After Trains And Garou

The door from the outside is opened with a buzz and a click, before Maxwell helps Charlotte into the Penthouse Suite of the Hotel California. He's treating her like a glass princess, it would seem, as he closes the door and helps her across the room, "Want a coke or something? I feel fucking drained. Drained…".

Charlotte shakes her head slightly, still obviously exhausted, but having not let her energy to drop so soon after leaving the pack. "I'm fine. We were lucky to have had Riley tonight. Doesn't feel like one of my ribs is set right, but that's an easy fix." She wets her lips softly, her skin at least acceptably clean now from the short wet-wipe bath in the jeep. "This is too much on you. Ayasha, too, but for different reasons. Luckily we have two days without action, though one of them is on a plane." She pulls away from him lightly before going over to a pile of her clothes near the bed, taking up a fresh tshirt and underwear from the pile. "Go to bed. I'll handle the rest for tonight."

Maxwell sits there for a minute, thinking over something, before speaking up, "Don't treat me like a kid. Or like I'm fragile. I got enough of that from Sieg on the train. It's not too much for me. I'll tell you when it's too much for me. I know my limits, and how far I'm willing to go to protect something I've never had before. You're wrong if you think that Garou are supposed to protect us. /We're/ here to protect you. That's why we don't have all of that rage to get in the way of rational thought..". He speaks this in a rather matter-of-fact tone as he pushes from off of the bed and gets a Coke out of the small fridge in the corner, popping the tab and taking a drink, "I'm not going to sleep until you go to sleep.". Perhaps losing all of his Gnosis has made him a bit stubborn.

Going about undressing and redressing into a clean set of clothes, the slender woman's expression doesn't shift from the mild concern it held before. She sighs lightly as he speaks, and she sits down on the edge of the bed. "We're here to protect eachother, Maxwell. You know exactly how I feel about Kin. Expecially you." She takes a pause to pull one hand through her hair, and then lays back, letting her legs hang over the edge of the matress still. "Look," she starts, and her voice snaps a little with anger, "Don't talk to me like that. Ever. If I wanted to treat you like anything other than completely worthy to fight next to me, I would stick you in the jeep with the girls."

At Charlotte's angered snapping, Maxwell immediately lowers his hazel gaze to the ground, watching it as he speaks, "Sorry. I handed off Riley some Gnosis for healing. Too much, I guess..". He's silent for a moment, but this is short, and he immediately adds, "Sieg got under my skin with that whole 'Garou before Kinfolk' thing. I'm not incapable. I'm pretty sure I've done better than he has. And that's just the attitude that led to a world where we even had to go out and blow up a train like that tonight..". Rolling his shoulders into a shrug, he lowers himself onto the bed and offers the red can to Charlotte, "I'm still not sleeping until you do. It wouldn't work anyway. I'm developing a habit.".

Charlotte waves the offer of the soda away with one hand, resting her fingers laced on her now flawlessly healed stomach. "Don't treat me like I don't have a right to worry about you, expecially when I say you're tired and then you snap at me over not being tired." The anger's gone from her tone completely as it's replaced by a yawn, and she edges her body closer to him to lay her side against his hip, letting both of her legs rest up over one of his. "I focused my rage further tonight than I have in a long time, and helped Riley heal you the same way. I know I told you that I don't usually lose sleep over this type of thing, but, tonight isn't that simple."

"You've got every bit as much right to worry over me as I have to worry over you. And I know that I did a lot of being worried. Between the shooting, and keeping Ayasha, repeatedly, from opening those crates, and seeing you get hurt like that..". He sets the Coke down on the nightstand, before letting his left arm fall over the side of the bed, fingers twitching around beneath it. When his hand is brought up finally, it's clutching a box of Godiva chocolate that boasts twenty-two different flavors, "I got these for you when I went to buy war toys before the train mission. I case know..made it back. Which we did..".

Charlotte glances towards him as he reaches for the box, and she sits up with almost fragile care before leaning against his side. "You're rather fantastic," she tells him with a light smile. She brings one hand up to his cheek to turn him to face her before offering a press of her lips against his. "Much better than flowers, and almost as good as killing things to protect me. I had no idea things would go that way. It was a brutal way for you to see me get hurt, but something you may have to get used to… and if I'm fine with that, you will have to be sooner or later."

Maxwell takes the kiss, gladly, before sitting up as well, "I thought that chocolate would be better than flowers. I wouldn't find them planted in the park. Uh. I hope. Unless you wanted chocolate trees..". The Glasswalker Kinfolk goes silent for a second, before leaning more into Charlotte and adding, "..I'll get used to seeing you get hurt, if you get used to seeing me try and protect you..".

