Battle Plans And Preparations

For the first time in a long time, no dreams shake the young latina's sleep. No sounds come from the bedroom that the young woman occupies, nor even much movement as she sleeps except occasionally turning from one side to another. A few ebon waves are matted to one cheek beneath her now as she lays underneath the covers on her left side, back to the door. The most of a snore that even comes from the young woman is more akin to that of a kitten purring.

JianJun lays beside the bed, on the floor - a much less comfortable sleeping arrangement than could have been hoped for. He is lounging, back against the bed for support. His shotgun is still no longer across his legs, but rather, beside him. The man is still awake and watches the door and the window alternatively.

At length, Yasmira begins to stir, her mind apparently awakening before her body would deign itself willing to oblige. A few soft murmurs come from her - not much, but enough to help bring herself a little closer to reality. Moments more pass before her eyes manage to flutter open and face the darkness not behind her own eyelids. Sitting up, she lifts tiredly balled fists to rub at her eyes a little and then blink as they adjust a little more so that she can make out the figure of her friend that keeps watch. "Oh…Jin? You are awake still? Have you been all this time?" the young hispanic woman inquires softly, accent still thick with sleep.

JianJun looks up from his spot on the floor, "Well, maybe not the /whole/ time. As I said, it is a safe place." The young man does not look exhausted in the least - perhaps slightly fatigued at best. "How about those soliders, eh? Quite something. Less independant than a Honda, the whole lot of them." After thinking a moment, he amends, "Less independant than a Husquavarna."

Relief enters the young woman's smile as she nods a little, "Good, good..and yes, thankfully. I have slept better here, by far." She pushes the covers down a little more as she slides atop them and hears Jin's changed analogy, the original having brought about a look of confusion, though the latter a moment of clarity and a giggle. "Mindless drones. Like…a robot? If orders make no sense, they still follow. I bet if their boss said to jump off a building, they'd ask which one."

JianJun nods, "Probably so. Never-the-less…I do wonder how much of the city they cleared. It will be nice to return to life, won't it?" Jin gets to his feet and promptly sits on the edge of the bed, "Much better than a bundle of sheets, isn't it?" He gestures at the bed. "It looks like you've slept well. Sounded like it earlier."

"It would…I couldn't imagine. So much of my life the past couple years has been nothing but hiding and searching for food and place to stay…but yes. It is far better. Thank you," Yasmira replies quietly before Jin's latter comment seems to sink in and she looks blinkingly to the Chinaman. "Sounded like it?" she appears a little embarassed and perhaps worried for a moment as she continues, "I did not snore, did I?"

JianJun shakes his head, "Of course not. …not loudly. I suppose I've heard one or two diesel trucks that were a little louder." Grinning, Jin winks and shakes his head again, "You slept quite soundly, I think. I'm glad for it. Now that you're up, what shall you do? Perhaps we could scavange for some food. Or walk what is left of the streets. Or lounge about. It's up to you, my friend."

Horror enters the hispanic woman's gaze at Jian's initial claims before her lips purse as he contradicts himself and again reveals that she's fallen for yet another of his little jokes. She shakes her head a little, "Food would be wonderful, but I don't think it would be wise to walk the streets yet. We do not know how much the soldiers did. Far too much risk. Let's find food and just sit and talk. Much safer. Perhaps Mister Gabriel will find I am missing and search me out as well. He will probably worry, you think?" Her head cants slightly as she asks. Alone with Jin, Yasmira makes no effort whatsoever to hide or even subtly constrain her accent.

JianJun considers for a few moments, "Well, let's go look and see what food is around here. Probably some stashed in this very room - we did bring back bags of cans and such." Looking around, Jin gets to his feet and starts digging through various drawers and bags, looking for food. "As for Gabriel, I am sure he will assume you left with me and are therefore safe. He will not worry, my friend. As for looking for us, I do not believe he would easily find us - which is probably for the best. Talbain and the others may not get along with him quite as well as I do."

Yasmira nods, moving to her feet and pulling the sheets and covers taut, making up the bed neatly before she starts rummaging around with Jin in search for something edible. Her tone sounds a little disappointed, though she nods a little still, "I see. Well as…as long as he does not worry overmuch. He has been so kind to me, but I have disobeyed and left, so I hope you are right. I would not want him upset with me."

