Cairo Campfire Conference

It can be seen through the single window in The Copper Lily, that behind the building a fire has been started in a giant pit that's been lined with large, carved rocks. The light from it grows by the second, pushing odd shadows into the room that the Garou sit in.

Ayasha looks around her smile gone as she rises to her feet to move to the window with a furrowed brow

Phelan smirks and shakes his head, waving a finger at Ayasha as if she were a small child. "You're a mean little thing. Y'know that? I don't see how Riley puts up with you." Giving her another soft chuckle to let her know he joking, he suddenly stops and turns to the window to look at the growing orange light that comes from it. "Look. They must be lighting the bonfire. Guess the meeting's gonna start soon." Grabbing his shirt from his tent the boy slips it on and begins to button up, ready to begin as soon as word is sent. "Good. The sooner we get this finished the sooner we can start planning our course."

Ayasha frowns as she looks out the window at the fire, wrapping her arms around herself before half turning her head to him "What meeting? You mean like a Moot?"

From just outside of the window, the familiar voice of Charlotte can be easily heard in some sort of less-than-quiet conversation a group of extremely gruff looking men, though she seems eternally comfortable with her surroundings here. Her honey colored locks are pulled back into a high ponytail, and her skin is several shades darker than it had been when she'd arrived. A pair of black running shorts leave her muscular legs nearly bare except for the tan leather lacings that circle her calves from a pair of simple sandals. Her slender torso is wrapped with a pannel of cream hued silk, tied in a lazy bow at the center of her spine.

Phelan shrugs, then stands with his shirt fully on him and buttoned up. "Don't know. All I'm sure of is that we're getting what information the cearn members can share with us." Hearing the female voice from outside, however, he stops and listens, then chuckles and makes for the window as well. "So. That's where she went," he muses.

Ayasha nods and opens the window to better hear "Wish they could tell us of Sugarcane"

Outside, standing with Charlotte and the group of men, the largest of them appears to be talking to her, "It is good that you could come here. That Gaia has sent you. We are not doing well here..". He's a mountain of a man, standing just above six feet tall, and while he's middle-aged at best there is no shortage of muscle. He's dressed simple, in a sleeves flannel shirt and some jeans. It is obvious that he's not a Cairo local. Or hasn't been one for long. Extending a hand to the woman, he says, "I am called Reaver-of-Wyrm. Homid Bone Gnawer and Theurge. These people follow me..".

Ayasha considers the words that drift up to them thru the window "Hmm, if I remember what sugarcane taught me right, sounds like he's their pack alpha, Reaver-of-Wyrm is his gaian name?, he was born as a human to the bone gnawer tribe and he's a theurge…a shaman medicine man type, good to have around if you nee a healer or to speak with the spirits. Doesn't look like he's adjusted yet to the region tho"

Charlotte steps towards the man easily and clasps his hand, her only slight figure seeming a bit lacking next to the larger men around her, but she carries herself with the same easy confidence. "Wouldn't anywhere else in the world right now, if I'm needed. Any of my pack will say the same." She pauses to firmly return his handshake, and while her expression is rather serious, she seems in a light mood. "Charlotte. Grace-of-Moonlight, Glasswalker Ahroun." She draws back her hand from the Paul Bunyon-esque man, and allows his group a friendly nod. "Anything we can do. We're here to do."

Phelan nods slowly, then listens to the men speaking to his Alpha and blinks at them. "Bone Gnawers. Guess that explains our surroundings and such," he says quietly. Listening to the conversation, he stays as quiet as possible so as not to serve as an interruption though he does look down to Ayasha with a smile. "And that sounds right. Well done."

Ayasha tilts her head inquisitively as she listens and speaks to the pup beside her at the window quietly "Aah, now that's interesting…Boss Diva didn't give him as much information as he accorded her. From the sounds of it her gaian name is Grace-of-Moonlight, wonder how a tomboy like her got that delicate name?…she's a glasswalker, and was born under a full moon, explains her temper…" and breifly gives phelan a small grin before looking back down at the group by the street.

