Blondes Have More Fun

The 'virgins' were always the most satisfying to entertain, what with the way their eyes would widen as if staring at the earthly incarnation of a goddess… - Madison

The Empress (Avg NPCs: 20)
This club of ill repute holds none of the usual qualities that have come to be
associated with most of the other seedy establishments that are dotted through
the City of Angels. While it is, at essence, still a haven and showcase for
women who display their flesh for money, it is a glorified version of such.
The women here are succulent, sweet and as tempting as the fruit from the
gardens of sacred Eden. Those who work here are called, in tribute to the
heritage of their hometown, Angels. Never of virgin stock, they always appear
as such anyway, playing to the fantasies of those who haunt this most esteemed
establishment. Poles of pure silver are lined along the length of the east and
west walls, harboring maidens of driven snow, with each lit in the background by
a soft, white light, dimmed so as to not outshine the prizes that they
illuminate. Any person, male or female, can rent the bodies and confidence of
these Angels, if the price is right, though anyone seeking to do so should
ensure that their pocketbook is thick.

* Exits *
south - Intersection of Santa Monica and Vine

The entrance to the Empress is crowded with a line as is normal most any night of the week, causing one of the club's more prominent employees to bypass the main doors altogether in lieu of the ones at the back of the club reserved for the dancers. The scent of sweet cigar smoke and the sharp tang of alcohol cling to Madison like a second skin, everything from her fiery crown of hair to her black knee-high boots. The scent will be especially hard to rid from the leather miniskirt that hisses softly with every hypnotic step she takes, leaving a teasing line of tanned skin visible from the middle of her toned thighs to the bottom of her knees. Her top is just this side of decent, but it certainly walks the razor's edge since it seems to be made only of black lace, the more naughty bits of her ample chest covered, barely, by dark patterns of roses and leaves that seem totwist and turn all over her arms, back, and torso. She pauses in the doorway that separates the dressing room from the floor and stage area, one arm sliding up the frame lazily as she takes in the sight of both the patrons and the girls on stage with an almost completely detached demeanor.

Onstage at the Empress the evening, along with a selection of the more demure, white clad
Angels, the blonde hair and long legs of Remedy are being used to great effect, largely
commanding the attention of the bachelor party seated at the front tables. As the thumping
bass of a remix of 'Singin' in the Rain' pounds through the club, oddly well timed with the
pulsing strobe lights acting as a backlight. Working in similarly professional rhythm, the
young woman drapes herself seductively around a silvered pole as she completes a single
handed spin, bringing her down to the stage with her long legs tucked comfortably beneath
her (4 successes). Flashing her admirers a sultry grin, her lips pouting as she blows a
teasing kiss, Remedy rises to her hands and knees, prowling o all fours along the front of
the stage to allow wads of bills to be securely tucked into the garter snugly encircling
her slender thigh. Waved across to the poor bachelor himself, seated at the forefront of
the stage, she rises.

The club's superior sound system completely drowns out Madison's bemused chuckle as she
watches from her superior position in the doorway, her head tilting to one side as if she
were resting it against the bicep of her arm that's so perfectly positioned on the
doorframe. Tucking her full lower lip in between her teeth, Madison lets out an encouraging
whistle as she tracks Remedy's movements before eyeing the bachelor himself with a gaze
more critical than anything.

With a gesture toward another girl and a bouncer, the blonde dancer is soon supplied with
what she wants.. which is apparently a top hat, a chair and a bottle of tequila. Dressed
rather well tonight, by her standards, her nubile form is lent an almost threateningly
seductive air by the sleek black thong and matching corset, and most especially her spike
heeled shoes and fishnets stockings. Setting the wooden chair down with its back firmly to
the pole she had been dancing upon moments before, she regards the young man through a few
errant white blonde locks, beckoning him ivitingly up onstage. For a brief moment, turning
to shout her song of choice to the DJ, she meets Madison's gaze, blowing her a kiss from
her fingertips and flashing a wicked grin, a plan quite evidently now in mind.

More laughter ensues from Madison's throat as she disengages her arm from the doorway to
press her fingers coquettishly against her painted lips, turning her head to one side in
the sort of expression a shy girl would adopt when lavished with attention from one of the
most popular kids at school. It's her side that now leans again the sturdy doorway, almost
as if her weight is just too much to hold up on her own at the moment. Her generous lips
register a coy smile, though it seems little of the expression she wears so expertly
reaches into the depths of her lilac eyes.

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Whooping her approval as the surely familiar strains of Joe Cocker strike up, blaring
across the club and successfully bringing all eyes to the stage as the young soon to be
husband takes the seat, looking honestly rather frightened, Remedy places the black tophat
atop her silvery hair, low over her eyes as a thumb and forefinger trail around the brim
sensually. Organising six or so of her fellow dancers into a line, she leads them toward
the man, bending to tip a generous amount of tequila through his obligingly parted lips and
murmur something in his ear. A flirtatious look direct into his eyes, and then a sudden
high kick brings her foot up and over his head, allowing her to straddle his lap, without
touching. The sultry music forces a steady motion for dancing, though as her hands trail in
exploration over her body it surely emphasises for the gent how unfortunate it is that he
can't follow her lead..