JianJun makes an odd expression, "I wouldn't want him upset with me, either." Jin continues to rummage for a while, eventually coming up with a few packages of only slightly stale peanut butter crackers. "Well, here's something anyways…" He hands over the crackers to the girl. "Soon, it will not be a matter of any of that - we may dine as we wish." Changing topics completely, the man inquires, "And would you be so kind as to remind me of the name of the man that so enthusiastically pointed that shotgun at my face? The black man."

Large doe-eyes lighting up at the packages of crackers, the young latina takes them and closes the drawer she had been looking in to sit atop the desk as she looks to Jin, opening the package without looking. "The one that had the shotgun…white man that did not talk much? He was called Patrick. Friend to the big black-skinned man who acted like a huge cat…Mister…Mister McTierney. Or something like that I think. But the one with the shotgun with short barrels is called Patrick. I had not seen him before." Yasmira falls quiet then, starting to stuff the peanut butter crackers into her mouth one at a time and chewing with clear enjoyment.

JianJun nods and watches the girl eat with a smile, "Oh, if you enjoy such simple food as that…the eggroll will simply make your day. McTierney or something's friend, Patrick. Mmm. I shall have to inquire about those two. I do not care to be threatened so severely." The man crosses his arms across his chest and simply enjoys watching the girl be happy. "I'm glad you like the crackers."

"I had not eaten much of late, but I am sure an eggroll would be better, from how you speak of it," the young woman says between swallowing and taking another bite…waiting until the next such opportune moment before she speaks again. "I am sure Mister Gabriel would speak to you of them…If you go ask him, you will tell him what has happened and where I am?" The question has a mild hopefulness to it, though it certainly not her foremost preoccupation as she continues to devour the crackers, savoring each bite. "So much better than food from cans," she murmurs as she licks the salty residue left on her fingers from having eaten the first package before she starts to open the second. It's quite obvious she'd been serious about having not eaten much.

JianJun nods, "If I speak to Gabriel - which at this point I do not plan on doing - I will inform him where you are and what you have been up to. I'm sure he will approve. No worries on that account." He blinks, watching the ravenous way the girl eats, "Better than canned goods, hmm? That's good, I suppose. Your standard is very low, it appears. We shall dine nightly. There are many good foods to be had - or will be shortly, I'm sure."

More crackers are devoured amid her statement, causing brief pauses long enough for necessary chewing and swallowing before she continues. "You do not plan on speaking to him, Jin?" Yasmira asks curiously…another cracker gone. "He would be best bet. He knows them all and they listen to him. Well maybe not Mister Freydstadt. He seems a bit rude and tries to boss Mister Gabriel around." Another cookie is scarfed away, "That would be nice though. Getting to try new foods. Eating more often. Getting to choose what I eat, not just what I can find." A couple more crackers are wolfed down, "Makes me miss mother's cooking though. She worked at a restaurante." There is added accent as she uses the Spanish form of the word without noticing, easy enough as the words sound so similar and she's quite enjoyably finishing the second pack of crackers, already down to the licking clean of her fingertips.

JianJun strokes his chin and is quiet for a moment before answering, "I will speak with him at some point, though I'd prefer to choose my time with him more wisely. He is extremely well-respected and influential - I would not want to approach him at his inconvenience. Mr. Freystadt is an interesting fellow. Very, very resiliant. The mantis would've taken many heads off with such a bite - but not his. He's tough." Nodding to the empty cracker packages, Jin comments "You will do well to eat more healthy foods when they are available. As for Patrick and his friend, I will speak to Gabriel with expectation of an apology - or something."

Nodding, Yasmira glances around for the trashbin and tosses the two cracker packages inside after slipping off the desk and padding her barefoot way over to it. She then walks over to the bed, having a seat towards the head of it. "You are right…about each. Normally I would be shy around one such as Mister Gabriel, but I am not so much as I had thought." The young hispanic woman seems only slightly surprised at her own statement and she leans back against the pillow as watches through the darkness towards Jin. "And of course I will eat more healthy foods when I can. How I long for fresh fruits and all." A soft sigh comes from her at the thought.

JianJun grins, "Fresh fruit will be nice. Very nice. You will have plenty of it, I'm sure Gabriel and myself will see to this." Stretching, Jin walks around the room a bit.

Large doe-eyes follow the Chinaman's ambling path around the room with a little curiosity though her eyes light up a bit at Jin's words, "I would end up spoiled though. Spoiled rotten and not worth keeping around." She giggles to herself, drawing her knees up to her chest as she continues to watch Jin.

