Mystics and scholars, the Cappadocians are both feared and respected as oracles and sages. Although they look to Anatolia as their ancient home, Cappadocians reside all across Europe as advisors to princes and vampiric monks. They try to remain aloof of the intrigues and wars of the other High Clans, choosing instead quiet comtemplation of the greatest mystery of all - death.

Organization: While Cappadocians may seem solitary, their inquisitive nature leads them to seek at least correspondance with others. In some cases, they form fraternities or societies of like-minded scholars, while others form coteries whose journeys may lead to the recovery of a lost relic. Others are simply cabals of fellow intellectuals who share their observations. The clan as a whole has no formal hierarchy (although most voice respect for the priests at Erciyes), so it is up to individual Graverobbers to provide for their social urges individually.

Sobriquet: Graverobbers

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Fortitude, Mortis

Weaknesses: The Cappadocians bear the visage of death, which makes their skin appear cold and corpselike. No matter how much vitae a Cappadocian imbibes, she never shows the "flush of life" that other Cainites may choose to display. This grim condition also exacerbates with age, and some of the most venerable Cappadocians literally resemble nothing so much as shrunken cadavers. Difficulties of Social rolls for Cappadocians - any roll involving a Social Attribute - increase by one.

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