"Cairo is being killed. Choked out. For a long time it has just been the leeches. Rampant. But now new people have moved in. Set up factories. They belch smoke into the sky..", the massive man speaks, taking a step back from the woman and spreading his arms a bit, "We are but one with two enemies. We are now in a position to drive the leeches out. The other interferes though, and we cannot fight both..".

Ayasha says, 'Hmm a two headed snake of a hydra, try to cut one head off the other strikes…but who or what would work with leeches, or want them around?'

Charlotte nods shortly. "You can't, but that's why we're here. There's no time left for either of them in Cairo now that we're settled." She brushes her forearm over her forehead briefly, and not-so-subtley wipes the same arm against the side of her shirt. "Gaia's blessing that we were able to get here fast. It's your home, of course," the Alpha replies, giving a respectful nod, "We're just here to do what we're told, and do it well. I don't know anything about the Licks here."

Phelan nudges the Kinfolk beside him gently, then leans over to whisper something to her before returning his focus to the converstation unfolding on the street.

Ayasha says, 'What are licks? Does she mean customs?…So Ella's gut was right, there is gonna be a big fight coming up, and soon from the sounds of it'

"Does your pack wish to come and join us instead of nattering at the window, Boss Diva?", the massive, Gnawer Theurge asks, gesturing to them with a bit of a wolfish smile upon his unclean, chapped lips. He takes a step to the side a bit, or more of a shuffle, to look at the fire. Grabbing another log, which is really /large/, and tossing it onto the flames, he asks, "Or do you have more questions first?".

As soon as the large man's rough voice slips, Charlotte's eyes snap towards the window with a dagger-like gaze, even as both hands go to her hips in the unmistakably matron's gesture of anger. "They can certainly come down, since my Pup should know better than to linger at the window when he's not asked." She forces back an extremely unattractive sneer as her gaze goes back to the group of men near the fire with her, and her arms twist a bit to cross over her chest. "Call me Charlie. Please."

Ayasha blushes as their obviously caught in their act and looks sheepishly at the boy beside her with a wince "I think we just had the blanket tugged off us"

Phelan jumps a little as Charlotte's gaze meets his and he chuckles sheepishly only to put on his typical smile. "Well now that I've eavesdropped I guess it's only right to make myself a part of it in apology." Boosting himself up and out the window the boy lands next to the building and slowly approaches the others though he keeps a respectible distance from them. "Phelan. Homid Glass Walker and Ragabash. I'm… still working on the Gaian name."

The mountain of a Bone Gnawer blinks or twice at Charlotte, before chuckling in a sound that is not unlike an 'Oh ho ho', and speaking in his cavernous voice, "My name is Charlie also. Charlie Hawthorne. So you can call me Hawthorne…". A few of the other mangy Garou snicker at this, but the large Theurge doesn't seem to give them much notice. He smiles to Phelan, offering a hand to the pup and shaking, before going back to his explanation, "Hercules Firearms Corporation has started a heavy movement on Cairo. Many of our kind are being removed from the streets. Many who have been here for years.".

Ayasha blinks and leans out the window with her eyes wide to make sure Phelan isn't hurt then sighs in refleif before looking around and then shaking her head softly "I think I'll take the long way" finally turning from the window to head for the door and down around.

As the Bone Gnawer's deep voice cuts through her temper, Charlotte grins a bit with the circle of chuckles at the offering of names. "I've had plenty of time to read up on Hercules," she answers the man, at the same time giving a nod of approval to Phelan with his introduction, "Unfortunately I have more experience with their weapons, and nothing that I'd want to use myself, really." The blonde wets her lips quickly, a few fingers coming to her shoulder to brush the almost flower-shaped pattern of bullet inflicted scars at her shoulder. "Between what I think are Balefire rounds, and the massive quantities we've taken care of back in the States, I'm concerned that it's much worse here."

Phelan nods to all present, stepping a little closer but still trying to keep a distance from the others though not an ounce of fear shows in his features. "One of our own is sick and dying from one of these Balefire rounds," he comments as a side thought. "What of the ones you mentioned? Do you think something similar is happening to them?"

