Arturo S Lesson

Stepping gracefully out of the rear seat of the luxurious car, Blair offers the man a slight smile as she straightens, her cell still held to her er as explanation of her silence. Passing him by, she lets her blue eyes wander over the crowd populating the sidewalk, standing out in their midst thanks to her expensive-looking attire. A corseted charcoal grey bandeau dress clings to her waifish frame, her tiny waist enhanced further by a wide cinch-belt. Unhurriedly, her high heeled feet wander across the sidewalk toward the restaurant.

Johnny moves along through the crowd, or rather parting it aburptly like Moses on steroids. Dressed in his normal clothing, he slips about with ethreal grace, moving in complete and utter supernatural silence. Placing a hand upon the back of the olive skinned man's jacket and lifts him up into the air with incredible strength and speed, slamming him into the wall, though apparently careful not to hurt the man he speaks in a dark hushed tone, "Next time the lady asks to go home, you let her go home. You don't pull chivaless bullshit like this.." (5 succ intimidation, 4 successes Dementation to heighten it supernaturally)

Arturo flinches slightly as he impacts the wall, looking down at Johnny. He looks genuinely confused, but diminished as well. As he meets Johnny's eyes, he is fierce at first, and then his features slacken as if he had been drained of blood by Johnny's grasp and stare. In an almost inaudible tone, he states nervously "She didn't ask to go home." He stares unblinking at Johnny for a few moments, and looks to squirm as if he wishes to be released, staring longingly at the ground beneath him as if it would save him somehow.

Position upon the fringes of the writhing crowd never wavering, Devon's eyes remain ever vigilant. They do stray from their target from time to time, though only to cautiously survey the mass of nightlife before returning their focus back to a specific figure. Each step taken by long legs is swift and precise, carrying the youthful form though gaps among the mob with practiced ease, arms tucked tight against a slender torso. There's a pause in the androgynous figure's motion as a particular restaurant comes into view, suspicion creeping into pale eyes without the emotion ever straying beyond them. If anything, the angelic countenance remains rather passive in the blase sense expressed by many teenagers.

Blair starts as her gaze falls upon Johnny, her blue eyes widening as she watches him slam the other man into the wall. Snapping her cellphone closed, she immediately moves toward the two, as fast as humanly possible in her scyscraper heels. Though she looks to Arturo briefly, her expression unreadable, she then settles her attention upon his attacker. One hand reaches out hesitantly, as if to lay placatingly upon back, then is drawn back as she seems to think better of it. Instead, taking a tiny step closer, she murmurs something under her breath, for his ears only.

Blair whispers to Johnny, 'Love.. let him be. I just want to go home. Please..'

Johnny closes his eyes momentarily and emits a long drawn out breath through his nostrils. Releasing the man he wags a finger in front of the other's face, "Do it again, she ain't stopping me. I am Seer of these lands, try to circumvent me on this, and you will know fear greater than you can imagine. If you misstep, if I find a hair out of place, your scent upon her, anything of the sort.. You will know that this baptismal of enlightenment can be stretched out far longer than your mind can cope.." Turning about he kicks the town car, causing it to shift slightly as a huge dent is left in the vehicle.

Arturo cringes slightly, looking back and forth between the two, and looking quite unbecomingly petrified of the events surrounding him. The features are foreign, unseen untill now. As his gaze flits between Johnny, his tantrum of kicking, and Blair, he remains petrified and in place. "S..she called me." he says, ducking from an invisible blow as he does. He makes his way away from the scene suddenly, and says as he opens the door. "Lose my number, then." he states flatly, waiting and looking to Johnny almost for approval as he prepares to enter the vehicle. The twinge of an uncomfortable smile comes to his mouth as he meets the gaze of his intimidator.

Blair regards the frightened man with her wide blue eyes, instinctively following after Johnny as he moves off, pausing only to remove her agonizing footwear. Dangling the shoes by their heels in one hand, she carries herself daintily on her tiptoes as she picks her way across the sidewalk quietly. Dropping her gaze at Arturo's blunt statement, she lets her dark hair fall foward, obscuring her features with a veil of gleaming ebony.

A simple side-step carries Devon away from the continuous motion of the crowd and closer to the unfolding scene, though no attempt is made to intervene, or even acknowledge the parties involved. Both lithe arms remain pressed against the torso, tightening the fit of a baggy white dress shirt and revealing curving sides. There's a dark glint of amusement in baby blue eyes now, the ghost of a twisted smirk playing upon rosy lips at the same time. Still, nothing is said, even as focus is placed more firmly upon Arturo's fleeing figure, the youth's glimmer of emotion seeming to be aimed more at him than the others. Long fingers toy idly with a button, slipping the plastic disc in and out of place repetitively.

Johnny turns and looks towards Arturo, like he's the most ignorant man alive, "Get the /fuck/ out of here before I break your jaw for continuing to run that stupid smiling mouth. You must be on crack smiling at me, I /will/ kill you." Idly gesturing towards Devon, "He ain't gonna help you and fuck me if I don't have every right to act in accordance of the Dark Father and bleed you out.." Snarling abit he looks as though he's ready to kill.

Arturo breaks his gaze from Johnny, and looks to who he is gesturing at. As if he has found solace in looking upon someone besides the douchebag, he meets Devon's gaze with a smirk. "Whatever…" he says to Devon more than anyone as he ducks his head into the car. After a brief conversation with the driver, tapping on the divider, the car begins moving away. Though his threats are empty, Arturo seems keenly affected by them, and makes no motion to even cast a stray breeze in the direction of Johnny in all of his actions.

Blair bites down hard on her lower lip, coming to an uncertain halt a few feet behind Johnny's shoulder. Wrapping her lean arms about her waist in a defensive stance, she remains on her toes, her long coltish legs lending her an air of vulnerability, especially in comparison to the features of her questionable saviour, twisted in fury. Through the rush of passers-by, mot of whom ignore the scene entirely, her gaze pauses for a moment on Devon, noticing the figure's evident interest in Arturo. Dissmissing whatever thoughts come to mind, however, her dark-lashed gaze swings back toward the two men.

Johnny wets his lips trying to calm himself as he closes his eyes. Reaching out towards Blair with a kind arm he whispers softly, "Lets go.. I am weary this night."

Ducking under the offered arm and leaning into the comfort of Johnny's presence with something beyond instinct or thought, the waifish girl simply nods gently to convey her understanding, starting off along the sidewalk. entwining her fingertips with his hand, draped across her slender, bare shoulder. Nuzzling lightly into his neck, she closes her eyes, allowing him to guide her as the odd couple lose themselves at last within the crowds and shadows of the city.

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