This fierce and independent all-female bloodline sprouted from the Sabbat Gangrel. A vampire called Muricia, exhausted from the infighting between the country and city factions of Gangrel Antitribu, abandoned her sire and ran south into the lands of the Native Americans. She studied the magic of the native shamans and found within it the ability to break her Blood Bond with her pack. The richness of the spiritual culture gave her many gifts, and she wanted to share them; thus she founded a bloodline of like-minded vampires. Today, only a handful of Ahrimanes exist. They all keep large estates in the Deep South as well as secret underground havens, and they keep out of Sabbat politics as much as possible. Though they live alone, they contact their pack sisters at least once a month.

Disciplines: Animalism, Presence, Spiritus

Advantages: The sect does not watch the Ahrimanes carefully, leaving its members essentially free to do what they want.

Disadvantages: Very few Ahrimanes exist because all are infertile. Their blood is weak, and they can neither pass on their gifts or Blood Bond anyone to them outside of the Vaulderie. They can, however, be Bound.

Preferred Paths: Path of Harmony or Path of Honorable Accord

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