Ayasha finally comes walking out the front of the building in a knee length skirt of tan faux deerskin and a similar shirt with four thong ties in back, her satchel at her side and her digital camera hanging from the shoulder strap of her satchel. Looking to all she bows her head first to Boss Diva, then Hawthorne before doing so to each of the others in turn "I am Ayasha kin to the Croatan and mate to Voice-of-Peace, Staff-of-War. Known to the tribe Cheyenne in the States as DarkDreamer." then bows her head again to charlie "My apologies Boss Diva for my over inquisitive ears, it was rude and not my place"

"It is not balefire. It is silver, and radiation, and the poison of the Egyptian Asp. They will hurt, even when you are in the form that you were born with. I have felt them once or twice. I wish to never again..", the massive Bone Gnawer states. His large fingers fumble with the buttons of his flannel shirt, and with just the undoing of two, almost thirteen circular-shaped scars can be made out, which doesn't even show what's below that. Buttoning them both again, he gives Ayasha an old, wolfish grin, "Heh. Boss Diva..", before shuffling closer to the fire.

Charlotte glances towards Ayasha shortly with a slight twitch of her fingers at her side, though it lasts just a second before the Alpha's attention turns back to Hawthorne. As his fingers work against the front of his shirt, Charlie actually smirks and gives the large man a knowing nod. However, with his chuckle and his steps taking him away from the trio a bit, the woman's cloud blue eyes shift towards the Kinfolk. "If you… call me that.. one more time, I promise you that it will be the least pleasing experience of your life. Riley is fine, and resting, and not at all your mate to claim openly until he's announced it to the pack. I don't expect your lips to open much for this." Scowling faintly, the honey-haired woman turns her back completely to the Kinfolk to face the fire. "There's more than just the bullets. At least back home it took us by suprise."

Phelan chuckles as well from the interactions of all the others despite the obviously grave topic. Leaning over to Ayasha he gives her head a few soft taps with his knuckles. "Learning curve much, Aya?" he quips, then focuses once more on the assembled Garou to regard them in silent contemplation.

Ayasha shudders in sympathy at the idea of what such silver must feel like before she then nods to the paulbunyan man with a soft smile as she tries to put on a brave face tho her worry shows in her eyes before flinching at the woman's words and nodding quickly "Yes Ma'am" she says softly as she emains back away from the group.

Ayasha shoots phelan a scowl and raises her hand to push phelan's arm away.

"You will be supplied with what you need. In reasonable amounts. We have a Glasswalker or two still lurking around, who can dig up supplies. Weapons. Whatever. And we can get them. It was never a matter of not being able to remove Hercules Firearms. But a matter of taking attention from our war against the leeches..", the Gnawer explains, sticking his bare foot into the fire and shifting the log around to stir up more embers, which dance a glowing waltz up into the night sky, "..I would make the list soon though. As it will take a day or two to get it all.". There is something of a knowing smile on Hawthorne's face as he listens to the Alpha of the pack chew out her packmates.

Charlotte brings her arms across her chest again and gives Hawthorne a brief nod, though her gaze rests casually on his movement within the flames. "I've been going over supplies since we left California. Give me a bit of time and you'll have it. We're greatful for any support you can offer that will allow us to help you." She seems to fade off with her thoughts for a second before her rather bright blue eyes are shifting to Phelan over her shoulder. "Pup, go get Max up. Unless you two already woke him up with your poor sneaking." Charlies nose wrinkles as she supresses another slight scowl and she drops to a seat on the ground just a few feet away from the edge of the campfire, crossing her legs infront of her. "Your noble war can be more focused now, and we'll keep the distractions off your shoulders."

Just as he's about to open his mouth to ask a question to the giant of a Bone Gnawer, Phelan catches Charlotte's words and look and nods with a soft smile. "No prob," he says, going around the front of the building and through the front door to find the Kinfolk and get him up to join the group.

"Yes. And we thank you for that, Grace-of-Moonlight. It will be a welcome change to fight a war without fighting another at the back. And a welcome chance to put all of our effort into one objective, so that we can get it accomplished. Gaia has brought us a blessing in the form of your pack and you..", Hawthorne admits, glancing as well out at the dunes, as if to take note of whatever has caught Ayasha's attention, before looking back to Charlotte, "AYIs this your pack then? I thought there were more reservations..".

