"Out of my way, peacemaker! The only thing these honorless scum will understand is my claws sinking into their throats and the warmth of their blood washing us both in its heat as I send them back to the hells they came from! Move aside, or you too may feel my teeth chewing up your heart!"


The Warrior basks in the full glow of Luna, the silver light illuminating his all-consuming Rage. He doesn't hesitate to strike fatal blows; rather, he often doesn't know when to stop his killing. All werewolves are fighters, but the Ahroun is the most destructive and vicious of all Gaia's children. Even the young among this auspice are fearsome to see. The old ones are few, perhaps because the Ahroun don't fear death in service to Gaia, and those elders who do live are likely among the greatest werewolves of legend. The Full Moon knows no cowardice, only his thirst for battle. Like the Galliard, the Ahroun is an inspiration to his people, but for tactical acumen, physical prowess and might rather than pretty words. When peace falters, he takes the reins of command as is his due, being the first to lead his pack into the fray and the last to fall should they meet defeat.

The Ahroun's role in the pack is simple - he must be the consummate warrior, able to physically defend his weaker packmates as well as provide the right tactic for any circumstance. As much general as berserker, the Ahroun is the very definition of Gaia's champion.

Stereotype: The term "hell on wheels" doesn't begin to describe the raw strength and courage of the Warrior. A Full Moon werewolf is on the edge constantly, seething with Rage, spoiling for a fight at every turn. The waxing-moon Ahroun is almost a fanatic about proving himself, while the Warrior of the waning moon seeks to assert his dominance over others. They're all damn ornery and hard to get along with, but any werewolf is glad to have one around in the thick of a fight… assuming they're on the same side.

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