but wonder why, though she didn't argue. She wasn't planning on seeing him any time soon from what had happened earlier anyway. Phelan was growing more irritating for her than charming now.

With a roll of her shoulders, Ella backtracks to the doorway that leads back into the Lily while casting a quick glance over her shoulder. The sight of Charlotte following behind her fills her stomach with a bit of trepidation, her greyish blue eyes widening in the slightest as she turns back around to march inside. Her head hangs low as if she were a prisoner on the death march to the electric chair, her glossy black hair falling forwards to caress her cheeks. Small fingers clutch her cup a bit harder, the paper crinkling just a little under her fingertips.

"Aww, gee, you're too kind to me," the Pup quips. Lowering his center of gravity he takes a quick charge toward Maxwell then straightens up just as he feels as though he's in range to deliver a kick to the Kinfolk's chest. He tries to pull the attack so it only knocks him down without doing too much real damage.

Maiyun continues to watch. She then looks over. Noticing that Charlotte was following Ella, she couldn't help but bite her lip. Then, looking back, she takes a few steps to the side. Since everyone was distracted and she was still tired and moody, she decided to catch up on some well deserved sleep. After a moment of watching, the female headed off towards her tent.

"Pft. I'm just fair, that's all..", Maxwell states, looking right at Phelan, so the attack isn't too much of a surprise at all. He reaches out in an attempt to grab the ankle of the Pup's foot, and use his own moment to swing him right past.

Phelan charges the Glasswalker Kinfolk, his steps harder than they would normally be, as he's in the sands, but he makes it there nonetheless. The height that he gets isn't quite as much as he'd like, and the kick only connects with Maxwell's stomach, shoving him back. It /does/ connect, however. Maxwell, in turn, falls straight back, grabbing the ankle of the pup and using his momentum to throw him right over and send him tumbling across the ground, feet off.

As he takes a tumble and lands on his back, Phelan scrambles back to his feet and smirks a little. Instead of throwing a one-liner as he initially feels he should, he takes another run toward Maxwell while he's down, hoping to get there before the Kinfolk can get oriented so he can pin him to the ground with all of his weight on his right knee and leg.

Maxwell doesn't even attempt to get on his feet, but instead, scrabbles around in the sand and attempts to shove his foot up in the air, setting the heel of it against the force of Phelan's charge, like a piker might do to a horseman.

Phelan's charge brings him close to the Kinfolk again, but the fact that he had to get up off of his back and to his feet, and Maxwell did not, gives him a bit less speed than he should have. Phelan, however, not suicidal, manages to stop just before running himself onto Maxwell's makeshift lance of a leg, leaving him standing there, and the Kinfolk on his back in front of him.

Phelan wastes not another moment, picking up his right foot high and then driving it back down to the sands in the direction of Maxwell's crotch. Again he tries to pull any real damage he might do but leave a definite sense of pain a final result.

Falling into step behind Charlotte, Ella furrows her brow deeply, "Okay, as long as you give me a rundown of your rules afterwards, verbatum. Is that alright?" She steps out into the open air while her expression contorts into a more neutral expression, her tone turning all business at the drop of a hat, "I couldn't get into the warehouse without being spotted alone. I checked the thing out thoroughly from the air and all sides and there are only two ways that I could see in. The one on the roof had about six guards, all completely alike in every way. They never once said anything and they marched in a definite pattern. Even the ones on the ground were like that. It was eerie to say the least. The ground had roundabout fourteen of the bastards. I'm pretty sure that I could probably get into the one on the roof, maybe even without being spotted but I wouldn't stake my life savings on it." As she speaks to Charlotte's back, she lets her astute gaze roam the surroundings.

Maxwell, in response to the sight of Phelan's downward driving foot, shrieks a little in fear for his crotch, which the Pup is blatantly aiming for. His reaction is to shove out with his feet as hard as he can, putting all of his force into a kick against the shin of the pup's leg which is standing on terra firma still.

Charlotte strides out of the back door of the Copper Lily with Ella at her heels, looking just as cheerful as she had when she'd gone inside, and she shrugs up one shoulder towards the girl as her pale eyes take in the scene outdoors. "The one's out in the open are the ones that I'm least worried about…" She pauses a few paces outside of the doorway as Maxwell's yip cuts through the cut, and her arms cross over her chest slowly again. Despite the scowl that presents itself on her face, she makes no moves to interfere with the fight, but instead motions to Ella to join her at her side. "See? What did I tell you? I leave for just a minute."

Maxwell and Phelan seem to move at the exact same time, each of them striking true with their equal blows. The pup's foot land square against the crotch of the Glasswalker Kinfolk, who growls and curses, and even whimpers just a little bit. Maxwell, however, takes Phelan's foot right out from under him, causing gravity to do the rest. The next thing to his his crotch of Phelan's face, and the Kinfolk howls at this.