"Yes. And we thank you for that, Grace-of-Moonlight. It will be a welcome change to fight a war without fighting another at the back. And a welcome chance to put all of our effort into one objective, so that we can get it accomplished. Gaia has brought us a blessing in the form of your pack and you..", Hawthorne admits, glancing as well out at the dunes, as if to take note of whatever has caught Ayasha's attention, before looking back to Charlotte, "Is this your pack then? I thought there were more reservations..".

Charlotte snorts lightly, though she keeps the same respectful demeanor with Hawthorne as she has with everyone they've encountered outside of the pack. "There's just under a dozen of us. Seven of us took the trip. Our own Bone Gnawer, and one of our Glasswalkers, are probably still socializing. My mate is being woken up as we speak. He's not quite used to the heat." She scratches at the back of her neck idly, her eyes still on the fire. "We're blessed to be concidered worthy to help, Hawthorne. It was a long trip, and many of us are tired, but a second won't be wasted out there while you and yours need us."

Maxwell Hearkenstone: Egyptian Adventurer is still inside at the point that he pushes open the flap of his luxury room and crawls out of it. He flops over onto his back, pressing it against the sand-covered floorboards and grabs a bottle of water, which he uncaps and drains in one go. One his throat isn't so parched that he can't speak, he utters, "..I hate Cairo..", before resting there for a moment to gain his bearings on the darkened room all around him. Noting the dancing light of the flames on the walls, he is also concise in his pointing out of, "Shit. I'm late.".

Ayasha looks back to those at the fire breifly before focusing back on the dunes, looking into the distance with curiosity, seeming a bit torn ebtween the two places

Phelan walks into the building just in time to see Maxwell stirring in his tent, then walks up closer and gives him a nudge to the shoulder with his foot and offer a gentle grin down to him. "Good, you're up. Charlie's looking for ya out back. We'll be waiting," he tells the Kinfolk in short order, then walks out the front door and runs around to the back again. Noting the others still sitting around the fire talking he nods. "Maxwell was already up when I got there, but barely. He'll be out in a bit."

With a barreling chuckle, the old Gnawer grabs a stick and pokes at the fire some more, "Yes. I made the trip once too. It was so terrible that I never went back..", he says, grinning at Charlotte with those cragged lips of his, "Is there anything that Flea or I can do for you, our Guests, until you start your mission here in Cairo?", he asks, thoughtfully.

"Yeah. Sure..", Max tells Phelan, before rolling over onto his stomach and getting to his feet. A sweep of his hand brushes some of the sand off of his chest and back while he grumbles, "Man. I knew this sand was going to get everywhere. I'm going to have to wash in places I haven't washed in years..". He steps into his sandals, strapping them on, and for the sake of the virgin eyes that the Garou Elders must surely possess, he also pulls on a blue shirt with Hawaii'n print on it, though he doesn't bother to button it. Accepting another bottle of water from the ice chest, he heads out back as well.

Charlotte shakes her head lightly with a short, negative sounding hum before any of her pack is allowed to add into the conversation. Her eyes turn from the fire briefly to glance up at the window of the hotel room as Phelan returns, but with Hawthorne's booming laughter, a smile creeps onto her lips and she looks back to him. "You've already offered me too much to have anything I'd need to ask for. If I can think of anything, I will let you know. I ask nothing at all of Flea accept thanks for giving my pack the experience of resting where the spirit has roamed back and forth for so long."

For a Bone Gnawer Kinfolk, the woman who pokes her head out of the back door is awfully cute, with gorgeous brunette hair and pink, pouty lips. She waves a hand to one of the Elders who'd been conversing with the others and calls out, "Uncle Tahir! Come here! I need help moving this stuff you wanted moved!". She spots Phelan, looking him over for a moment before pressing a hand to her mouth to cover the giggle. And then disappears into the hotel again.

Ayasha slowly wanders away with her eyes fixed on the dunes, making her way toward theedge of the firelight

Phelan nods from Charlotte's comments, chuckling softly before taking a few more steps toward the fire. "If it's not too much to ask, actually, I'm curious." He gives Charlotte a gaze that seems to beg for pardon and his usual gentle grin before he turns to Hawthorne again and nods. "Is there any information you could share about these factories? Structural design, security systems you know of? Anything at all would be a huge help to us." As he hears the female Bone Gnawer Kin speak, however, he turns his face for a moment to give her a slight nod and a wave. "Hey," he offers up quielty in greeting before his eyes return to the elders.