JianJun shakes his head to the negative,"I don't think so. I won't allow it. I enjoy the company too much." Yawning, Jin makes his way back to the bed and sits next to the girl. "I will speak to Gabriel about making arrangements for you. Perhaps, you may stay in my company on an extended basis."

Another giggle comes from her and a faint blush at Jin's comment about enjoying her company. She glances down to her bare toes as she wriggles them. It'd been so long since she'd gone more than a few moments with her sneakers off. His next words, however, pull her attention from the tiny phalanges as Yasmira looks to Jin, faintly hopeful, "You would do that for me? Though…He could come see me at times, couldn't he? I mean, he of all people could make his way over." Her gaze searches out Jin's in the darkness.

JianJun looks at the girl in somewhat disbelief, "I'm absolutely sure he could come over whenever he wanted. I very much doubt any basic protective measure /could/ keep him out. All the same, perhaps we'll give him a key, yes? Seems much better that way." Scratching his chin lightly, Jin inquires, "You would like to stay on a more extended basis, hmm?"

"If…if I am not too much a burden, yes," Yasmira responds, cheeks blushing faintly in the quasi-darkness of the bedroom, her gaze searching Jin's features. "It feels much safer. There is not rubble everywhere…getting to sleep on a bed again. Though I will miss Miss Madison. She could not come to see me as easily as Mister Gabriel. Mister Gabriel, as you said, could easily come uninvited, if he so wished." A soft chuckle escapes her and she shakes her head a little bit.

JianJun responds calmly, "Of course you're welcome, though I somehow doubt Gabriel will easily approve. Perhaps you should bring it up to him. I think that may be best…for my health." Slowly, Jin rises to his feet and paces around the room again, "So. Still hungry?"

Yasmira laughs softly and shakes her head once more, "I do not think he would hurt you for wanting to protect me…and as for food..I am fine for now. Besides, it would be unwise and rude to eat much more of the …the provisions in just one night. But my stomach does not complain now, so I am fine. Thank you, Jin. For…for everything." A grateful little smile is cast Jin's way as the Chinaman begins to move about again.

JianJun smiles and leans against the bedroom door, "Well then, shall we leave the bedroom? People will start to make rather interesting assumptions should we stay in here much longer." The man grins and winks.

"Oh! Oh, you are right. I would not wish they think such of me. It would be bad. Should I switch back to my jeans…I should put on my sneakers if nothing else. Your…your roommates are less than tidy," a little innocent giggle comes from her as she shakes her head a little.

JianJun looks at the holey jeans. "Keep the sleeping pants. But yes, do add the shoes. Perhaps we should go see Gabriel? Let him know you are alright and such. What do you think of that, hmm?"

Laughing softly, the young woman nods, moving to her feet and grabbing up the sneakers, pulling them onto her bare feet and lacing them up quickly before moving to follow Jin, "You think it is safe to go? I would like to see him though. And let him know that I am fine. But it is your choice. I just wish to stay safe and for this all to be over soon. Let the city return and the jungle here die."

JianJun nods and waits at the door, "Let's go see him. It will do him good to see you are alright." Crossing his arms across his chest, the man waits patiently.

"You are right. Let's go then," the latina says, moving to Jin's side after she moves her holster to the waistband of the pajama bottoms and her switchblade to the small pocket of the sleep pants. She gives a little nod as she reaches Jin's side, looking up to him with just a little worry in her eyes still, quite obviously still dreading the thought of the outdoors after all that had happened.

JianJun nods and begins the trip.

JianJun arrives with Yasmira in tow, "Gabriel, I thought you may like to see her - to be certain that she is as safe and healthy as I suggested to you earlier. And perhaps just to see her for the sake of seeing her. I've not scouted further." Jin gives one of his better smiles and waits.

Following the Chinaman into the demolished excuse for a hotel lobby, Yasmira walks along silently, her attire having changed from holey jeans and even more ragged t-shirt to a white silk buttonup shirt with one bullet hole on the left shoulder and soft pajama bottoms. A smile lights on the young woman's face as she sees Gabriel, her large brown eyes glimmering a little, "Hello, Mister Gabriel!"

Victoria nods, "Then we should get onto the situation at hand. I am up to getting my hands dirty." She grins before looking to JianJun and the one he brought with him. When looking at Victoria, she's visibly still full of life, breathing.. and whatnot.

