Chit Chat Over Pizza

Elijah walks alongside Ella all the way to the pizza place, remaining relatively quiet for most of the way. Now and then more spasms shake his body, but he keeps his feet and avoids getting sick, despite the obvious waves of nausea seen in his face. "Here it is." He says, looking up at the pizza place as they near it. "I'm pretty hungry." The waiter holds the door open for Ella, his hands shaking from the simple action, hardly any strength in his limbs.

Never letting go of her charge, Ella aids him in getting into the joint with a stern look. "You don't need to hold the door. Last I checked, I wasn't any kind of lady," she mentions with a small smile and a wink. She guides him with a bit of effort to a booth, the window on one end something he could prop himself up on. It's not until she's certain he's seated and not going to fall onto the floor that she seats herself. "So! What should we eat? I'm pretty partial to everything plus the kitchen sink but," she pauses, her eyes flickering over Elijah's weakened form, "I'm willing to compromise if your stomach can't handle it."

A bit of a smile dances over his lips after he's settled into the booth, and he reaches into his back pocket to procure a small leather wallet, before opening the thing up and peering inside. His fingers fumble at a few crumpled bills, hands beginning to shake again. Somehow he manages to pull a pair of ten dollar bills out, putting them on the table with a sigh. "Let's get a large whatever. Pepperoni is fine with me." After he's done speaking Elijah presses his head against the window, curling into himself and closing his eyes.

With a smile and a pleasant voice, Ella requests a large pepperoni from the waitress as well as a glass of whatever beer is currently on tap. She produces an ID at the behest of the rather bored waitress, never losing her smile. With a glance in Elijah's direction, she also tacks on an order for a glass of water and a Coke. After the woman has flounced off to fill the order, Ella leans across the table on her elbows and asks in a whisper, "How long have you been feeling like this?"

"Just for a few days. I'm getting better." He replies, the lids of one eye cracking open to peer at Ella. His face contorts again as another fit of shaking takes him over, but he calms down soon and lies still against the window, chest rising and falling in a steady pattern. "It's no big deal. I promise I'll be fine."

Ella turns her head a bit to one side to peer at Elijah from the corner of her eyes, slowly sitting back again in her seat though the suspicion doesn't leave her gaze. "Alright, if you say so, though it still doesn't look good to me. But hey, what do I know? I'm no sort of doctor." After a moment of careful consideration, she adds in, "Of course I bet I could play one on TV well enough. Just gimme some glasses, a clipboard, and a stethoscope."

"Hah. I bet." Elijah says before the next wave of pain hits him, drumming his fingers on his thighs anxiously. "I'm not sick or anything, Ella. I don't have the flu." The waiter's tone is rather grave, his expression becoming solemn again. He lets his head fall back, apparently trying to calm himself before the next wave of discomfort. Now and then he opens his eyes to check and see if their order is ready, but otherwise he simply sits their and shakes, wincing every once in a while.

Of course the drinks arrive first, with Ella thanking the waitress before tilting her head to one side. "So… booze, caffeine, or water? Your choice, I'll take whatever's left," she states with a nod towards the three glasses sitting so neatly in the center of the table. She crosses her arms on the tabletop before laying her head on them, blinking at the three differently colored liquids. "They almost look like a progression, but which came first? The clean water turning to the syrupy mess of Coke or did the Coke get a wild hair and try to go legit, turning into water? They're all delicious and refreshing in their own way, I guess," she rambles on, barely even blinking. "So if you don't have the flu, what do you have?"

Elijah blinks, taking in a raspy breath before reaching up a hand and wiping a few drops of cold sweat from his forehead. After this is done he opens his eyes fully and sits forward, staring at the beer. Longing isn't quite the word to describe his expression, however, and he turns his attention away from the beer and towards the water and coke. He reaches out, taking the dark, carbonated drink before raising the glass to his lips, taking a long drink. "I'm withdrawing from something." he states simply, taking a few more refreshing gulps of soda before laying back against the window.

At the scrape of glass on wood, Ella blinks her eyes rapidly and peers up at Elijah. Her mouth forms a slight o-shape as knowledge creeps into those grey sights. Lifting her head, she grants him a nod and reaches for the beer. "Ah, that does pretty well explain it. That stuff does nasty things. It never wants to leave peacefully," she smiles faintly, though her eyes hav wandered back to the sweating glass in her hand.

Elijah presses his head back into the glass, raising the soda cup to his lips for another drink. "My boyfriend wants me to quit everything." He says in a dull voice, drinking nearly half of the soda with another few drinks. "He got really pissed. I.. had a few drinks one night and he saw me."

A wince crosses Ella's face before she takes a deep draught of the amber liquid in her glass. Setting the glass aside, knowing if she drinks too much too soon it'll go straight to her head, she lets out a small sigh. "He sounds like he has good intentions and all, but isn't that a little harsh over just a couple of drinks? Did you get like stinking drunk and start macking on someone else? Or puke all over him? If not, then what's the harm? Everyone has a couple of drinks now and then, it doesn't make'em all alckies."

"I have a problem, Ella." He says, drinking some more of the soda with a grimace, riding out a momentary wave of pain and nausea before speaking again. "It's not harsh at all. I mean, I'm not sure why he kicked my ass, but whatever. It's for my own good." He sets the coke back on the table, closing his eyes and leaning back. "I'm an alcoholic, let's be honest. Or I was. Hopefully. I don't know. I never want to feel that pain again, and if I drink he'll make it happen." His voice lowers, and he seems to be speaking primarily to himself at this point.