Out upon the dunes of Cairo, in the distance, the howl of a wolf can be heard. It is long, almost mournful. It's existence is a sad tale of the dead and the dying, before it fades off again to leave behind the sounds of the crackling fire.

A yawn upon his lips, Maxwell comes out of the back door with an announced entrance of, "Holy Shit. Did you guys hear that? It sounded like The Mummy..". He seems to reign himself in though at the sight of the gathered group of Kin and Cousin. His lips go still as he treads across the sand, punching Phelan on the shoulder as he trudges in the direction of the Alpha, his mouth upturned into a smile for just her, "..Sorry I'm late. Sun and all. It's a killer. Knocked me right out..".

Ayasha shoots a scowl over her shoulder at the horrible joke before turning back to the dunes and walking in that direction pausing at the edge of the fire light and whispering a prayer in a strange language.

"That is fine then. If there is anything that you need, let us know. Please..", Hawthorne states, resting his large frame on an upturned log and hunching over for a second, stretching. He seems old, and tired, even for his massive stature. When he does finish though, he points out, "In the morning there will be a Bane Hunt. If you are interested in coming. It's good for breaking Pups in. Lots of Garou. Lots of protection..".

Though he does sigh and chuckle to himself at the lack of an answer to his question, Phelan seems to perk up a little at the mention of the Bane Hunt. "A Bane Hunt, huh?" he notes, though he does not go any farther with it as he takes a seat far away from the fire and turns his eyes to Ayasha only to seem concerned for her sudden prayer.

Though he does sigh and chuckle to himself at the lack of an answer to his question, Phelan seems to perk up a little at the mention of the Bane Hunt. "A Bane Hunt, huh?" he notes, though he does not go any farther with it as he takes a seat far away from the fire and turns his eyes to Ayasha only to seem concerned for her sudden prayer.

Charlotte darts her eyes towards Maxwell as he appears in the doorway, and she returns his smile with the usual crooked half-smile that poses itself so easily against her lips. "When I tell someone to go wake you up, you can just assume you're on time. I tried to let you sleep for as long as I could, but I decided that you need to hear all of this, too." With the cut of a wolf's call through the night, Charlie shows as little reaction to it as the male Alpha and she shrugs up one shoulder in responce with the conversation. "I'm in, no hestiation. The pup can come with me. I'll leave it up to the rest of the pack if they'd like to come. I'm actually thrilled that you're offering. Thank you."

Ayasha remains with her back to the group as she stares out at the dunes watching intently as she stands staring out into the night

Through some unspoken method of communication - or perhaps the window, the Bone Gnawer Kinfolk pops back out again, just bubbling with energy. She literally skips over the sand, carrying an armful of maps and files and bringing them to Hawthorne. Dumping them off on him, she spots Phelan again, giggling and going a shade of red in the fashion of a typical girl, before heading for the gathered group of Garou that are being elitists.

"..Sweet. What are we in?", Max asks, managing now to make it over to the honey-haired Alpha of the unnamed Warpack, which should get it's name sometime soon. He slips an arm around Charlotte, offering the woman a fond squeeze and a peck to the cheek before asking, "Who should I be introducing myself to?".

"We would be honoured to have you along, Grace-of-Moonlight. And your pack. The more the merrier. There will be only a small amount of danger. Or should be. A good chance to show the Pup what a bane looks like, up close, without having to let him find it out on his own..", the massive Gnawer explains, reaching up a huge hand to scratch at his grizzled chin.

Holiday stands at the backdoors, waiting in the exit for a moment. She holds her arms out at her sides. "Everybody off. I'll be back in a while. Jumpy you're in charge. Don't let Hoppy and Bitey start fighting again." Yes, the tiny flecks of black jumping her would be the particular things she's speaking to. She lowers her head, hair swaying as the rest abandon ship. "Thanks." With that she moves out in to the desert night.

