And Pizza For All

As people trickle by down the street outside, a single customer within the pizza parlor watches with a vaguely glazed over look from her booth. The small woman is stretched out across one booth with her head angled towards the window, the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink pizza in front of her barely touched. Every now and then she pulls off a mushroom or a chunk of meat from the slice sitting on the plate directly in front of her and munches on it, but for the most part she seems more lost in her thoughts than anything.

Wandering through the doors of the pizzeria, behind a crowd of young, preppy studenty types, a girl with long, silky dark hair comes into view. Despite the backpack slung across one shoulder, she clearly distances herself from the others, heading off toward a table by the window with a casual, loping stride. Her heavy Doc Martens look like they've seen better days and only emphasise her coltish legs, clad in close fitting black denim. A simple faded grey t-shirt bearing the logo of some obscure band completes her attire this evening, unless you count the array of rubber bangles encircling her right wrist. Her dark hair is swept into a messy sort of bun at the nape of her neck.. securely held in place by a few Biros with chewed blue lids. Thumping into a chair without ceremony, she casts only a cursory glance about the place.

Drawing in a short breath and blinking rapidly, the dark-haired girl manages to shove her current thoughts aside long enough to assess the newest entrant with a tilted head. Her glossy black hair is carefully pulled back with a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses perched on her head like a makeshift headband, her fingers poised over her slice of pizza as if deciding which piece she's going to pick apart next. Invariably, her grey eyes pause on the t-shirt, the band's name not ringing a bell in any obvious way as she lifts one shoulder.

Happening to catch the other girl's gaze briefly, Blair offers her a slight grin, before busying herself hauling her backpack into her lap. Unzipping it, she pulls from within a battered looking laptop, which she sets on the table in front of her absently, still rummaging within the canvas bag. One hand rises to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear, before she triumphantly produces a leaflet of some kind, tossing it onto the laptop's scratched lid and rezipping. The backpack is then discarded, tossed under her chair behind her feet. Seeming satisfied with the setup, the girl allows her blue eyes to drift across the menu, though her expression remains somewhat bored.

Johnny sits down on a bench outside of the pizza parlor and begins to set up shop. Pulling a violin from a compartment within his guitar case he begins to softly play an enchanting gypsy tune for the tourists and locals alike, his case left open for tips as the ethereal song begins to pass through the air.. (9 successes)

As if she were greeting an old friend, Ella sits up straighter against the wall she has her back to and waves back, her own grin rather wide and a sparkle gleaming in her eyes. Apparently having gained a second wind with her appetite, Ella grabs up the slice she'd been picking at and folds it lengthwise before shoving a generous portion into her mouth. Her eyes zip to the window as notices a figure hovering at the corner of her vision outside, her dark eyebrows lifting high as he pulls out an instrument. She swallows the food she'd been gleefully chewing before proclaiming, "Holy shit, that guy really does have an instrument with him at any given time," with more than a little awe to her rather unmistakable voice.

Opening the laptop, sliding the leaflet to one side of the keyboard, the waifish brunette leans back in her chair comfortably, her hands resting comfortably entwined across her abdomen as she waits for it to boot up. The sudden sound of music drifting in from outside draws her attention to the windows for the first time, the sight of Johnny outside eliciting a faint curve across her lips. Turning her head a little to reply to Ella, whether the comment was directed at her specifically or not, the strong english accent lends an educated air to her words. "Really..? Wish I was creative-minded enough for that sort of thing. Unless people want to pay to watch me smash a guitar on an amp, I think I'm screwed." Leaning forward, she swiftly types a username and absurdly long password into the login screen, before her blue eyes wander back toward the musician.

Johnny continues to play seeming lost in his own world as he draws a slight crowd out front. Lightly he rises up and begins to dance in place as the music envelopes his form and wraps about his senses.

Unable to allow the rest of her pizza to go to waste, the dark-haired girl wearing the grey cargos and v-beck white tee pulls out another piece and promptly devours that as well. Little bits of green pepper and hamburger tumbles gracelessly onto her lap as she does so, but it doesn't seem to bother her in the slightest. "Yeah, really. Seriously! One day he was wandering down Santa Monica with a -flute-. It was great! I think if you smashed up a guitar on stage while wearing, like, Nutella and candy underwear people would pay to see it. You could call it performance art and dedicate the whole thing to Yoko Ono."