Both of Ella's dark eyebrows lift as she listens intently to Elijah's words and the tone of his voice, her gaze boring right into his without flinching. "Yeah, that does seem a little harsh," comes her quiet reply, but only after sitting silently and considering his words at length. "Cold turkey's a hard way to go. Sometimes people fall harder into the stuff they're trying to break away from because it's just that rough.. though I think maybe this boy of yours has that covered for now."

The waiter drinks the last of his coke after sitting up and staring into Ella's eyes, his teeth gnashing an ice cube. "You know, I've withdrawn from the worst of it. But last night… It's… It was.." He shakes his head, sitting back against the booth before letting his head fall back. His nostrils flare for a moment as he sniffs the air, smelling the pizza that finally arrives at their table.

Without any hesitation, Ella snatches up a slice of the pepperoni pizza and immediately tears off a chunk. A faint whimper crawls from her throat as she then reaches for her cold beer, chugging back a pretty healthy drink of it. "Goddamn! Did they cook this on the fucking sun? Holy shit!" she exclaims while fanning her mouth after setting the glass aside. Shaking her head and taking a breath she peers at Elijah, "Something tells me he isn't like some sort of AA approved sponsor. Sure, it's good to get clean and sobered up but the methods have much to be desired of. He doesn't have the right to lay a hand on you. Or a foot. Or anything else."

Elijah takes a piece of pizza as well, raising it to his lips. His mouth opens a fraction of an inch, but he closes it after Ella's last statement is made. "Yes, he does." Elijah says, looking away, a slight blush rising in his cheeks. He bites into the pizza after waiting for it to cool down, stealing embarrassed glances at Ella now and then. "He's a nice guy, really. He's just trying to make me a better person."

Finally, Ella is able to devour her slice of rapidly cooling pizza, her body relaxing just that much more on her side of the table. Already she's reaching for a second piece, though unlike before she waits for it to cool down to avoid further damage to her gaping maw. "You know what they say about most serial killers? They say oh he was such a nice boy or he was so quiet and mild-mannered… But if he's hurting you, then that's not very nice at all. He could have urged you into AA or something like that where they are trained professionals. Even if the intentions seem good on the surface, it's just another excuse for violence."

Elijah's mouth opens again as he prepares a retort, but a crestfallen look overcomes his features, and he simply stuffs more pizza into his mouth. His eyes stare off into a random direction, deep in contemplation, jaw working on the mouthful of pizza before he turns his head back to Ella. "It's just complicated." He says, sighing and taking a drink of water. "I've known some worse people."

Ella shoves her second slice of pizza into her mouth while her eyes glance down at the pie, choosing her next victim with alacrity. "You know, you're probably right," she admits while dragging out her third slice, "There are probably lots of worse people around, but there are probably more forgiving ones around, too. Of course if you're happy, then you're happy and that's all worth it." She glances up to turn her discerning eyes on her companion, "Though I dunno. You hide happiness pretty well. I was thinking about taking a self-defense class," she shares, adding in a mumble with a twisted smile and a blush, "mostly to see the look on a certain person's face when I manage to put him in a headlock. But anyhow! We could both take some sort of self-defense class. I'd be a lot less likely to totally flake out if someone I knew was gonna be there, too."

Elijah nods his head solemnly at first, eyeing the pitcher of beer for a split second before he looks away, an almost pained expression flickering over his features. He begins on his second slice, keeping the water glass in his freehand as he eats. "Yeah, well, Devon cares about me. In his own way, I think." He smirks, biting into his current slice again before washing down the chewed mass with a gulp of water. "Karate and shit? Maybe. Not sure if I could afford it, but it would be cool."

At the mention of the mysterious boyfriend's name, one of Ella's angular eyebrows shoots upwards. She pauses in mid-chew to stare at Elijah, blinking only once before remembering she's supposed to be eating. Managing to finish that third slice and swallow it without incident, Ella wipes her hands on a napkin and nods slowly. "Uh, oh yeah! Definitely something like karate or judo. Or maybe whatever one lets me flip people over my shoulder and laugh at them as they lie on the ground. Not like what Jet Li does. That little crackhead is too fast. It sorta makes me dizzy."

"What?" Elijah says, eyebrows knitting into a frown as he notices Ella's reaction to the name. "What was that look for?" He asks, taking a hurried bite of pizza before drinking more water. "Do you know him?"

Ella peers over the edge of her glass as she finishes off the delightful liquid inside, stalling just that much longer in answering Elijah's question. "I dunno, maybe? It's kind of a popular name nowadays though so yeah," she murmurs, pouring herself another glass from the pitcher. "There was some guy I talked to some nights ago, asking around for a lead on some woman that could make the next few months rent for me if I can snap a pic. He said he could get me into some club called Hades." At that she lets out a sudden burst of laughter, "It's the perfect place for a…. lady…. like her."

The curious expression falls away from Elijah's face, and he finishes the piece of pizza he's on before taking another and standing up. "Well, thanks Ella. I feel a little better now." He turns to walk away, before looking back. "Let me know about the karate thing. I'll see if Devon doesn't mind me going." With that he turns away and prepares to walk out.

Ella lifts her nearly full glass in a salute as she grins up at Elijah, "I'll do that and I'm glad you're feeling better. Hell, you don't look like five miles of bad road anymore. More like just two, but het at least it's an improvement!" she calls after him with a giggle. A hungered look crosses her face as she turns back to what remains of the pizza, murmuring in a whisper, "Now I have you right where I want you, Professor Moriarty. All mine," she lets out a cackle and tears up another piece.

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