Gabriel moves with inhuman speed so much that the human eye would miss his movement from once place to another. He would come out of said movement infront of Yasmira his arms placed on her shoulders along with a very warm smile, his fangs would slowly retract into his mouth and he would give her a quick once over with those very disciplined emerald orbs, "You look great!… tell me how are you?" though not looking toward Jin he would speak to him, "You have done well Jin, remind me when this over and I shall reward you for it…" finally breaking his eyes from the girl he would look over his shoulder to Victoria, "And so you shall old friend, so you shall"

JianJun stands quietly, eventually crossing his arms over his chest. "Her clothes have seen better days, but we were in an area of limited supply." Nodding to Yasmira, he seems pleased that she is pleased. He stands to the side and casts a look to Victoria, greeting her properly, "Hello there, friend."

Contrasted by the amazing speed with which Gabriel appraoches, Yasmira's movements seem almost sluggishly slow despite their being quite the contrary. The young latina blinks with surprise for a moment before she lifts her arms to try to wrap the Brujah in a warm hug as if he were merely some oversized teddybear that had gone missing for an overlong length of time. Her accent is a little thicker as she speaks, the latina seemingly no longer caring or bothering to suppress it as she looks up to Gabriel, wide-eyed as ever, "Thank you, Mister Gabriel. I…I am fine. I got to sleep in a bed and I've had food. And M- I mean Jin…Jin here…he gave me his shirt because mine was so ragged and these soft pants.

Victoria looks to JianJun and to the girl as she gives a soft smile as she chuckles within. She moves up closer to the group as she speaks, "So what is it for us to do now, dear friend."

Gabriel allows the girl to hug him as he does the same for a moment before pulling away and placing his hands carefully on his hips as he turns to face Victoria, "Well, we need food, so first we'll hunt for something to eat…and then perhaps we could make over to the university and see if we couldn't research this flower that seems to have caused our …little problem" pausing he would then glance over toward Jin, "We also need weapons, not everyone can fight like you and I luv" he would say obviously talking to and about Victoria, "I'd think LAPD's swat team should have some nice toys and they are not very far from here…infact I know a more private way there"

JianJun blinks a few times and begins to speak, "The police department has already been ransacked - before I got there, even. The most you will find is some tactical gear. The munitions have been wiped out completely." Looking from Gabriel to Victoria he mutters something well-below his breath, in Chinese. "In any case, perhaps there may be something left worthwhile. Admittedly, when I was there I had .. other concerns."

A man walks in with a black tank top and two shoulder holster straps. One reveals a 9mm, kept inside, and the other is empty for that same gun, the Desert Eagle, is in the Ghoul's hands. Rollins slicks back his hair, his blue eyes shining through the sun glasses as he moves about the lobby. "I've spoke how they want to strangle us in. Our only weapon is what we take off the dead. Any other ones, presumably, you'd not be able to use as unfortunately as it sounds. Our greatest weapon happens to be a horrible thing to you. Fire."

The young latina falls quiet as Gabriel speaks, the blond-haired man having her full attention as her gaze moves with him. For whatever reason, part of Gabriel's words, around the time they are directed to Victoria, seems to make her countenance falter slight. As he the others speak though, her large doe-eyes wander ver the others and she gives a slight nod towards Rollins as he walks in. Her hands move to clasp in front of herself as she listens to each in silence.

Victoria turns her attention to the entrance as she catches glance of another new face. The petite brit moves along the side gracefully as she listening to all that is being discussed.

"Well, Hello Rollins a pleasure to see you…." Moving to cross his arms over his chest he would lift a slow eyebrow, emerald orbs still set on the male ghoul, "That so eh?… doesn't make much sense for us to be going back then, seems like a pointless risk I trust your judgement… however food, and UCLA may still be good options, if nothing else we can salvage much there and perhaps find some kind of book that describes this damn plant" slowly he would turn in a full circle eyes resting on each person for a moment, "The army works to clear out the plants, but without destroying the cause they'll return… and for now they are friend and foe keeping us hidden from the soliders who have orders to kill anything here"

Just before the door finishes swinging shut behind Rollins, a hand catches the edge and swings it back open lazily. The hand tucks itself into the pocket of a heavy jean jacket as James slides in, guiding the door shut with the back of his foot. He pauses in the doorway for a moment, staring off into space for a split second before his gaze dances among the people in the room. He listens to Gabriel's words, before injecting commentary rather loudly as he walks towards Rollins. "I'm of the opinion that some sort of fae are causing this." He pauses for just a moment, "You get to know something very personally when it tries to kill you, you know. If I had to take a guess, they're hiding in the biggest infestations of vegetation in each portion of the city." His gaze lingers on Gabriel, and he tips his head forward into a nod as his feet come to a halt. "It's been a while, Prince. I see you've met Rollins."

