Canned Food, Candles, And Cocaina

Coming up from the staircase at the northern wall of the room, a young latino woman's candle is nothing but a stub in her hand, the dying flicker dimly illuminating her honeyed features. In her other hand, a now-empty can of vienni sausages is carried. It appears to have been opened with a knife rather than the pull-tab, which seems to be missing, for whatever reason. She heads through the northern end of the laundry room, hot wax slowly dripping down and coating her hand. At first, she winces faintly, but does not otherwise respond to the growing trail of wax over her knuckles.

As another lengthy night continues at the Hotel California, a rather stunning woman in a pair of high-waisted black shorts and a red, clingy low-cut top lounges placidly on top of one of the industrial-sized washing machines. One leg is bent at the knee on top of the metal monstrosity, while the other dangles idly at down the side. She seems intent on staring at her hand this evening, the candle she has tucked away in one of the crystal glasses she managed to salvage from the kitchen. It's almost as if she doesn't even notice the Latina walk in, a slow smile spreading across her face. All of a sudden, she leans forward, pressing her nose against the area between her thumb and index finger and sniffling rather audibly.

The young woman's face lights up a little as she spots the other glow of light just as her own flickers into nothingness. A mischevious grin spreads unseen on the darkness across her face and she starts slipping around the edge of the area of light…just out in the shadows and nearly stumbling over something yet somehow managing now to draw any attention to herself as she makes her way all the way around to stand beside the machine the stripper sits on and somewhat behind as she leans against the wall, canting her head to one side before she speaks suddenly from the quietness of the room, "Why do you sniff your hand like a puppy? You have the cocaina on it?"

A shriek explodes from Madison's mouth as she pulls her head back, her hand falling to her bent knee. The sound quickly morphs into a full-throated laugh as she peers around with a jerky motion. Her violet eyes shine moreso than usual behind her frameless glasses, a smile growing into a more maniacal grin. "Maybe I do, maybe I do.. and maybe I even have enough to share. It makes the nights pass by so quickly!"

Big doe-eyes glimmering as Yasmira bursts into giggles at the redhead's shriek, her hands wrapping about her middle and dropping the dead candlestub and vienni sausage can in the process. It takes her a little while to regain her composure, but a broad smile forms on her lips as she does, her warm, almost purring Spanish-accented voice flowing from her, "You need not, Miss Madison. Though I thank you for the offer, considering how much you seem to like it. Besides, we may go out on a hunt later." She moves in front of the washer a little bit now, rather than her 'hiding spot' behind the woman.

One slender shoulder lifts in an oddly graceful shrug as Madison's leg starts swinging along the side of the washer, her hand lifted back to her face. This time it's her tongue that retrieves the last of the white powder as if pokes out from between her painted lips. "Suit yourself, doll. But as for now the offer still stands. I'm willing to share," she pauses as a chuckle rumbles in her throat, "so long as there is enough -to- share still. What have you been keeping busy with, hm?"

"Oh…I've just been training…and then I met this odd fellow named Jin and he tried to get me to leave the hotel with him to go hunting and someone else came in. A big black-skinned man with a shrimpy pale man that …well…didn't look so shrimpy with big shotgun in hand," Yasmira chuckles softly, moving to the side of the washer as she looks up to the stripper wide-eyed as she tells her tail. "And the man pointed gun at us and demanded to know who we were…it took me a minute to be able to say anything, but Mister Gabriel came back just in time. I think I was right…he is my knight in shining armor. And you can hear him coming too for it…but anyways. Everything's fine now. But it seems it was a close call." She stretches a little and then pops her neck to one side before telling Madison, "Oh…have you noticed the only food left is what is in cans now? That is why we likely go hunt soon. Maybe Mister Gabriel has a bigger sword. I'd rather keep whatever we hunt further away."

Throughout the entirety of the story, the garnet-haired dancer blinks an unbelievably large amount of the time behind her glasses. Her lips part now and again as if she were going to interrupt, but she doesn't, having retained some semblance of manners even through her latest foray into the world of delicious nose candy. Her leg continues to swing beside the machine, her heels clinking against the metal every now and then. Once the girl finishes, it's hard to say how much of the story the woman actually picked up. "Yeah, the canned stuff isn't in my usual diet, but whatever! I can handle it and I can just as well either go back on my diet with all this shit dies off outside… or when I die. Either way," her voice trails off as she affects another shrug. "So wait, there are even more people here? Huh.. I guess I've been sleeping more than I thought."