Ayasha whispering a prayer she smiles off to the distant dunes before quietly walking back toward the hotel and going inside

"Well, I'm all for learning more," Phelan comments to Hawthorne, chuckling before he gives another gaze to the female Kin who skips back inside the hotel and a gaze to Holiday who tells her fleas to leave her arms. Not paying the sight much mind he turns his eyes back to the elders and his Alpha before putting his hands in his lap and starting to rock back and forth. "Not to be rude, but will there be any more discussion about the mission itself tonight? If not it'd be better for me to jet. I've got… a few things to brush up on so I don't embarrass Charlotte on the hunt tomorrow." With his usual quiet chuckle and joker grin he goes quiet and waits to hear more.

"Yer not being rude. Just impatient..", the mountain of a Bone Gnawer explains, unfolding the map in his lap and looking it over to make sure that it's the right one. Confident that it is, he speaks up, "Here's some maps of the place. The outside. We don't know much about the inside, really. Haven't been able to get a Garou in there to search it out. And we ain't letting our Kin do it. Too many of them have went missing already. We're a bit cautious about the place..".

The honey-blond Alpha leans into Maxwell as he stops at her side, and her attention shifts between Holiday, Hawthorne, and Phelan easily afterwards. "Charlie Hawthorne, let me introduce you to Maxwell Hearkenstone, and Waltzes-With-Death, also known as Holiday." At the words of the large man, Charlotte chuckles a bit. "You've never met our Kinfolk." The tanned woman raises a hand to motion between each. Leaving them to personal introductions, her gaze shifts to Phelan with a shrug. "If you're not interested in sticking around, Pup, I can fill you in later."

"Yeah. You've never met our Kinfolk. We're probably just going to send them in and let them handle it. They're pretty sweet. We got a good deal on them..", Maxwell admits, a grin creeping up on his face as he does so. A glance is flickered to Charlotte for a moment though, before he straightens up and zips the comedy out of his lips. In a much more polite, and much less 'Maxwell' tone of voice, the Glasswalker Kin states, "Nice to meet you, Charlie Hawthorne. Thanks for giving us a place to sleep. And the water. And the fleas. I've been naming them all night..". Shifting his sights to Holiday though, he adds in, "But I'm not the only one who was, it seems..".

Her feet sink into the soft sea of sand, bare toes wiggling slightly. Waltzes-With-Death moves toward the group, watching a lone flea nestle into the fabric of her shirt collar. "Prancer, you want to go hear what the big kids are talking about? Ok buddy." Maybe the heat has gotten to her or she's really hit it off with her temporary house guests. Sitting down beside her Alpha the Galliard surveys the group before bowing her head low to the strangers. "Charlie Hawthorne lovely to meet you."

Casting a moment's gaze over to Charlotte, Phelan smiles but shakes his head a little at her statement. "Thanks, but I'd rather be around to hear this all first hand," he answers before turning his gaze to the fire and watching its almost hypnotic dance of light as he tries to focus in on the conversation.

"Aye. Pleasure to meet you, Waltzes. I would love to hear the story of how you got that name..", the large Gnawer offers, letting out another booming laugh at that which the Kinfolk had said, and shaking his head. Pushing a large hand through his wirey hair, he keeps talking, "..The only things that we know for sure about the factory is that there is a lot of shit in there that will kill a Garou. And fast. You don't want to get caught in there. And you /do not/ want to sidestep in there. Unless you like having a bane gang-paddling your ass..".

Charlotte manages to roll her eyes to Maxwell's bragging, give a nod of greeting to Holiday, and another, softer nod of approval towards Phelan within a matter of just a few moments. In the midst of introductions, the bronze-skinned Ahroun tugs at the top edge of the off-white silk that she has wrapped around her as a shirt. Hawthorne's echoing humor brings a closer-to-full smile on her lips than all but Maxwell have seen, and she shakes her head a bit before leaning against her mate's side. However, as the details continue from the male Alpha at the edge of the fire, her expression becomes more serious. "It doesn't sound much different than the rules I run back home. Most of my pack has had ample practice with suprising odds, expecially Maxwell and Holiday. I can't thank you, though, enough for all the information. It'll help my focus on what needs to be done."