JianJun grins, "Perhaps they'll slay a dragon, hmm? The soliders. Or become lunch for it. Either way, the Army is something that must be avoided in open conflict - as I have mentioned before to others, we cannot be far away from warranting an open air raid - they could as easily level the entire city and call it victory. I'd as soon not cost them more losses to be tallied in favor of that than we must." Looking to James, he acknowledges the man with a nod. "Soon this will be ended - and for that, I will be glad."

Rollins smirks with a slight bow towards Gabriel and James. "Evening. And we have indeed met, James. I have a plan if the other should fail, but either I undertake it alone or I need a crazy son of a bitch to back me up." The barrel of the huge handgun scratches against his temple. His expressions have ceased as he does this, his index finger playing the trigger of the gun, before placing itself away and clicking the safety on. It lowers to the ground once more. "There is something they haven't taken from us that we can use. I need a shitton of alcohol. Raid the bars, whatever I must do. If James is right to suggest, which I don't doubt at all, then we must trial and error. Nature's worst fear is a wildfire the rains cannot control. I say, we find the big infestations and do a little pest control. If these Fae happen to be hiding out in them, we will drive them out with fire, but.. As I said, our strong point is your weak point."

"Weak to fire…" Yasmira repeats to herself and then nods a little with a sigh. "Whatever is done must be done very, very carefully. What can…what can fae do? Do you mean like faeries? Like from bedtime stories? This sounds all too wierd." Her words are murmured, but only serve to thicken her accent as she starts to pace with distraction.

Obiously happy to see the other Brujah he allows his eyes to dance over him a moment before offering a deep nod, "James! wonderful to see you…yes I do know Rollins well, infact I stand to give him a reward once this is all over with…Fae you say? how certain of this can you be" he would ask both brows lifting as his attention turned toward Rollins, "We could go down to my restraunt there should be plenty there.. but are we certain fire will destroy these plants, they seem to be VERY fortified" he would then offer a nod to Jin, "Aye that they could… we can navigate the sewers well from here to almost anywhere" he would then point to Victoria, "She and I can clear the paths, And James if you are in need of a bladed weapon of any kind let me know"

Victoria looks over to the one Gabriel called James as she nods her head to him as she continues to move about the room.

"Well. Small winged flying things animated a tree and tried to kill me for their amusement. Fairly certain. Fucking obnoxious laughter." James folds his arms across his chest, lips pressing together. He glances towards Rollins, then back towards Gabriel and nods slightly. "He is indeed a useful Ghoul. But he knows that." He considers for a moment, fingers drumming against his chin. "I could go for a sword. Long or bastard, preferably. If it's sharp it'll do the trick." He sighs, "What I would give for a pack of grenades right now. But I suppose the military will have the heavy firepower angle covered. If we could get to the Chantry and hope they let us in, then we might be able to figure something out. It'd be the travelling and hoping that something large isn't living in the sewers that would be the difficult part."

JianJun does NOT look enthusiastic about travelling in the sewers, "I'm not confident the ninja turtle route is the wisest - given that we do not know what is down there. I speculate, given what is above ground, that there are some extremely nasty things down there. Extremely nasty unnatural things. On the surface, we have room to manuever - down there, there is no place to go. What if something down there bleeds methane gas? We're all rather smelly toast." Tapping his chin thoughtfully, Jin continues, "What's more, we're not sure if there is anything at all left of the restaurant. The growth pulverized pretty much everything - and much of it has been burned out by now. Or looted." Looking around at the faces of the men and women present, he continues, "Of course, never let it be said that Jin was too fearful to perform the task. I'm in by sewer or street."

"I am useful. If I wasn't, I'd have blown my own brains out by now. We'll find them. James, we'll speak later. I have my own issues to real quick. You know where to catch me if you need me." The Ghoul remarks, slipping his handgun into the other holster, nodding in the Brujahs' directions. He begins moving towards the hallway until he hears JianJun's remarks and quickly stops. "Not too fearful? You seemed to take quick note of everything that would kill you. When told of an enemy's existence, the first question should not be how many or how strong, but where and if they're aware of your own existence. I'd gladly go alone, being interested in my own existence." After that remark, the former Marine dashes off into disappearance.

