Broken Fences

Kensington Fields Apartment 201
The one-room apartment is clean and pleasant to the eyes, the decor fairly plain
but almost tribal or like stepping into a luau. The pinkish-brown clay tiled
floor is plainly visible as the furnishings are sparse. In the northeast corner
of the room is a futon made of plastic bamboo-like designs with a red mattress.
Near this against the north wall is a small chest of drawers with a flat-screen
TV placed on top of it. There is also a bag leaning against the dresser that
looks made to carry a laptop computer. The western part of the apartment is an
open closet full of shirts, as well as a surfboard and skateboard each bearing
the Glass Walker glyph on them leaning against the walls. The final noteworthy
thing is the kitchenette that makes up the southern part of the room. The walls
are decorated with various island and tribal decorations like Tiki masks and
seascape paintings that give away the obvious passion of the one who owns the

* Exits *
south - Second Floor Landing

Sleeping on his futon dressed in nothing but a pair jet black pants that seem to belong with a traditional karate gi, Phelan Wulfric sighs in a dream-like way. Even in his rest he maintains a soft smile. Underneath his head is a pillow.

Asleep in the futon was Maiyun. She was laying on her side with her arms around her legs. Kayla lay at the end with her head on the girl's foot, her ears twitching at every little sound. Maiyun was clothed in the same outfit she had on yesterday. Overly large black tee with green slimey text saying "Happy Halloween" and black pants with orange pumpkins patterned. On her feet were black cat slippers with orange eyes. The Kinfolk lifts a hand to rub her cheek before wrapping it back around her legs.

Trudging up the stairs like any normal person would, Ella grumbles softly to herself under her breath. Even though she doesn't seem to be concentrating at all on suppressing the sound of her footsteps, she makes no noise at all in her trek through the building. A frown is cast at the door she finds herself standing in front of, and her hand raises as if to knock. But before her fist actually makes contact with the wooden door, she pauses, her nose crinkling. "Why am I here again?" she mutters to herself before shaking her head roughly from side to side. "Yeah, no clue," is the simple answer, voiced just before she raps lightly on the door.

The boy shuffles around on the futon, hearing the rapping on the door and groaning. "What the hell…?" he mutters under his breath, pushing himself up very slowly and gently so as not to shake Maiyun and wake her. Slowly he scoots off of the tiny bed feet firts, going over the short arm rest on the end and putting his feet on the ground. He pushes up to stand, stretching as he approaches the door with the haze of sleep slowly fading from his crystal blue eyes. He looks through the peephole and, seeing the paparazzi blackbird on the other side, blinks but unlocks the door and opens it up for her to enter.

Not even noticing, Maiyun sleeps on. Kayla, on the other hand, opens her eyes. Ears twitch once more and she lifts her head from her master/mother's foot. Her sky blue gaze averts back towards Phelan. She tilts her head to one side, gets up, and stretches. Then, wagging her tail, she hops off the bed and follows the Garou.

An dark, angular eyebrow is lifted as Phelan opens the door, her head tipping back just enough to peer up at the owner of the apartment's face with a rather bland expression on her own. "Michelangelo might try to get ahold of you in a few days, or sooner, about the warehouse. I'm not sure if he will or not, because he can be kinda forgetful sometimes I think, but just in case I came by to tell you anyway. There's some serious housecleaning that needs to go on of the physical variety of which I am unequipped to handle on my own," she goes on to explain while her gaze darts past the young Garou to peer inside of his apartment. "It's one of those things where no guests would want to hang around because it's so filthy."

Smiling softly to her and yawning the young surfer speaks in the middle of his yawn. "Already has…" Shaking his head as the yawn and phrase within it comes to an end he steps aside and ushers the girl inside. "Actually, it's good you came by. Mind stepping inside for a second? There's some things I'd like to talk about." His voice is quiet, partially for concern over Maiyun but also because he seems to still be waking up. Nonetheless his hospitality seems purposeful yet sincere.

Maiyun shifts in her sleep. She heaves a light sigh, not noticing the lack of weight on her foot where Kayla had slept on. The Klee Kai pup tilts her head to one side at Ella and then Phelan. She moves to the side, her tail wagging. She whines softly, trying to contain her excitement.

The little paparazzo in the doorway obviously hesitates at the invitation as she shifts her grey eyes back to Phelan's face. Her head turns a bit to one side so that she's mostly staring at him from the corner of one eye, her mouth still twisted into more of a frown than anything. "I don't want to intrude on anything and that was really all I had come to say, to be completely honest," she admits with a vague shrug, though her attention wanders to the puppy on the floor. To him, she gives a wink and the semblance of a smile.

The Cliath gives Ella a slightly more inistent stare and a sigh. "When I last talked to Scarred he told me you were upset with me for some reason. I'd kinda like a chance to mend the fences." He ushers her in once again, looking down to Kayla and chuckling. "Besides, Kayla'd like to meet a new friend. Come on in and say hello to her."

Kayla looks up at Ella and wags her tail once more. She moves her gaze from Phelan to Ella before trotting up. She stops when she's between them, sitting near Phelan's feet though her gaze doesn't move from the female.

With a hand resting idly on the top of her messenger bag, Ella purses her lips together and finally steps inside. Immediately her attention is drawn to the slumbering lump of a person on the futon, both of her eyebrows lifting. If she has anything to say about it, she keeps it quiet, at least for the time being, and instead turns around to face Phelan with her head canted to one side. "I thought I was pretty clear about the reason the last time I saw you. I hadn't expected a Garou to be so dense, so maybe it was my fault for ignoring the rumors about your kind and trying to think of you as more than just rending, chewing machines? Maybe I was spoiled in that by the first one I met here," she mentions with a stiff shrug of her shoulders.