Still in the doorway, considering she's not really dressed at all for the stage, Madison
watches the mesmerizing scene unfold with amusement rife in her expression. The 'virgins'
were always the most satisfying to entertain, what with the way their eyes would widen as
if staring at the earthly incarnation of a goddess. Her train of thought dislodged with a
shake of her head and an aversion of her gaze to the crowd at large. Her smile fades to
nothingness, leaving in its wake a startlingly neutral expression, something that's rarely
seen on the animated face of Persephone.

As the song reaches the chorus, much of the crowd sing along, beginning to clap and stamp
in encouragement. "You can leave your hat on!" Tilting her head back, allowing her silky
mane to trail down past her hips, Remedy brings the bottle in her hand to the hollow of her
throat and pours, the clear liquid gleaming across her skin momentarily before being
eagerly lapped up by the young man, much to the amusement of his friends, who roar their
approval. Remedy allows this to continue for all too short a time, before sitting up
straight once more, looping one arm about the bachelor's neck, tequila and all, as the
other relinquishes her hat, propping it firmly atop his. A graceful rise to her feet, a
last sashay of her hips and she's gone, leaving the next girl in line to take her place.
Ignoring the pleas and waving bills at the frot of the stage, she stalks across to the far
side of the room, not breaking stride to knock back several mouthfuls of the remaining
tequila herself.

Walter enters the Establishment with two other men, they all move towards a chair in the
middle of th strip club and sit down, they all ignore the waitresses or strippers walking
around, Walter Kenedy looks up fom time to time, his focus no one or anything, but as
imediatly as he looks around, he goes back to talking to his friends

Summoning up the will to shove a smile across her mostly placid demeanor, Madison pushes
herself away from the doorjamb with a an almost slithery motion of her nimble body. Her
stride doesn't break for any of the drunken men seeking any sort of female attention, and
unlike most nights, she doesn't even grace these loyal patrons with a teasing smile or a
wink. "It's always fun to watch you with the bachelors, kitten," Madison purrs as she
sidles up alongside the edge of the stage, her head tiling back to bathe the dreadlocked
beauty with the brunt of her attention. "No one does a show like you," she chuckles while
still haphazardly carrying her smile.

Hopping down to sit on the edge of the stage, legs dangling, Remedy grins, offering a
bashful shrug at Madison's compliment. "The innocent ones are the easiest to entertain. If
you like that sort of thing." she replies, her green eyes drifting over the other girls as
they carry on the show. Offering the bottle toward the redhead, she shakes back her long
blonde hair and wrinkles her nose habitually. "You not working tonight?" she adds, her gaze
rakig over Madison's attire in mild admiration and a touch of envy, comfortable as she
seems in her trailer trash specials.

Walter keeps talking towards his friends, they seem to huddle around the table talking
about an intresting subject, Walter looks up from his friends then eyes madison and remedy
for a slight moment before looking back at his friends, a stripper comes to walter and
tries to get him to pay for a lapdance, walter in turn shrgs and chuckles. "Got no money,
cant get blood froma fooken stone lovely.." The Stripper leaves in a hurry

Madison turns her head to the side while her body repositions itself, bumping one
leather-clad hip against the stage in order to face Remedy's profile. One arm snakes its
way across her midsection with her fingers pressing lightly into her waist as she slowly
shakes her head, her voice subdued to the point of being nearly monotone as she scans the
crowd with a lazy gaze, "No, and that's why I'm here. Was going to warn you I might be out
for a few nights. Hopefully only a few, or so long as my finances can afford it. I don't
know, it's just.." she pauses to let out a sigh, letting her amethyst eyes settle upon her
co-worker's face, "I think I might be losing my touch."

"Well, mon petit rouge, if -you're- losing your touch I guess we're all fucked." Though
addressing the redhead, Remedy's heavily made-up eyes absently survey the exchange between
the irishman and the other dancer, a smirk tuggig at her lips. "See, it's fucking
contagious." Returning her attention to Madison's cherubic features, she cants her head to
one side in a silent expression of sympathy and concern. "What you gonna do, just laze
about in front of the tv? Sounds fun. Can I come?" A mischievous grin curves across the
stripper's glossy red lips.

Walter stands as does his friends he takes a lat drag from his cigarette before placing
it in the ashtray, taking a final look around the three men move towards the door, never
looking at the naked flesh or anyone else fo that matter, moving slowly, he starts to dance
as he makes the doorway.

A russet eyebrow is lifted as Madison shifts her gaze towards the rejected angel stalking
away from Walter's table, and finally to the shimmying man himself. Curiosity and vague
recognition collide within the places of her face as her brow furrows and her lips purse
slightly together. Shaking her head, she manages another half-hearted smile while bringing
her attention to Remedy. "I hope it doesn't spread to the rest of the girls here. The last
thing I want is the Empress to close down due to lack of talent and desire. I don't know,
Rem, it's just.. just not the same. I'm not sure how to explain it, but maybe I just need
to see a therapist and get on some paxil or prozac."