The clanking of chainmail can be heard once more as the blonde man steps from the shadows and moves toward the women, "I need a drink" the man would say as a blank slightly aggitated stare crossed his face. "And this damn dragon dead…."

The honey-skinned woman's nose crinkles with a laugh as she nods agreement to Madison, accent growing heavy as she speaks more quickly and with more enthusiasm, "Many more than you would think! There were what…" She counts on her fingers, mumbling some of the numbers to the point they are not heard "One..two…three…five…eight. Yes, there were eight of us in here at one time. Well the basement. Not here." As Gabriel steps out of the shadows, her eyes grow wide and she turns with a smile, only to see the expression of his face in the candlelight and her brow furrows worriedly, stepping towards him. Her words come out with a caution to them and a glance motioning away briefly, "I will go with you to find you a drink?"

A russet eyebrow jerks up in response to the knight just suddenly being there, at least in her estimation of things, and those lilac eyes wheel around to peer up at him. Ever so slowly, that vulpine smile once more stretches across her thick, reddened lips as she manages to sit up a little straighter. Wrapping one arm idly around the leg that rests on top of the machine, with her knee bent, her velvety voice purrs, "Well, I'd still suggest the wine. I think there's still some cherry left, though I'd also suggest something heavier if you can find it."

"I need something much heavier than wine and a lot of it…" Grumbling slightly the Prince would cross his arms over his chest and offer a warm smile to Yasmira, "Did you get something to eat…I hope there was atleast something left" his eyes however would trail over to the other woman.

"Yes, Mister Gabriel, there was. In the cans. I found some vienni sausages and ate," the young latino woman nods quickly to the Prince, taking another step closer to the man almost as if drawn. She stands up straighter, as she always does in his presense, brown doe-eyes looking up to him with an eagerness in them. "Thank you for asking…and thank you for coming in when you did earlier, Mister Gabriel. You are my…knight in shiny armor." She giggles at this, blushing at her own words before adding, accent that had faded briefly now growing thicker once more, "But I will grow stronger…and be of more help, I hope. I am already much better for your teachings…and would…like to learn more."

With a faint smile aimed towards Yasmira and her awe-filled words, Madison leans to one side and zips up her purse which was, until now, gaping wide open. Sliding her other leg over the edge of the washing machine, Maddie leans forward a bit, pressing her palms against the edge of the metal device. "I hope you're not implying that I've ransacked your kitchen until nothing's left," she states amidst a throaty chuckle before inclining her head in Gabriel's direction, "Tell me, does it look like I've stuffed my face wantonly with your food?"

Gabriel lifts an eyebrow slowly, "No and I never implied that…." chuckling softly he would cross his arms over his chest and lower his eyes on the rather exotic female, "You can have whatever you want…that goes for both of you, I won't be eating much of it " he would say with a simple shrug.

The young woman giggles a little, shaking her head with amusement and then sighing, "At least there is still food. I found little burners too. They are tiny and could be good for heating cans so we don't have to eat the food cold." Yasmira smiles proudly, having not mentioned until now she'd found the catering supplies…which amounted to mostly things of no use, except for those little burners used to keep food warm for any catered luncheons or buffets.

Madison slides easily off of the washer, even while still wearing her high heels. A completely salacious grin spreads across her lovely face as she watches Gabriel wander out of the room. She lets out a low whistle and just shakes her head, reaching over to pat Yasmira on the shoulder. "I must admit, that's one fine instructor you have there, doll. Courteous, concerned, fills out a chainmail suit just fine," she pauses to wink at the Latina beside her. "If only they were all made like that, right?" As she laughs low in her throat, she pulls her hand away from the other woman and leans her rear against the washer. "I have to do something. -Something-. You said you were going to go out hunting… but hunting what? What I saw didn't exactly look edible. When I get like this I have been dancing, but I don't know. I could still, but I need to do something and soon."

A dusky rosiness creeps into the latina's cheeks at Madison's comments about Gabriel and she gives an almost shy and sheepish nod for a moment, "He is…all that and more. And you know…I think…I think I have started to think of him differently. Even more strongly. I start to think if Father were deported and the only chance I had of seeing him again after all this is over and things are safe once more was to leave Mister Gabriel's side…I don't think I could do it." Her brow furrows a little at the admission, though she shakes it away and then looks to the antsy woman with a soft laugh, "I think the ants crawl into your panties. You grow restless. As for what we hunt, I do not know. Just something that we can eat. Whatever we can take down…I am sure we can set up some sort of barbeque pit." The word barbeque comes out of her accented in an almost funny way and she doesn't even seem to notice, moving over to one of the other huge washers and hopping up onto it.