A pleasant laugh escapes the slender young woman, who brushes a scattering of crumbs from the tabletop before propping her elbows on it. Reluctantly drawing her gaze from the young man outside, she looks to Ella fully, strands of hair escaping her messy bun and tickling across her cheeks, swept aside with her fingertips as she speaks. "If I was going to do a candy-coated striptease, I think Yoko Ono would be pretty far down the list of dedications.." Tilting her chair back on it's rear legs, she swings idly to and fro, one booted toe keeping her steady, braced on a table leg. "I'm Blair, by the way."

There is a short applause outside as he finishes the song, and a pause for the tuning of the instrument before he begins again, this time playing a far more classical tune. The musician seems lost in his own world as he plays, humming softly.

Hauling up a button-festooned messenger bag, Ella begins to sit like a normal person and even scoot to the end of the booth while leaving her luggage in the seat. She stands up and stretches a bit, her bright smile never fading as she peers over at Blair. "Ella priest, photographer-at-large," she chirrups in reply. "I'll be -right- back," she adds while pulling a few crumpled bills from one of her pockets. Slender fingers begin folding the five dollar bill she found until it's in the vague shape of an airplane as she marches out the door. Instead of throwing it, though, she places the crude bit of origami in Johnny's guitar case. No words escape her rather large mouth as she then turns back around and wanders back into the pizza parlor.

Watching the girl in amusement, Blair presses one palm down on the laptop's lid, apparently well enough distracted for now to overrule whatever she had been planning to do. Stowing her things away in the backpack under her seat and zipping it up briskly, she awaits Ella's return, resting her chin lightly atop the knuckles of one hand, elbow propped once again on her table. In the brief moment of solitude, her blue-green eyes study the musician in quiet contemplation, letting the melody wash over her senses.

Outside, Johnny's hair is draped over his eyes, as he stands next to his guitar playing the ethereal concerto, lithe fingers dancing over the strings as he makes the violin absolutely sing. His music flowing far down the street and into the night without the need of an amplifier.

Ella comes shimmying back into the restaurant with a bop in her step, humming lightly as she retakes her seat. "So! Blair! Are you a student? An up-and-coming actress? A columnist?" she begins to ask in rapidfire succession, her head tipping one way and then the other as she watches the girl in question with an unwavering stare. She begins to pull another healthy slice of pizza on to her plate as she waits.

Waiting for a lull in the gorgeous music as she watches Ella return to her seat from the corner of one eye, the brunette then lightly taps on the glass with her fingernails, not loud enough to disturb, only attract the musician's attention should his trance come to an end. "None of the above, I'm afraid." she replies with a shake of her head, one hand rising to idly fidget with one of the Biros serving as a hairpin. "Aspiring web designer. Today, anyway." A self deprecating grin accompanies her words, though she doesn't seem genuinely embarrassed by her admission.

Johnny continues his song though his eyes briefly dart to the window he does not look inside, instead he takes his time to finish his concerto. When he is done though he pauses and takes a bow, offering a friendly smile and thanks to the slight crowd and the money they have tossed into his case. Quietly taking out each of the crumpled bills and coins he puts them in his near empty wallet and pocket respectively.

With her lips curling into a mischievous half-smile brewing on her lips, Ella begins to muse aloud, "Ya know, maybe I should have just given him the rest of my pizza and a soda? But maybe not. He could be diabetic or someone who can't digest gluten, then I'd feel like a total heel." Shaking her head, she verbally switches gears without much of a pause. "Really? Web design? What sort of sites do you cater to? Or do I want to know? It's nothing like Slammin' Granny In the Fanny is it?" she asks, the last question posed in a quieter voice than the others as she widens her eyes.

A wicked gleam sparks in the other girl's wide eyes, the only giveaway of her teasing as she keeps her face straight. "Oh, goodness no. Farmgirls Gone Wild and Barnyard Bumfuck. I prefer a very select target audience, you see." Tossing back the stray strands of dark hair from her forehead, she offers a serene smile toward Ella, awaiting her response calmly, suppressing the urge to smirk.