Ella saunters up to Charlotte's left side just in time to catch the crotch-stomp, a wince racing its way across her face. "Nastayyy," she mutters with a crinkled nose. "A plum-smash and then the imminent threat of a sweaty teabagging. They fight dirty," she adds with a shake of her head before downing the rest of her beverage. "But you know, boys will be boys. They do it to impress the chicks, I hear," she grins suddenly while lightly poking Charlotte in the arm with her bony elbow.

As he hisses softly from the intitial sting of the landing blows, Phelan reachs his arms out and tries to pin the Kinfolk's legs to the ground by clutching around at his ankles and pushing his feet to the ground with all of his weight resting in his arms.

"What are you going to do now? Suck all of my superpowers out?", Maxwell asks, sitting up as Phelan attempts to force his legs apart and pin them into the sand. He reaches out with both hands, pitching himself forward a bit more and attempting to put the Pup in a headlock, "This is no fair for you. You should at least be in Glabro..".

Charlotte rolls her eyes a little as Ella nudges her, but manages a half-smile anyways. "They do it because we've been locked up for a while, and they're both used to running once a week into certain death." The Alpha chuckles a little bit and crouches down into a seat, still watching the men. "We all need to get the energy out a bit. It won't help to lose focus when we have to actually move."

Phelan does manage to get Maxwell's legs spread apart and trapped against the desert sand, but in the same token, the Glasswalker Kinfolk also gets his arm wrapped around the neck of the Pup, putting him in a grappled headlock, if even at an awkward position. So there they sit, looking like some off, long lost page out of the Kama Sutra. Were one to name the position, it might be called something elegant and useless like 'The Obsidian Butterfly'.

As he finds himself caught in the headlock, Phelan grits his teeth but smirks all the same. "Don't tempt me, buddy. I might actually listen." He lifts his hands away from the Kinfolk's ankles, now gripping for his arms and trying to pull himself free. Should he manage he makes ready to pull Maxwell into a headbutt aimed at his chest.

Taking a half-step back, Ella leans her back against the doorframe while crossing her arms loosely over her stomach still with the empty paper cup clutched in one hand. She lifts one leg to press the sole of her shoe against the wooden frame, balancing almost perfectly on one foot and using the building as support for her back. "Yeah, I can totally understand that," she replies with a distant look crossing her pale face. "If you want, I can go back to that warehouse and scope it out some more, and also pick up some USB flash drives. I'm willing to bet any info they have is stored away in a computer. It would be too easy to have the papers just sitting out for us to snatch."

"You just get ready to say Uncle when you want ole' Maxwell to let you out. Even Garou have to breath..", the Kinfolk states, locking his hands together and tightening his grappled headlock on the Pup, without even a single thought of wanting to let go at all, "You're going down, Phelan. I can't afford to make love without feeling like a man.".

Charlotte nods a bit as Ella speaks, but she still watches Phelan and Maxwell intently with her forearms resting on her thighs. "I sent one of my best out with one of Kinfolk that Hawthorne refered to us. We shouldn't need another trip back once one of them is ready to gives us all the information." She laces her fingers together, her pale eyes still darting between the fighters. "I want as much information taken out of there as possible, but I don't want a single thing left alive. Then we can probably have a crew empty it and take it all somewhere safe to figure out a way to destroy it without killing anyone." She blinks a few times as Maxwell and Phelan start speaking, and she shakes her head. "Max, he's just a Pup. I'm not fast enough to save you if he loses control on you."

Phelan thrashes about, reaching up and attempting to pry Maxwell's arms off of him. It doesn't seem to work though, with the Kinfolk having had time even to tighten his grip more than it was before. The tousle-haired American hangs on for dear life, while the Pup flails strategically.

A wide smile splits Ella's lips as she watches the confrontation, "Losing control is a very bad thing, but I dunno.. I think pinkish-purple looks pleasant on him," she chirrups cheerily as her toe taps lightly against the wooden doorframe. "To clean the place out, the things on the -other- side would have to be cleared away, too. You see one out in the open and you -know- there are like at least a hundred crawling in the walls, or Umbra, or whatever. Hades was bad enough, it took a large group of you guys to exterminate them, and I'm willing to bet this would be much worse."

Seeing as how his struggling is having little to no effect but not one to surrender without giving his best, Phelan moves one hand to try and tear Maxwell's fingers apart to give him a chance at undoing the headlock while the other hand balls up into a fist. He bends his arm at the elbow, driving it toward Maxwell's already abused manhood with desperate force but trying to maintain control of the strength behind the blow.

Charlotte rolls her eyes shortly and comes to her feet, brushing her hair out of her face. "Phelan, Max, enough, alright? Phelan. Honorable surrender." Her voice is still light, though it holds a bit of aggrevation against it. She turns turns the doorway after a moment, without explaination or reason for now, and makes her way towards the inside.