With a series of small sniffs, Madison shakes her head. "Oh no, it's not the ants. I haven't seen any ants and, to tell the truth, I don't -want- to see any ants that live out there right now," she states, barely able to suppress a shudder. "I'm certain they wouldn't fit into my pants anyhow," she adds while shaking her rump against the washer and laughing uproariously. "If I were you, darling, I wouldn't leave that man's side, either. But probably for different reasons. There's just.. it's hard to explain, but sometimes in the club you would see people like him enter. Not so much see, I guess, as -feel-. They just can't help but make heads turn, even if no one's looking at them directly."

"You are right, Miss Madison…you can certainly feel it when he comes around. My eyes were drawn to him even when I only wished to sneak in, steal some food and go back to my hiding spot. Maybe I could have snuck out with the bag I carried, but I just assumed it was too heavy and no use. I tried to run past him and I think now…maybe I..wanted him to catch me?" Her cheeks redden embarassedly and she draws her knees up to herself where she sits on her perch. "But that aside, I do wish I could be near him all times. Things feel right when with him." The words come out simply and then she turns around at her seat on the washer, which has been conveniently pulled out just far enough from the wall that she can securely tuck the toes of her sneakers behind it and scoot her bottom to the edge of the washer and use this leverage to start doing crunches. Her words now become slightly minced with her exercise, accent even thicker as she puts no effort to control it, focussing entirely on her sit-ups.

Half-turning, Madison peers over at Yasmira and blinks a couple of times in quick succession. "Wait, are you sure you didn't get into my stash when I wasn't looking?" she asks, watching the girl go about with her intense exercises. The leggy woman then pushes away completely from the washer and begins to pace, her heels making the customary click-click sound against the hard floor. "I know how you feel, though. Maybe a little," she finally admits in a lowered tone, her lips pressed into a frown as the revelation comes to her. "You almost feel kind of lonely, even when around other people, unless he's around, too, right?"

The latino girl pauses in a sat-up position, stomach muscles clenching tightly to hold the pose as she looks to the pacing stripper with confusion for a moment, "Why would I secretly get into your stash when you offer me some? No…I took none. But you…you do know how I feel. That is it. Exactly it. I have fun talking to others, yes, but not the same. It's like…I…." For a moment, the latina's words fade off, brow furrowing as if searching for the words until she finally says, "like…I am only alive when at his side. Like my heart stops and then starts again." She blushes awkwardly…or it could just be flushing from the strain of holding the crunch that long before she goes back to her sit-ups.

Nodding slowly, Madison watches the smaller girl for a few more moments in complete silence, all except for the sound of her heels clacking against the cement floor of course. "Not so sure about that last part. Coming from someone who has had their heart stop and then started again, yeah I don't know about how accurate that is," she finally murmurs before pausing in her incessant pacing. Instead, she bends at the waist and reaches down to wrap both hands around one ankle, holding the position for a few seconds before doing the same thing to the opposite ankle. "But other than that, yeah, to some degree or another."

The girl sits up fully again, reaching for the back of the machine before dislodging her 'toe-hold' to turn and let her legs dangle off the edge of the machine again and then slip off to her feet, "Well..not literally. Perhaps I missed a word? Maybe I should have said that it..dropped a beat? Anyways…I must check on a few things. Later…perhaps you will tell me when you feel the same? And who? I grow curious…but I will be back." Yasmira gives a friendly wave and heads off towards the hallway, sneakers making relatively little noise even as she moves past the debris.

Returning with fresh candle in hand now, a warm honey-skinned young woman walks back into the laundry room. The soft glow heralds her coming more than anything, as she walks quite softly on the debris, causing a minimal of crunching underfoot. Upon sight of Gabriel and Madison, her lips curl upwards faintly at the corners and she dips her head in a nod of greeting, "Mister Gabriel. Miss Madison. Good to see such smiles. I assume then all is well?" The latina's head cants to one side as she stops a conversational distance from the two.

Twisting her body in a sinuous circle, Madison grins widely while drinking up the sweet taste of Gabriel's attention. Even when Yasmira enters, she doesn't stop in her routine, only laughing teasingly in her rich voice, "If things get back to normal, I would welcome you to the Empress properly. Though I fear I haven't the capital to spend on opening my own business, which I don't mind. Never was too good with numbers," she adds with another slow shimmy of her hips. "Yasmira, did you find anything good in the kitchens to eat? Better than…" she pauses, her lilac sights rife with amusement, "sausages?"