Johnny gathers up his belongings in complete silence then makes his way inside as he adjusts the strap of his case upon his shoulder. Moving to the counter he speaks softly, "Hey Howie, can I get a bottled water.." Using the smallest coins possible to pay for the drink he murmurs his thanks before looking about the room,

Still sitting on the edge of her booth in order to face Blair more directly, she settles one elbow on the table and leans her cheek against her upraised hand. "Well, you know that's fine. It's not abuse of the elderly or something like that. I'm sure the animals appreciate the attention…?" she offers as she lifts one shoulder in a half-hearted shrug. "I'm sure they get lonely and when they hear that crate scraping on the ground they are glad for the company?"

A snort of laughter escapes Blair as Ella reasons her way through her statement. Raising her palms upward in a surrendering gesture, she grins broadly. "I was kidding! But thank god -someone- has a sense of humor." Still chuckling softly, she follows Johnny's progress across the floor as he approaches the counter, then looks back toward the other girl. "So, you're a photographer? Captured anything juicy recently?"

Johnny turns and looks towards the girls, quietly cracking his water he takes a sip before finding his own seat off to the side. Setting his case down upon the table he opens it and starts to sift through the sheet music within, memorizing the notes as he hums them softly to himself.

Even though she's still embroiled within her current conversation, Ella's eyes flicker now and again towards Johnny as if keeping tabs on the musician. "That depends on your idea of juicy. There's the obviously set-up crap like what Paris and Britney commonly do before leaving wherever they might be, but then there's the -really- juicy stuff like catching Cary Hart with an unnamed brunette that definitely isn't Pink. It's a fickle business," she admits. "Sometimes it's necessary to supplement it with other work."

Rising slowly to her feet, even the simple motion conveying a natural grace and ease with herself, Blair nods her understanding with a sympathetic smile. "I know how that part goes, at least." she replies. "In fact I'm supposed to be job hunting right now.. I can't even apply myself to -that- today!" A good-natured smile tugs her lips upward, brightening her pretty features. Hoisting her heavy backpack onto her shoulders, she keeps her thumbs looped about the straps comfortably, scuffing the heel of one booted foot along the floor. "Guess I better get to it.. but it was nice to meet you, Ella. Hopefully I'll see you around. I bet you could right a great intro for my specialist websites." Adding an amused wink with this last comment, the tall girl then turns on her heel, excusing herself politely as she moves between the tables, headed for the door.

Johnny watches the girl depart with passing interest, quietly pulling out his cellphone he sets it down on the table as he reads, lost in his own little world.

A giggle passes through Ella's lips as she shakes her head, murmuring in response to Blair as the woman leaves, "I dunno if you want me writing anything. I tend to just type and type and type and offend quite a bit of people in the process. That's why I stick to pictures. But yeah good luck with the job thing! See you around! I'll check out your barnyard site!" She waves after the slender woman before sitting properly in her booth, leaning her head back to stare momentarily at the ceiling.

Johnny rises up, and walks over to Ella, quietly he stands there for a moment as he folds a piece of Mozart's 5th concerto into a crane and leaves it on her table before taking his leave, pressing buttons on his cellphone he says to her, "See ya around Ella. Thanks for the tip."

Hauling the heavy door open, the wayward strands of dark hair framing her face stirred by the evening breeze that meanders in, Blair steps unhurriedly out onto the street, politely holding the door for a middle-aged couple who enter a moment later. Visible for a few moments longer through the windows of the pizzeria, she tugs her charcoal grey tee down a little though it still fails to quite meet the waistline of her snug jeans. With a cursory glance up and down the street, she then darts across it, expertly dodging the few cars who come close as she jogs to the other side and starts striding briskly off along the sidewalk.

Ella smiles faintly at Johnny while keeping her head tilted back, a sort of weariness settling into her mien. "Hey, no problem. You deserved that and more, but I'm a starving artist of a sort so, yeah…" her voice trails off as she blinks once. "If you want though you can have the rest of my pizza. I don't think I can eat it and I wouldn't want such a beautiful thing going to waste.” She folds her hands loosely on her lap, "See ya later, Johnny."

Johnny doesn't appear to hear her as he fiddles with his phone, though he does offer a departing wave.

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