"Oh…Oh I see. Not like the storybooks at all. In story I had never heard them so bad for the most part," the young hispanic murmurs, her pacing pausing as she hears Gabriel's words. She looks to him somewhat hopeful, "Could I have a sword too, Mister Gabriel? My switchblade is sharp, but it is so short…I wish not to get so close, if I could help it. I would not be certain my current blade to be long enough to get past the skin of some of these…things." Lips pressing together, their fullness causing a pout that otherwise wouldn't necessarily be there, the young latina glances at the departing fellow ghoul before looking to Gabriel once more.

"Swords…claws.. Anything sharp so I can take some things down." She grins to Gabriel as she looks to Yasmira for a moment before saying, "A girl should protect herself. Let her have some fun."

"A sword for each of you…James i've got just the one in mind for you…" Chuckling he would then look over to Jin, "The good things about the sewer, we dont have the army, we only have to watch our backs for two directions… whatever IS down there cannot be LARGER than the sewer, i'm confident in the ability to handle it with the given power that stands in his room… But either way we risk a lot…which one is the less risk?" that said the Prince would turn to face away from the group and take a few steps toward the hall, "Atleast a dragon wont be playing in the sewers.. I'll be right back with the weapons… And James anytime you want to change what Rollins is, you have my express approval" glancing over his shoulder to Victoria he would grin, "I'm sure you girls will have fun" once he spoke he would vanish into darkness.

JianJun goes to scout ahead. Bravely. More bravely than Rollins could ever dream of being.

After Gabriel finishes speaking and vanishes, James nods slightly to himself and turns back to take one of the less ruined seats in the lobby and leans back, nodding slightly to himself. One of his hands grabs the sunglasses hanging from his shirt and flips the legs open, sliding them onto his face. He directs his attention to the two women in the room thoughtfully, tipping his head to the side. "I don't believe I've met either of you," he remarks, "James Frost, sometime Brujah Primogen." He glances in the direction Gabriel vanished, rubbing his chin, though the glasses shadow his expression.

Smiling, the young hispanic woman dips her head to James politely, "I'm Yasmira Rodriguez…" She says, pausing a moment as if unsure how to continue before she adds, "If I understand right what has not been fully told to me, I think I am Mister Gabriel's…ghoul? Is that it?" Her head cants slightly to one side before she shakes the matter off dismissively and starts dusting off one of the chairs almost meticulously before she has a seat on it.

Victoria glances over to James as she listens to Yasmira speak to him. She waits for a moment before speaking, "I am Victoria Whitworth, a wanderer." She folds her arms about the front of her petite frame.

Glancing towards Yasmira, James nods his own head in response, "From the sound of it, you're right." His attention turns towards Victoria, and he smirks slightly, "Ah. One of the strong silent types. I'm sure you've got a fortified trunk and your share of connections somewhere, travelling's a nasty business. Must suck to have gotten stuck here just as this happened." He nods slightly to himself and leans back in the chair, closing his eyes for a brief moment. His chest goes still as he stops manually breathing, going entirely silent and seeming to just listen.

A piece of rubble goes rolling by skipping across the ground as the grumbling of the Prince can be heard before he could be seen again. "Shes a old, old…old friend of mine Mr.Primogen" the voice would echo out from the hallway as he came into sight, a large broadsword in a leather sheath in one hand, a katana with a black sheath and handle in the other. "Here hope this do well" that said he would toss the large sword with a single hand easily across the room toward the resting Brujah. The other blade would then be tossed toward the Ghoul, "Blades I have plenty of"

Victoria looks over to Gabriel as she shakes her head as she says, "Isn't there a saying of not to tell a woman's age?" She looks to James as she says, "I try my best to do what I can and I got here a month or so before this came about. Let's say I could not sleep to well like I use too."