Gabriel laughs out loud as he hears the last of the girls words his eyes cutting over to Yasmira as she entered, a sly smile creeping over his lips, "Not if, I promise its when… capital I have plenty of, and if you think you could make me money I would consider investing" his eyes would dart back to the dancer watching her closely taking in every bit of movement.

Her smile brightens a little more at Gabriel's smile before looking to the dancing woman with genuine confusion, her spanish accent thickening as she speaks, "What is wrong with the sausages? When given choice of meat or vegetable, I choose meat. Sausages just taste better out of those choices." She doesn't seem to find anything strange at all in her reply and there's ironically not even a curl to her lips to indicate that there might have been hidden meaning. She walks over, slipping up to sit atop one of the washers as she glances from one to the other, candle still in hand.

A burst of laughter stops Madison in her swirling steps, her arms slowly falling with her fingers lightly touching here and there on her body as they do. "Nevermind, nevermind. It doesn't pay in my business to keep your mind on the straight and narrow," she replies with lopsided grin aimed at Yasmira before turning the lion's share of her attention back to Gabriel. "Make sure your mouth," she lifts one fingertip to gently tap at her lower lip as she says it before going on, "isn't writing checks your bank account can't cash. It's a beautiful promise, though. But what are the chances this will end pleasantly for us, hm?"

Gabriel chuckling he would lift both brows as he first answered Yasmira, "Nothing is wrong…nothing at all, its just, well you'll understand when your english gets better" looking back to the dancer he would push off the table and take a step or two toward her, "Babe, i'm a multi-millionare who owns a hotel, a restraunt, a couple real estate companys and… some other things we wont talk about " chuckling again he would reach high up into the air stretching, "Of course… im gonna blow a lot of it on fixing this shit… pretty sure insurance doesn't cover mythic beasts and plants"

"I..had thought my English to be pretty good. I must have been mistaken," the young hispanic woman says, making obvious effort now to stiffle her accent, her brow furrowing as she quite obviously wracks her mind to think of what she might have somehow gotten wrong. Her lips purse faintly in an unintentional pout, brow furrowing as she glances off to one side in thought before Gabriel's other words catch her attention, "So much? How could one ever have so much?" Yasmira blinks with surprise, the possibility of any one person having so much money incomprehensible to her.

Madison tilts her head back just a little, enough to meet Gabriel's gaze as he approaches. Even without her permission, her lean body pulls itself up to a more refined repose, her shoulders squared and her spine straight. "I had no idea you were so.. affluent," comes her low, throaty response as a spark ignites deep within her amethyst eyes. "Why have I never heard of you? I still wonder if you're just a figment of my tormented mind, or the real deal. Yasmira assures me you're quite real, but what if she's just another hallucination, too? Something to keep me company while I descend into madness?"

Gabriel grins faintly as he places his hands on his hips and looks down at the girl, "I don't like to be heard of… And I do promise you I am very real" laughing again he would look over to Yasmira nodding twice rapidly, "Your english is good…very good but your understanding of our wording sometimes isn't the same… It will come with time I promise

A little, hesitant nod comes from Yasmira at Gabriel's words, though she can't help but blush. It always made her feel stupid when there was something like that that she just didn't get. "I…I'm sure you are right, Mister Bennett," the latina responds, drawing up her knees to her chest atop the washer, arms wrapping around them as she places her chin atop them. "Will one of you tell me though? If I am not told, it will only take me longer to understand the double meanings. Like…hom..homonyms. That's it. Homonyms."

Madison shakes her head with a mocking sort of dourness, her gaze even falling to the floor. In actuality, she can't help but to drink in the sight of the bare chested knight at least one more time, her crimson lips pulling into a lascivious smile. "I would explain, but nuns don't do that sort of thing," comes her response, letting a note of humor trickle into her voice. Fingers twitch at her sides as if they want to move and hate being restrained as much as the rest of her, though they only do so once Madison is peering down the length of Gabriel's body. Clearing her throat, she jerks her head back up and chuckles, "That's a first. Someone rich and powerful not wanting to be known. The only others I know like that are kingpins."

"Call me a Kingpin if you want then" He laughed, both in reponse to the question and in part to the nun comment, "I'll tell you later Yasmira just remind me" he would actually take a step closer to the dancer, "The really powerful stay in the shadows, the publicly powerful are the puppets of those who actually work things…" he paused to shrug, "Beside, I don't like people following me around taking pictures, its just easier and less bloody this way"

The honey-skinned young woman makes little effort to stifle a giggle, though to who's words, it's uncertain as amusement flickers in her brown gaze. Her nose crinkles a little bit as she shakes her head, causing the waves of ebon to more fully frame her shoulders for the moment. "I may not can find my Father, but at least I have found friends," Yasmira muses, her voice taking an almost purring sound as she stops suppressing her accent for the moment.

