Althea Thomas

Call me Ishmael. I mean… Thea.

Name: Althea (Thea) Olivia Thomas
Apparent Age: 21
Hometown: Brentwood, CA
Occupation: Unemployed college graduate, professional sasspants/smartass

Eyes: Dark brown, almost black
Hair: Painfully natural brown (well, dyed slightly lighter, since I'm so over the purple)
Height: 5'4", haven't grown an inch since the tenth grade
Weight: I used to be a chunkass, but now I'm all skinny! Wheeee! I still haven't bothered buying a fuckin' scale, though.
Distinguishing Marks: Giant stretched ears, piercing on the left side of my lower lip, glasses

Nature: Outsider
Demeanor: Trickster
Clan: Ventrue antitribu
Notable possessions: Silver engraved cross necklace, shitbox car, a huge assortment of notebooks and pens, thick nerd glasses (prescription, not for fashion), laptop computer, iPod, bad attitude


I had a cat, but I had to give it up when I got evacuated out of LA due to the plants. Sigh. Fucking plants took my kitty!

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