Closing the door behind the two of them and locking it once more the boy holds up his hands in an innocence gesture. "Look. At the time I was in a rush, I was worried, I had vague information at best and all of that mixed into a hurricane that clouded and battered my mind when we last spoke. Whatever I did to offend you I'm sorry." He puts his hands at his sides again, walking toward the kitchenette entrance and looking back to the lithe black-haired woman. "Want anything to drink? I've got soda and disgusting-ass tap water."

The Klee Kai pup looks up at Phelan. She lets out a whine then looks down at her paws when she hears her stomach growl. With a tilt of her head, she stares down at herself then gets up. Her sky blue gaze averts over to Maiyun and she gets up. She pads over to the sleeping Kinfolk, hops onto the futon, and stares at her. The pup knew better than to wake her up but she was hungry. A whine escapes. Then she snorts lightly, almost sounding like she was giving off a sigh. Finally giving up, the Klee Kai moves in a circle about three times before laying down. Her gaze moves toward the back of Maiyun's head then back at Phelan.

"If you don't know what you did, or more like -didn't-, do then how can you apologize?" Ella asks in a whisper as she tilts her head to the opposite side now. As she speaks she wanders in a slow circuit of the room, her attention grabbed now and again by some of the thing strewn about. "And no, thank you. I'm not really thirsty," she adds, her voice sounding as if she were more than a little distracted by something else entirely. Having finished her meandering path through the small apartment, the petite woman winds up leaning against the closed window. "So what's your idea for mending these fences, of which you aren't even sure where they're located or what broke them?"

Phelan disappears around the corner for a moment, the sounds of a refridgerator door opening and closing a short distance away eminating from his current location. Then the sound of a can of soda being opened heralds the shirtless Garou's return, a fizzing can of Coca-Cola in his hand. He leans against the entranceway of the kitchenette as he speaks. "I've got a feeling as to where they are. You feel like there's some kind of vital secret I was keeping from you and got you upset." The can lifts to his lips and his sips at the drink, chugging down four mouthfuls before he finishes and lowers the soda again. "Am I hot, cold, freezing?" He remains very nonchalant though he seems to be picking up a little energy now.

One of Ella's arms reaches up behind her to rest against the windowsill with her forearm dangling outwards in a position that just screams calm and relaxed, even if she might be anything but. "Definitely not frigid," she remarks first with a twinge of her usual teasing tone evident in her voice as her eyes drift towards the futon and the body it holds, a small smile even touching her lips for at least a fraction of a second. Shaking her head, she brings her attention back to Phelan and affects a much more neutral expression, "And was I wrong in that assumption?" she inquires, an eyebrow raising near the end of her question.

"Not completely wrong. A little, maybe. There /was/ something I should have told you now that I look back at it, but at the time it had totally slipped my mind so even I didn't know that I was keeping it from you." He sighs, looking down at the floor before looking back up at the Corax. "We thought Charlie was kidnapped by the Dancers at that time. We'd come to find out they were lying through their cavities." He takes another sip, this one shorter. "When Max sent me that text it said something like 'Emergency at Phoenix. Come immediately dressed to blend in.' so I jumped to conclusions and assumed he'd tracked down a Dancer who knew about Charlotte or something…" His eyes lower and his chin tucks as if in shame. "Like I said before. At the time I was a mess from being in such a fevered rush of anxiety. I withheld information but not on purpose."

Ella's position goes rather straight and rigid at Phelan's admittance, her charcoal eyes even bugging out more than usual. "I don't know, Phelan… I mean, no matter what kind of distractions I might have, I don't think I'd ever forget if my -Alpha-," she stresses the last word moreso than the others, "had gone missing and was presumed dead." She blinks after a moment while crinkling her nose, "That is if we had those sorts of things. Because I gather Alphas are kinda sorta a really big deal, and losing one takes a lot of effort to achieve, you know?" Pushing away from the windowsill, Ella begins to stroll idly in the direction of the door. "I need to know these things, Phelan, if I'm to do my job. What's the use of having one of me around if you don't utilize it? I'm not a fighter, as you may well have guessed from Cairo, but I'll be damned if I can find a needle in a haystack."

"That's why I wanted to say I'm sorry, alright?" the young boy stresses, his voice raising a little until he catches a glimpse of Maiyun still resting peacefully on the futon. Heaving a long sigh with a shaking frame Phelan looks over the Corax once more as he attempts to show her his sincerity. "Look. If there's anything I can do to convince you to stick with us and give us a hand, wing or spying eye when we ask then tell me what it is."

Already having unlocked the front door and her hand now resting firmly on the doorknob, Ella cranes her head over her shoulder to blink at Phelan. "I'll still do what I do because it's my job, because I have to, and because I wouldn't have it any other way. We might bat for the same team in this case, but that's where it ends. If I get ahold of any info that you guys will need, I'll pass it along, just so long as you do the same for me. Over and over I'm shown in many different ways that all I can really do are professional relationships, so I guess I'll just stick with what I can do right. Those ones that are usually considered 'friendships' just don't seem to be in my cards. So be it," she responds at length, keeping her voice to a whisper and her heavy gaze resting on Phelan. "Good night." With that, she opens the door and easily slips out, even politely closing it behind her.

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