The Embrace gifts some vampires with startling speed and reflexes. They can use Celerity to move with amazing swiftness in times of stress. Mortals, and even Kindred lacking this Discipline, move as if in slow motion compared to the astonishing blur the vampire becomes. Each level of Celerity requires the expendature of one blood point. A player may not burn towards anything else that round if they burn blood to Celerity.

Example: A Vampire wishes to use Celerity level 3, they must spend 3 blood points, and then they can use Celerity level 3 for that turn.

Level 1 - The Vampire may act twice in one round instead of once.
Level 2 - The Vampire may act three times in a round instead of one.
Level 3 - The Vampire may act four times in a round instead of one.

Celerity is common among the Assamite, Brujah and Toreador clans. The Assamites use this ability to strike down their foes before the victims are even aware of the attack. Brujah delight in the advantage this Discipline gives them against superior numbers of opponents. Toreador are more likely to use Celerity to lend preternatural grace to live performances such as dance or extraordinary speed when creating sculptures or paintings - however, they can be as terrifying as any Assamite or Brujah when angered.

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