Yeah, I may have been just a tad bit hung over…


Yep, your freedom used to rest in the palm of this idiot's hands. Count yourself lucky I'm not supposed to carry a gun anymore. ;)


This is me and my God Daughter, Airies, at her parents wedding. I was the officiating minister.


Here's me performing the wedding ceremony for my best friend. ^_^

About me: Err, well. I'm from Seattle (actually, the Greater Seattle Area, but who cares?). I just finished a few years of service in the Army. I've been mudding for…8 years, now. Playing WoD for at least 5. My real name is Jordan, but all my buddies call me Obi. I'm looking foreward to college, just not sure where, yet. I used to play BnB, so it's been fun seeing some familiar faces here. I used to be stationed with Evan (Bob/Paradox), so I know him IRL, got him back into V:tM, in fact.

WoD favorites: Well, I am a huge Malkavian fan. I think it has something to do with being diagnosed borderline Schizo? I also love Gurahl. They seem to suit my nature.

Characters: Abel Felix Zubly (the lil kid), and Calo O'Malley (new char).


  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: Somewhere's around 220lbs?
  • Eyes: Really a mix. They're a mix of green, blue, and a tinge of brown, always changing, too.
  • Hair: Brownish, I'd say. Right now it's short. I'm letting it grow out!
  • Skin: Very pale. Almost vampiric one might say?
  • Favorite Bands: Currently a mix of The Mae Shi, and Only the Good Die Young (Billy Joel). It sums up my philosophy so well.
  • And to top it all off, I'm single, go figure!

Contact Info:

  • Forums: Abel
  • AIM: GwionApGwir
  • E-mail: moc.liamg|etyhP.ehT#moc.liamg|etyhP.ehT
  • Phone: Err…send me a pic, then we'll talk.
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