Anarch Lexicon


Baron: An anarch "prince"; a Kindred who claims a domain but is a member of the Anarch Movement.

Barony: The domain of an anarch "prince." Also, an autonomous community of anarchs.

Gang: A coterie of anarchs modeled after mortal inner-city crime groups.

Gear: Supplies or armaments hidden in a cache.

Idealist: An anarch whose struggle is rooted more in intellectualism or theory rather than real-world experience. Sometimes used with derision, to imply that one has his head in the clouds and that his personal utopia could never work.

Pack: A coterie of anarchs. Origin is uncertain, and the term may have come into use during the nights of the Anarch Revolt or shortly afterward to spite the Sabbat.

Piper: Also, pied piper. An anarch who uses mortals or ghouls excessively to fight battles for the anarch cause.

War of Ages: The clash of Kindred over issues such as age, sect policy (which favors elders in anarch opinion) and generation. Also, the Jyhad.

Vulgar Argot

Bling: Cash.

Cape: An obvious vampire. Also, an elder.

Donor: A vessel.

Five: A member of another sect who carries on of those sect's titles. Presumably originates from "5-O," mortal slang for a police officer.

Highway Haven: A portable haven, such as a trailer or even a secure sleeping bag.

Old Form

Antitribu: While the Sabbat's use of this word is more vernacular, a few aged anarchs still use this term to refer to any Kindred who turns his back on the main body of his clan. The anarchs were the original //antitribu/, these elder revolutionaries claim, and the Sabbat merely stole the name as they struck out on their own.

Return, the: The apology of the anarchs at the Convention of Thorns, where they disgracefully returned to their elders' sides and agreed to support the Camarilla.

Sabbat: In certain contexts, particularly among very old anarchs, a sabbat is a pack or coterie, rather than the sect that adapted the name for its own use.

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