Charlotte rolls her eyes softly and offers him a short glance before going about opening the box of candy. "I hear you," she says, clearly giving in to the edge of the conversation, rather than agreeing with him. Instead, she settles for another kiss. "And chocolate trees is one I'll have to remember. It sounds better than rainbows, any day." She offers a playful, though obviously tired, grin before laying back against the bed once more.

"Baby, a day with Maxwell Hearkenstone is a day full of Fun AIDS and Chocolate trees..", Maxwell admits, raising his arms out as if to show the broad scope of what he'd just said. He grins a bit at that, before leaning in to steal a kiss from the cheek of the Alpha, and adding on, "But I'm going to be talking a lot of Rainbows and Rain when Riley re-breaks this arm. It's one thing in combat. It's another..when you're expecting it..". He sort of winces at the thought.

Charlotte smiles warmly with amusement as he speaks, though one side of her mouth lifts to twist it into a short-lived smirk. She chuckles softly as his lips hit her cheek, and she moves the box of chocolates off to the side with one hand. "I can do it when you're not expecting it. Or Riley can." Her offer leaves her lips as she sits up and turns, stradling his lap and resting her weight back on his knees. "Or we can just as easily get you something like morphine."

"Yeah. If you could catch me off-guard and break it, that would be sweet. Otherwise, I might struggle and hurt one of you..", the Glasswalker Kin states, offering his mate a bit of a cheeky, boyish grin. His arms are brought up and folded into a makeshift rest behind his head as he leans back against the headboard of the bed, getting in another little quip of, "And pft. Garou don't use morphine, and neither does Maxwell Hearkenstone. I'm all into that 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger' thing. You sort of have to be when you're girlfriend is an Ahroun. To keep up. I'm just fucking glad that you're not Get. Or I'd be boned..".

Charlotte narrows her eyes slightly, extremely playful it seems from the previous hour or so of her after-murder sulking. "Not only have -I- used morphine before… but I'm just as dangerous as a Child of Get. What you're lucky about is that fact that, even though, almost everything that you come up with is a half-compliment of some kind, and I still don't just break your jaw." She brings one hand up to rest her fingers alone one side of his jaw, though the extremely light touch is only used to garner another brief kiss.

The lips of the Kinfolk curl up into a bit of a wicked grin, just after the kiss from his mate. He watches her for a moment, before pushing forward and rolling her onto her back, so that he can take a more dominant position. Watching down upon her with his hazel sights, he admits, "..Ha. You're way more dangerous than a stupid old Get of Fenris. They're just strong. You're can think, too. And those crazy warhounds couldn't charisma their way out of a paperbag..". This admission and barrage of compliments is made just before he takes another kiss.

The lips of the Kinfolk curl up into a bit of a wicked grin, just after the kiss from his mate. He watches her for a moment, before pushing forward and rolling her onto her back, so that he can take a more dominant position. Watching down upon her with his hazel sights, he admits, "..Ha. You're way more dangerous than a stupid old Get of Fenris. They're just strong. You're can think, too. And those crazy warhounds couldn't charisma their way out of a paperbag..". This admission and barrage of compliments is made just before he takes another kiss.

The honey-blond woman shifts her weight a bit as he repositions her figure under him, shaking her head a few times quickly to keep her hair out of her face. "I've never met one that I didn't get along with." She's paused by the short game of Kiss Tag and lets her fingers fall from his cheek to his chest. "I wouldn't have minded one, or six, tonight, however. But, here we are, and everyone's in good shape. Exhausted, but the way I figure it, I have plenty of time to sleep on the plane."

"Yeah. I'll help you get packed and stuff. We'll have plenty of time to sleep on the plane. Unless you get the wild itch to join the mile-high club..", the Kinfolk admits, grinning down at the woman beneath him as he rests with his knuckles pressed into the bed. Almost as a bit of an aside, he adds in, "Yeah. I wouldn't have minded them either. But hey. We did it. And we did it our way. And it worked. A good sign for the Pack..". He tapers off for just a moment, as if having a bit of a quick flashback, and then puts in one last bit with, "..Those fuckers were invisible. And..I don't know what they did to my head, but..they flipped a switch. I thought my heart was going to explode. I think I should get checked out before we..go on the trip..".

Charlotte nods softly as he speaks, though the smile doesn't leave her lips even as the conversation turns a bit more serious. She brings one hand up to trace her fingertips over his cheek very lightly, shaking her head once now. "Listen to me, hon. You're the only one that's going to know if you're ready for this. Ready for the fact that it might happen again. I made peace with long time ago with what we're doing right now. It doesn't get easier, it just gets more rewarding. The more you kill. You're the only one who knows if you're all set to travel. And as much as you're going to hate hearing this… I think that talking to Riley about Cleansing if you're not feeling better. Everything else is just time."