"Ah, the kingpin knight," Madison enunciates slowly, letting the syllables veritably fall from her lips. "It does have a nice sound to it, don't you think?" she adds with a vulpine grin, though her gaze is cast towards Yasmira. "I've hardly every had friends. It's.. not something that comes up a lot in my field. Everytime someone's nice, you have to ask yourself," she pauses just for one beat of her erratic heart, long enough to shift her attention back to Gabriel, "what it is they want from you when they're so nice."

Gabriel grins down at the dancer as he turns and moves gracefully back over to his things, lifting first the axe and then the chainmail and sword in one hand, "I doubt your hardly surprised with what they want in your field…. Though Knights to tend to surprise people" that said he would move over toward Yasmira and wrap one hand around the back of her head leaning down to give her a kiss on the forehead, "Be safe my child, Persephone, consider my offer… and keep an eye on Yas for me" releasing the girl he would begin to move toward the door, "Good night ladies… "

A big smile coming to the young woman's lips at the kiss to her forehead, Yasmira waits until the Brujah pulls away before she waves a little dream-struck, "Good night, Mister Gabriel. Be well!." A long, soft sigh escapes the young woman once Gabriel is out of sight and she glances to Madison embarassedly, "Is he not the most kind and wonderful man?" Her cheeks grow rosy at her own words and she averts her eyes after her asking.

Madison presses one arm against her stomach as she bows for Gabriel, one foot planted in front of the other so the sleek muscles in her legs flex with the movement. "Good night, sweet kingpin knight. I can't do anything but consider this offer of yours now," she offers the man a wink as she stands straight again, eyeing him slowly as if memorizing each line of his taut torso. "I think he's definitely in the running for that award, yeah."

The young woman's eyes almost comically gaze at the darkness after Gabriel, almost as if she could draw him back to her. After a moment, the latina forces her eyes to close and she takes a slow breath, "I think I fall for him, Madison… but I would not know. Tell me…how do you know? You had told me you have felt similar before." There is a new softness to her voice, a deeper timidity as she seems to be probing new territory by even speaking of it.

Shaking her head, Madison breaks herself out of her own reverie in regards to the recently departed knight, her lips twisting into a faint smile. "Now don't go confusing yourself between love and lust. I know a lot about the latter, though the other always eludes me. I start to wonder if maybe it's not just a prettier word used for lust. When you see enough married men, who claim to love their wives, visit the places I work and ogle the women you really can't help but ask these questions of yourself," she tries to explain while folding her arms across her stomach and pacing in a slowly line.

"Oh…though I notice his muscle and form…I don't think it is lust. What burns in my mind is his words…his gentle touch…his every kindness. I close my eyes and see the softness in his when he looks at me. Like…I could do without the sun forever with warmth of his gaze," Yasmira's words grow softer and a bit reminiscent as she speaks, still hugging her legs and watching the stripper pace the floors.

Madison shakes her head slowly with a faint sigh. "Ah, yeah it's hard to understand when you're still kind of young and new to it all," she begins in a gentler tone than she's used to using on a normal basis, "I remember my first crush in high school. I started spouting poetry and looking around all moon-eyed when people talked to me. It was an absolute nightmare. But my point is, all these things I put into my head were just thing I blew out of proportion about him. He would say something like 'hi babe' to me and I'd swoon and swear it was the most awesome, ingenius phrase anyone's ever spoke. Just.." she pauses again, letting her lavender eyes flicker across Yasmira, "be careful."

Having listened with silent curiosity, the honey-skinned young woman nods, smiling shyly to Madison during the whole story and giggling before she finally replies, a slight tiredness in her voice but no lack of coherence, "I will be careful, Madison. I promise. I just can't help it with him though. It is like…with each beat of my heart, it grows stronger. But I grow tired now. Thank you, Miss Madison…it is always nice to talk to you." She smiles tiredly as she slips down to her feet, swaying slightly as she stretches and then starts off towards the shadows with her candle, heading down into the basement.

Leaning a bit to one side, Madison peers down the stairwell as best as she can with the small bit of light that Yasmira's candle offers. An almost thoughtful expression wells up on the stripper's face as she smiles wanly, already losing interest in that avenue of retreat and instead eyeing her purse. "Yeah, sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite," is all she says in response before finally heading over to her magical bag of goodies.

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