Carl Carlson


Name: Carl Carlson

Occupation: Biker Gang Leader of the Lunatics.

Age: 63

Apparent Age: 24

Known Hangout: Joe's Pool Hall

Turn-Ons: Lighting fires, burning bodies, cigars, Lenny, shotguns and riding a motorcycle.

Turn-Offs: Wine Drinkers, Fanatics, people telling him what to do, Smiling Jack, Cops, Reporters.

Quote: "Listen here shitmonkey, I AM YOUR GOD!"

Carl was born to a middleclass home, his father was a military man who served in world war two. Carl went to a catholic school and was just an average student, he had no real hobbies or passions and went through school mucking about and just doing enough not to be kicked out.

When he left school, Carl wished to see america and he bought himself a truck after many years of saving up money, his parents thought it was a faze and it would end in a few months but the years went by and carl was earning good money to do what he wanted, travel aound america meeting people.

Through his travels he got to know locals at little towns and would be welcomed with open arms, one good buddy of his that he got to know during the years of trucking his name was Lenny and was a biker gang member for the Lunitics biker gang, they got to know eatchother well. Lenny was a sneaky fellow, Carl took years into trusting him because Lenny would use all his skills into stealing or egtting illegal things.

After a couple of more years Carl wanted to stop working as a driver but wanted to still visit places around the USA, he approched Lenny and Lenny suggested that he should ride around with the Lunitic gang, Carl was already known as a good guy and after the question was posed the leader of the Lunitic biker gang said it was alright. So Carl sold his truck and bought a sweet ride.

Carl began to think dress and act like one of the gang members, and as a result was inducted to the Gang by the leader, his bike was taken away from him and was given a shitty ride, because he was not involved with anyone his partner was not shared around. He started at the bottom of the ladder but was now one of the boys.

Carl began to ride with a pistol and used it enough times to get to know the pistol well, after a few years he was the best firearm person ion the biker gang. Carl was tought alot of things that he would have never been tought, he was tought how to survive in any condition, how to survive a brawl, how to survive with no hospital near. He was tought security systems and how to sneak past anyone who is not looking for you

After a good ten years the Leader of the biker gang decided to set up shop in New Orleans, and the bikers followed thier leader. Carl and Lenny became closer friends, the two never realy leaving each other company.

After a few months the Lunatics started to buy there way into town, they bougth a place in the city for a club house wich was used as an autobody shop/bar.

A few years passed, Carl and Lenny climbed up the ranks together, doing jobs and showing loyalty towards the gang. One night they realized something out of the ordinary with their gang leader. The leader was never seen during the day, never aged… and then they realised that they have never aged also, so one night they went to the leader to confront them with this issue.

The leader laughed and stated that they were smart, but without notice, both Carl and Lenny were on the floor, looking up, they saw the leaders fangs as they both were drained and embraced. All Carl could remember was that he was in pain vomiting for hours along side his best friend Lenny, his special bond with his best mate grew that day as they both died together and would arise together.

Carl was furious at the leader, but never showed it, after a few weeks, Carl and Lenny were given special ranks within the Gang, Carl was the leaders right hand man, but Carl did not want this as muchas he might have would years ago. One night Carl went to the leaders room while he slept and attacked him with a shot gun, leaving the leader torpored, he then drank his soul and took his role as the leader of the Lunatics, placing Lenny as his right hand man.

Carl although he dreaded the past leader learned lessons from him, he bonded the gang to himself and Lenny and after they were all his and Lenny's ghoul he came out with the secret of being a supernatural being, this at first seemed to scare the Lunatics, but then one at a time became more and more like a unit where they would see themselves as better then any biker gang. He also vowed never to be swayed by anyone, and gave himself through an unconcious thought that could never be presenced by anyone except by a sweet old lady.

Because Carl killed the leader before he could be taught everything in the vampire world, he contracted a disease, he fed off a cancerous human and at first symptoms, thought he would die but after many attempts he now knows he must drink of pure blood one that is not ravaged of sickness.

Carl also began to see changes in powers, he could actualy move fatser and could withstand pain beyond his dreams, he shared this with Lenny and learned that every vampire must have different powers. Carl worked night after night on these skills as he knew it would come in handy one day.

Now Carl has the Lunatics host the Club house, they stay to themselves which is they way they like it, they do go out but cause no touble, sometimes catchign a fight or two but never to draw the police attention too much.

Carl learnt though his experiances leadership skills and was even credited to banding the bikers together even more.

But things never go to plan, after a few months, Carl was perswuaded to seek out the Sabbat and thus a deadly cat and mouse game started, with the Lunatics being the mouse. Unwanted and Hunted Carl felt that he had to rise up to the Sabbat and the Cammarilla and forge a war agaisnt them so terrible that they have to notice Carl.

So the shootings of Police began, under great screwtiny of the press, Carl murdered and raped anyone he saw fit and was about to Kill a few reporters when suddenly Carl had the urge to Leave new Orleans, So with his btrusty band of merry men, Carl moved onto LA. Were he restarted his campaign to end society of the damned.

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