Buildering Todo

Fixing the Neverending Evertwisting Tard Labyrinth of TF

Can we build it? YES WE CAN!

Skyborn Says will always be underlined (10-01-08)


Started from scratch, but I'm holding off on the new grid to plan storylines instead. I still need helpers. People can PM me on the forums.

LA will soon be made up of a bunch of fabulous zones that make it easier to keep track of all the businesses and apartments, and it'll be a square! -ahem- But, you players don't have to worry about that, because you'll no longer be seeing vnums!

Stuff to do much later/Crackpot ideas

  • Players will find Business and Apartment spots on character applications in the future. For now, the word of mouth, forums, and the PM system will have to do.

General distinctions for non-street rooms (feel free to add!)

  • Residences (houses, apartments, condos)
  • Fitness centers/gyms/dojos/yoga studios/dance studios
  • Cultural centers, museums (art, science, history), galleries, concert venues, theaters, general artsy fartsy shit
  • This place needs at least one or two more hotels. Maybe it was because I am so freaking tired right now, but I could only find The Hotel California on the grid. Not a good sign, says I. I was thinking maybe a cheap flea-trap no-tell motel (complete with hourly rates) and maybe a mid-range or high-priced swanky joint (whichever the Hotel California isn't). - Ella
  • Industrial areas (Warehouse parks, Industrial parks, a factory(s), docks) Definitely need a docks and port area. -Ella

Shit that done got built

  • Plans!
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