"Pft. The men are talking, Charlie. The men are talking. But I'll be over in a second! Maybe you should get the tent prepared..!", Maxwell calls out, winking at Charlotte and blowing her another kiss. He's so wrapped up in doing that though, that all that he does is continue to hold on for dear life with his chokehold against the Pup that he's got trapped for the moment.

Ella watches Charlotte as she leaves with a thoughtful expression furrowing her brow. A mental shrug later and she's returned her attention to the two combatants in the courtyard with a tilt of her head. She says nothing at all, for once, and instead appears to be either lost in her own thoughts or really engrossed by the mock battle.

Again, Phelan doesn't manage to shake the Kinfolk from his deathlock around the head. He must have a specialization in that, or something. He does, however, get his punch into the Glasswalker's crotch, causing him to howl in pain again, but still not to release his grip, or surrender the Pup's air flow.

As he gets off his final shot but Charlotte's words reach his ear, Phelan grips at Maxwell's wrists but only trying to give himself enough room to expose his neck to the Kinfolk and get out a strangled "Game over…"

"Yeah. Sad story..", Maxwell admits, but seems more than happy to let go of the Pup so that he can immediately drop his hands and clutch at his crotch, "You'll pay. I fucking told you no ball shots, you asshole. Oh man. I am so going to get you when you least expect it..". He lays back, sweating in the sand, and grumbles to himself.

Tossing her head from side to side and pushing her body away from the building, Ella forcibly brings herself out of her labyrinth of thoughts while crushing her cup in one hand. "Maybe you can get a medic to wrap it for you," she mentions off-hand towards Maxwell right before sticking her tongue out at him. Drawing her dark eyebrows down, she begins to scan for a refuse bin.

Taking in several gasps of breath and coughing as he finally breathes freely again, Phelan smiles again and turns his gaze up to Maxwell's eyes. "Love and war, Hearkenstone. Love and war." As his lungs fill up again and his breathing returns to normal the Pup pushes himself and reaches down to help the Kinfolk do the same. "Even I know there's no such thing as a fair fight out there. Besides, we'll find out pretty soon if your baby machine's still running smooth." Giving him a slightly more mischevious smirk and a knowing nod, he concludes with "Thanks. That was good fight."

"You're gonna think love and war. When you least expect it..", Maxwell states, shaking away Phelan's offer for assistance in getting up, "..I'm fine. I'm just…going to lay here for a minute and catch my breath and give my jewels a pep talk before the Olympics. They're being held in Cairo this year..", he smirks at Phelan, before sticking his tongue out at Ella, as well.

Finally locating a trash can, Ella strolls over to it with a nonchalant gate and drops the debris in. "So!" she states loudly, another good-natured smile bursting onto her large mouth, "Which one of you guys wants to fill me in on the rules? I know -my- rules, but since I'm here with all of you I think it's probably a good idea to know your rules, too. I don't want to get some people in deep doo doo if it can be avoided or explained away or argued against or whatever," she rambles on, complete with waving hand gestures as she makes her way back towards the two men.

Accepting the Kinfolk's desperate attempt to argue that he can still get up by himself without massive strain between the legs, Phelan looks back over to Ella and shakes his head. "Frankly, I think Maxwell would be better suited to that. I'm still learning the rules myself." Striding away toward the back door a little bit he does look over his shoulder with a wink back to the two. "Hope you don't mind me skipping out but I've got a pissed off Irish girl to calm down and an unwanted toy to decide what to do with." He disappears inside, not waiting for a response and yet somehow not seeming enthusiastic about the task.

Resting there for a second or two more, Maxwell Hearkenstone manages to push to his feet and start wiping the sand off of him, "Pft. But he's the Pup. All of the bad jobs have to go to him. It's Garou law. Besides. I have a woman too. And she isn't pissed. And I'm going to go and take some major fucking advantage of that fact. Because I guarantee that she spends more time pissed than Maiyun does. Besides. She's needy..", the Glasswalker Kinfolk states, following Phelan. He, on the other hands, seems to be a bit more enthusiastic about his upcoming patriotic duty to the Garou Nation.

Rolling her eyes, Ella just shakes her head and turns about to put her back towards the door. "Whatever, whatever, I guess they say ignorance is bliss, but they're totally wrong. Whoever they are," a momentary look of confusion clouds her face before she waves one hand towards the departing boys. "Have fun, just try to keep it down. And trust me, no toy should go unwanted! Haven't you seen that LudiChristmas movie! Poor misfit toys!" her voice gets louder the further they get until she can't really see them anymore. Her jovial mask melts away as she lowers her head, her hand reaching blindly into the pocket of her messenger bag. From it she pulls out a cell phone and flips it open, her fingers poised above the keypad. With a whimper, she thinks better of it and just snaps the phone shut for now, though judging by her expression it was a hard decision to come to.

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