Once again, the young latina's brown eyes light up at the approach of the Prince as she rises to her feet. The sheath is nimbly caught and her slender fingers glide over the handle of the katana before she draws the blade, holding it up to marvel at it for a few long moments. "A blade of beauty, Mister Gabriel. I…I thank you. I must practice with it and get used to new length and weight. Much different from a switchblade." She chuckles to herself as she moves wide of anyone and anything that she could cause damage to as she straps the strap of the sheath to her back so that she could in the future draw the blade from there, righthandedly. Settling into a low stance with the katana, the young woman starts making up her own routine on the fly, learning the weight and balance of the sword as she practices varous arcs and swings…seeming not entirely inexperienced.

Reaching out one hand without looking, James grabs the sword out of the air and then opens up his eyes as he brings it to rest in his lap. He runs his hand down the hilt, feeling every contour, then nods to himself and looks towards Gabriel. "I'll treat her well. She'll do her history proud, no doubt." His fingers curl around the hilt and he pulls the blade out, regarding himself in his reflection of the weapon. The blade is lowered and he watches Yasmira thoughtfully, before glancing to Gabriel and nodding.

Gabriel nods firmly as he moves back to the middle of the room his eyes darting to each person, "So ouf course of travel… suggestions and or thoughts?" the Prince would ask as he moved a single hand behind his back to unclasp his axe and pull it down into his left hand, the weight of which he handled with ease and grace. "If it is Fae, we'll rain on their party… whatever else…..well hell hath no fury like us when clan Gangrel and Brujah march to war side by side"

Victoria laughs as she hears the words from Gabriel's lips, "Tis right. We'll take them all down to reclaim what is left of this city for our kind." She grins as she stretches out her hands, one at a time, as she seems ready to get into a fight.

"We will kick butt, won't we Mister Gabriel," the latina asks, accent making the more-comment-than-question rather humorous-sounding as she continues to slash at the air, her movements becoming smoother as she realizes this weapon type's benefits and that it's easier to just keep the blade moving and alter the path.

Glancing towards Gabriel, James nods just slightly, smirking. "I'll need to stop by my home and change into my, ah… business suit before we go on whatever raid is necessary. This will make a nice addition to it," the blade is patted, "If we went above-ground, we're more likely to be discovered by soldiers. If we go by the sewers, we'll have to do a lot of hacking, but hopefully it should be confined enough that we can at least face our enemies. I think the sewers would be more pleasant, as ironic as that may seem. Unless, of course, something decided to hole up beneath the city, but we'll cross that bridge as we come to it."

"I agree, the sewers are much better of a bet… that is where we shall go, no more question about it" A firm nod is given from the Prince as if to enforce his already decided decision. "Jin will just deal with it… Yes yes everyone prepare yourself as best you can, Victoria will you scavage the remains of the office there should be some flashlights and perhaps matches and other such objects around…. Which we may end up needing" that said he would sigh softly, his axe arm swinging the mighty blade around, "But hopefully not"

Victoria shakes her head, "I get what I think is needed.", coming from the brit's lips as she sniffs about before wandering off to whereever the office is.

Nodding, the young latina continues to swing the katana about until she feels she's about as natural with the new weapon as she's going to get before sheathing it smoothly on her back and looking to Gabriel with a smile…still in her comical attire of braless buttonup white silk shirt and pajama pants, yet with katana strapped on her back, handgun holster on her right side and a small switchblade tucked into her left pocket. "I'll do all I can, Mister Gabriel. I'll make you proud," she declares, chin lifting a little as she says the words.

Pushing himself up to his feet, James glances towards the disappearing form of Victoria, then the latina with her blade, and then Gabriel. He nods just once, shifting to strap the bastard sword onto his back. After a few moments of adjusting the sheath, he settles it comfortably, giving it a test draw, and then turns towards the two still in the lobby. "I had best go see where Rollins has gotten himself off to, and stop by my haven and see about obtaining the rest of my equipment. I shall return in time for the party, might bring some music." And he turns towards the doors.

Gabriel nods slowly as he looks over to Yasmira, "Come downstairs, I'll teach you a little more… We shall all meet back up here soon, and carry out our plans" turning to move toward the hallway he would toss up a hand, "Be safe my brother, our blood is highly valued these nights" that said he would continue to move into the hallway, "Victoria, meet us in the basement if you find anything" the Prince would yell out toward the fallen office before vanishing into darkness.

Nodding vigorously, the young latina breaks out into a careful jog after the Prince, "Yes, Mister Gabriel! I want to learn a lot… all you can teach me!" Her words and actions fully show her eagerness as she too disappears into the darkness. Silence once again takes over the lobby that had once been eternally filled with music.

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