"Yeah. We've been through a lot. No worries though, man. We'll get that place taken down. Fast, too. I love your people, but this desert heat is insane. I'm going to be swimming back to the United States at this rate..". There's a bit of humour on his face as he says this, but in the end, he leans into Charlotte just as much as she'd leaned into him, resting his chin on her shoulder while he whispers something in a lowered tone, close to her ear.

Holiday gives a small nod and a large smile to the other Bone Gnawer. "Maybe tomarrow night, perhaps I can barter a shower for it." She looks to Maxwell, used to the whispering by now. "Prancer want to come see you Puppy Breath. Come're." She holds out her arm and the little black speck hops its way down her arm. There is a small eyetwitch from the Fostern as she excersizes every ounce of self control to not swat the bug.

As Hawthorne mentions the dangers of the factory, Phelan looks over to Charlotte then back to the Bone Gnawer elder. "Are there any obvious entrances that haven't been tried yet? Y'know, windows or external air vents or some way from the roof to get in? I mean, I'm not pretending to be a military genius here but something tells me that a frontal assault would be the same as saying 'Hey, guys, we're here. Shoot us now, please.'" His speech finished the pup sits still and looks between them all with an attentive and hopeful look in his eyes.

"Then don't do a full frontal assault..", the large Bone Gnawer states, grinning at Phelan, "We can't fly. Never have seen the roof. Don't go near it unless we have to, for now. As I said, they're the new threat. We're still dealin' with the old threat. All we have is maps of the outside, and how to get past the fences..". That said, he pushes from his seat of a log and stretches hard, a grumbling yawn shaking his lips, "I need rest. Gotta lead the Bane Hunt tomorrow. An' I was up since five. You should all get some sleep. Or try. Going to be a long day tomorrow. Especially if you're not use to the heat..". He winks at Maxwell after saying this.

Charlotte remains quiet for now as Phelan asks his questions, and as Maxwell's chin comes to rest against the top of her shoulder, she lays back against him a bit more to rest the back of her head against the front of his own shoulder. After a few shifts of her gaze between the men and Holiday gathered around the pit of fire, one arm is brought up to shield a yawn from view with her forearm. Hawthorne's movement to his feet causes Charlie to shift herself, and she brushes the patterns of sand from her tanned skin after she stands. "Not a bad idea. Everyone who's not sleeping can take the time to go over maps and start plotting. I want a list ready to be double-checked by morning for anything that we'll need."

"Yeah. I'm going to be a bit before I get tuckered out. I'll go over the list or something. I've been sleeping all day. Damn sunshine. I'm glad we don't get it in Los Angeles..", Maxwell states, wrapping his arms around the middle section of the honey-haired Alpha, "..I also have to clean my room, too. With so much space, it's easier for things to get strewn about and lost. I'd like to keep it all gathered up in a corner, nicely..".

Holiday yawns deeply, nodding. "Well….glad we had this little talk." She almost scratches behind her ear and stops. "I think it's past Prancer's bedtime anyway…"

Nodding slowly and standing slowly as well, Phelan gives a nod to Hawthorne and extends a hand to him to shake in parting. "Thanks for all the help, friend. Hope I wasn't too much of a pest." Blinking as soon as he finishes this statement the pup feigns confusion then chuckles and smirks. "What am I saying? I'm always a pest." Gazing back to Charlotte with a greatful glimmer in his crystal blue sights he fights back a yawn.

Charlotte smiles softly between Maxwell and Holiday, and she gives a nod to Hawthorne. "Send someone up for me in the morning, if you would, please? I should be awake early enough to help where I can." She slides her hands down the forearms of the Kinfolk as he wraps them around her waist, and she removes his grasp from her midsection with a quick lace of her fingers in his. Stepping forward, she keeps both sets of their hands clasped together, and tugs him towards the door of the hotel. "Then you can watch me sleep and brainstorm about what kind of weapon to replace the chainsaw with. It wouldn't have slipped past customs, anyways."

Maxwell wanders off, allowing Charlotte to tug him along as his words fade into the hotel, "Do they have Egyptian chainsaws..?".

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