Maxwell lowers himself onto the woman, just a bit and to the side, so that he can rest next to her with his head propped up on his elbow, and still look down upon her. The smile doesn't falter, even as he speaks on the subject, "I'm ready for this. I was born for this. And I've watched way too many action movies..". He places a finger to her lips, as if to keep the honey-haired woman from backtalking about his movie-watching prowess, and goes on, "..Don't knock it, either. That crowbar shit tonight? All video games. That mine thing? All action movies. It works. I didn't spend my life in a Dojo, but I spent my life around heroes. I don't know if that'll make much sense. But.. I mean. It does to me. Because it works. My heroes are just as good as those of the old Garou. So yeah. I'm ready for this. Totally. Indiana Jones? Gordon Freeman? Maxwell Hearkenstone is a name that's going to be right up there. I promise that..". He settles down again for a minute, after his bold little speech, and pulls his finger back a bit from the lips of the woman, adding in, "..I didn't use to have balls like these until I met you, you know..".

"I'm supposed to be disapointed?" she chimes quickly back to him as he adds his last bit to his rant. She smiles a little more now, keeping her fingers against his cheek. "I played video games, too. We didn't have cable until we moved to Vegas. I was just more busy with actual life skills instead of who'd-have-thought-it combat skills you picked up from a cartoon. Not that I'm complaining," she adds, blinking up at him for a second. "The way things are going, anyways, you've kept my battle count, as opposed to the handful of Kin I've seen get nose bleeds when asked to hold a gun."

"Man. If I ever get a nosebleed from holding a gun, just shoot me and get rid of me. Then again, I probably wouldn't be able to use one but..", the Glasswalker Kin confesses, "..I did a lot of tranquilizing when I chased down giant were-whatevers. So I'm good with a gun. Decent enough, at least..". His free hand reaches up, slipping beneath the shirt of the woman to just rest against the flesh of where she'd been injured, in a gentle fashion, "..Life skills. Who needs 'em? You should have just played more Mortal Kombat. You'd be stupid scary with freezing powers like Sub Ze—…". He pauses again, this time arching a brow as if something had just dawned on him, "Holy shit. You /are/ Sub Zero..".

The woman's skin flushes against the brush of bare skin against his fingers, and she shakes her head lightly. Dragging her fingers down from his cheek to his lips, she repeats the same performace to keep him quiet as he had her. "Oh, that's just too much. I've never seen someone explode when -I- hit them." She takes the silence afterwards to reflect back on her words and seems to think of something quickly to add to it doesn't seem to horrible to talk about a gift from Gaia and compare it to video games. Regardless, the same smile stays on her lips the whole while. "It's takes a lot out of me to do that, and it's never certain how much strength I can pull into it. It was intense to learn, though. I didn't assume it would come in so handy in close quarters like boats and trains."

Maxwell doesn't take the silencing as he should, and instead, bites the end of Charlotte's finger in a light manner, without intent to do damage or deter her in any fashion. He rolls his raised shoulder into a bit of a shrug as he says, "..I bet it was. It's more than I can do. Hell. I'm still struggling just to learn the..easy gifts. But. They don't come to us like they do to you. But man, it's going to be /awesome/ when I can finally pull something off. Probably not like..sub-zero killing, but maybe something like healing. Or messing around with machines.". His hand that had wandered to her stomach begins to explore that area, never straying far from it's original placement, but just tracing around with fingertips, "..We'll have to work on that whole getting people to explode when you hit them thing, though.".

Charlotte sighs softly, letting her hand fall back next to her face on the bed. "I'm rather glad they don't. I had enough blood on me tonight to last a handful of days," the Alpha admits, yawning shortly after as she brings her hand to cover her mouth. She lays back afterwards with her eyes closed, moving her fingers to his shoulder this time, using the quiet to enjoy his careful touch against the freshly healed skin. "I'd rather work on one of us learning how to dodge."

"Pft. Dodging. We'll let Ayasha learn that. She's already a bit dodgy. If you don't dodge, then I don't dodge. Besides. If you shoot something enough times, you don't need to dodge it..". He stops for a second, thinking on this, before rolling his eyes, "Geeze. Now I'm starting to sound like a dirty Get. Remind me to bathe tomorrow to get all of the testosterone out..". His leg moves a bit as he brings his foot into the air, catching at the chain of the lamp with his toes and clicking it off, sending them both into darkness. Even then though, his hand can still be felt against the raw flesh of her stomach, cradling it and caressing it, "Get some sleep. We can pack in the morning. And go check on the Pack. Or..pack the Pack..whatever..".

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