"Walter." states the blonde, noting the momentary distraction, then smirking, pleased with
herself and her moment of knowledge. "This frickin gorgeous guy told me his name the other
night. Nice guy. Doesn't say much." A chuckle escapes her as she watches the Irishman's
little jig. "You don't need that shit, babe. You need better shit… now, lets see if it's
really spreading, shall we?" Dropping down from the stage to her platform soles, Remedy
straightens her shoulders and tosses back her sleek blonde tresses before sauntering
directly through the crowd toward Walter and his friends. Flitting a glance back toward the
redheaded seductress in her wake, she winks, before continuing on her way, blindsiding the
dark haired man. Plucking a few bills from the overstuffed garter about her thigh, she
comes to a halt mere inches behind him and moves to tuck them into his waistband, catching
the eye of one of his companions and bringing a silencing finger to her lips.

Walter keeps walking for a moment then turns around and stares straight at Remedy, he tilts
his head slightly then looks to his freinds. "Got no money for ya Lady, i spent it all on
the morgage.." He speaks very quickly and in a thick irish accent, he shrugs slightly
before giving the woman a small bow. "ette luck nxt time "

Unable to resist the urge to follow in Remedy's footsteps, Madison begins to stroll in the
impish woman's wake with the vaguest hint of a smile caressing her lips. Her hips sway of
their own accord with her graceful steps, the leather skirt making a soft hissing sound as
it slides against the bronzed flesh of her thighs. She says nothing at all as she observes
the scene from a distance, her head canted to one side so that her coppery hair shifts to
one side and partially conceals one of her lavender eyes. Still she keeps one arm wrapped
around her midsection while keeping the other hanging at her side.

Remedy raises the two bills between a fore and middle finger, arching a brow in amusement
at Walter. "And here was me being nice, tipping my competition." Holding his gaze, her
expression completely unchanging, she splits the pair of bills, extending one in either
hand toward his companions. "At least let your friends enjoy themselves, Sweets. Even if I
can't tempt -you-." With a last lopsided grin toward the Irishman, Remedy turns on a
stiletto heel, her long legs carrying her with an unhurried swagger through the milling
crowd of the Empress. Apparently unconsciously, her hips sashay with the typical inviting
sway seen on most of the girls employed here, though as she approaches Madison, she raises
both palms i the air for an outstretched high five, singing loudly and rather badly out of
tune. "I try to be like Grace Kellyyyyyyyy… gay or married. I hope. Or it's contagious."

Walter raises an eyebrow then chuckles as he looks to his friends, they all shrug and turn
to Walter. Walter eyes remmy for a moment longer then shout out. "Dont like blondes, your
not my type.." He looks around the place again before moving towards the door, hsi friends
chuckle and nod as they follow him.

Walter raises an eyebrow then chuckles as he looks to his friends, they all shrug and turn
to Walter. Walter eyes remmy for a moment longer then shout out. "Dont like blondes, your
not my type.." He looks around the place again before moving towards the door, hsi friends
chuckle and nod as they follow him.

Walter leaves south.

Remedy eyes the redhead thoughtfully, apparently already having forgotten and dismissed the
gay Irishman. "What is -up- with you? When did you get so fuckin bummed out, dude? Don't
tell me you want to get married or some stupid shit like that.." her emerald eyes widen
warily, regarding Madison for the first time as though something were really terribly wrong
with her. Looping an arm through the other woman's, she leads her with ease toward the bar,
lightly hopping up to perch herself atop it. "Don't like fucking blondes…" she mutters to
herself as her gaze flits for a splitsecond toward the door.

The lace covering Madison's arm bunches up as Remedy guides the fiery-haired woman to the
bar, no hesitation or resistance found in her stride, though also there's a distinct lack
of eagerness to go with it. "Two nights ago.. it just hit me during a set that I didn't
care anymore. Just, just out of the blue. The fire I felt every time I stepped on stage and
melded by body with the music was -gone-. I can't explain it," she whispers, her gaze
shifting all around the bar and the room at large. "I'm really sorry, Rem. I am. But if my
heart isn't in it. I can't do it. I've -lost- it, darling," she whispers, a trembling
making her syllables jump here and there until she can take a deep breath. "Maybe I need to
just go home."

"Maybe you need to just get laid?" The utter innocence with which these words are spoken
keeps them from sounding even remotely malicious, the blonde still watching Madison with
one brow arched quzzically. "Or.. whatever your favourite mistake is. Everyone's different.
Something must have changed, you just need to figure out what. And do it again." Letting
her feet dangle, Remedy flashes a slight grin, reaching to tweak a lock of crimson hair in
teasing. "That's about the extent of my psychologizing ability, mon petit rouge. Tequila?"

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