Children Of Gaia

"Honor? You claim you duel for honor! What honor is there in abandoning your duty to Gaia, your pack and tribe? If you two duel now, then one of you will surely die — and will have failed. What will you do then? Seek to return as a spirit to aid your cubs, who needed you alive? What of cubs who will never be born because you had to die before siring them? Pah! If either of you fools think you know what honor is, then look me in the eye and tell me!"

- Michael Mountain-Shoulder, Child of Gaia Ahroun


The Children of Gaia are primarily interested in joining together all of the tribes as one, despite the glaring hatred some have for each other, like the Get of Fenris and the Black Furies. Many consider them as well-meaning but naïve tree-huggers who talk too much and do too little, but of course that's not how the Children of Gaia perceive themselves and their duty. One of their practices is to teach humans better behavior to shield them against the Wyrm's corruption. Their reputation as being 'soft' is a result of this. This image of the tribe is the one thing that hinders the tribe the most. But besides their reputation, the Children are just as potent fighters as all the other Garou. Their access to a unique self-healing power especially makes them dangerous opponents. While they fight hard battles against the Wyrm's minions they also use subtle ways of combat. In addition, most Children of Gaia don't see fighting duels as a suitable way to solve disputes with other Garou, so their hesitation might be perceived as cowardly, if a Child of Gaia is challenged to a duel.

Other tribes therefore see the Children of Gaia with mixed feelings. Their achievements as mediators are overshadowed by their willingness to include the cast-offs from other tribes into their ranks. They indeed are the only tribe to actively seek out Metis and reformed Black Spiral Dancers to join them. The produce of a Metis is still a punishable law, so parents of a Metis child are severely punished (often exiled), while the child remains with the tribe.

Homid Children of Gaia come from all races and cultures. Lupus Children are strong and clean of limb, with a dappling of white on their gray and brown coats. While Lupus forms of other tribes radiate danger or feral coldness, Children give off an aura of calm, quiet grace that can sometimes dispel fear as well as instill it.

The Children of Gaia's Kinfolk come from any nationality. They tend to be unusually aware of and active in environmental and social issues, which creates a network of contacts for their Garou relatives.


Unicorn: Totem of Wisdom. Totem Spirit to the Children of Gaia, unicorn stands for innocence and purity, but also stands for healing, unity and chivalry. She is the embodiment of the blissful and encompassing love of Gaia. However, doesn't mean that she is a weak totem. Only to the ignorant and unexperienced is Unicorn a totem that seems weak. Old One Horn is called that for a reason, for she has a sharp horn, and even sharper hooves… Those who follow unicorn in packs are swifter than the norm, and can move doubly fast when running. Unicorn is a totem of healing and emotion And as such packs under her excel in things relating to them. All though they have problems when it comes to harming those who aren't of the Wyrm. Those who follow unicorn gain more Wisdom renown, and will always find dealings with the Children of Gaia to go along even smoother.

However, Unicorns children must protect the weak and exploited, as long as doing so doesn't aid the Wyrm.

Tribal Advantage/Disadvantage

Diplomacy: Because of their peace-loving nature, all Children of Gaia are able to build bridges were no one can hope to. Mending broken friendships, healing social wounds that others can not.

Weak Veil: Witnesses at +4 on Delirium Chart
Because the Children of Gaia did not participate fervently in the Impergium, their tribal totem has granted them an extra measure of serenity. Humans who see a Child of Gaia in Crinos form do not suffer from the Delirium as strongly, and their reaction on the Delerium chart is shifted up four places (to “Terror” at the worst). Some Children of Gaia do not see this as a weakness, but the reality is that without the added protection of the Veil, the Children are in danger of violating one of the Litany’s most sacred laws. There is no reliable way to undo this flaw; in fact, if the Child of Gaia begins causing strong Delirium reactions again, it’s likely to be at random (and unhelpful) intervals.


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