Dallas Is The Capital Of Texas

JianJun is still sleeping calmly, now all tangled up in parts of the sheets and bed covers.

Having kept vigil as she'd promised, Yasmira still sits at the head of the covers, eyes heavy now but s
till watchful as she lets her friend sleep. Daylight as come and gone, what little she could see from this angle out to the destruction of the lobby. As dusk and nightfall return again, a soft sigh comes from the young woman as she gazes off into the darkness of the other end of the room, over the perilous fall that awaits any who don't notice that the center of the floor has crumbled away.

JianJun stirs and grumbles something in sleep jargon that makes absolutely not sense. Still grumbling he sits up and rubs the side of his head and rolls his head to exercise his appearantly sore neck, "How long…did I sleep? Too long, I suppose. Though, sleep makes everything seem better." The young man begins to untangle himself from the sheets and covers carefully and staggers to his feet, still slightly dazed from his extended nap. "Right, right…" Mindful of his still somewhat dreaming condition, he sits right back down with a grin. "I feel much better."

"Good, good, Jin. I am glad. See…it is better sleep when you know someone is there to keep watch for you. I wish I had had such when I first was in hiding in searching for Father. It would have helped much," her words are soft, quite accented as she turns to lean her left side and the side of her head against the wall as she smiles to the Chinaman. She laughs a soft, tired laugh, "At least my singing did not keep you awake."

JianJun shakes his head with a smile, "I dreamed that I was on a large boat in the Gulf of Mexico…and mermaids were singing." A slightly confused look crosses the man's face and he continues, "…in Spanish. It was a good dream, the first positive one I've had in a while. I thank you for keeping watch. I'm sure you are tired - should you like to sleep now? I hope you got /some/ rest during the time I was useless." The man scratches the side of his neck, uncomfortably, "As for your sleeping arrangements while looking for your father - I think when the city's residents return, and I'm sure he'll be among them, we'll come up with a better arrangement. There is a strand of beach on which I will erect a modest dwelling. Perhaps you may use a guest room there, mm? Much better than hotels and motels. Astronomically better than here." The man looks thoughtfuly for a moment, "I'm sure the Americans kept track of those coming back to the city - I will give them some dollars, and perhaps they may, in return, give me confirmation of your father's presence.

"You would do that for me, Jin?" the young hispanic woman looks to the man at her side with a hopeful look in her eyes before it falters somewhat, her brow furrowing as she begins to speak again. "But if they keep track, he will be asked for his Visa or Greencard. He has neither. They will deport him back to Mexico if he is found. I am fairly sure of it…most the Americans do not look too kindly on such." Drawing her knees up to her, the latina wraps her arms around them and offers a tired smile now, the sadness dissipating from her features, "But no…I did not sleep. I promised to keep watch and so I did. You needed it more than me. You could barely stand."

JianJun first addresses the questionable resident-status, "I assure you, they will welcome the labor force that may be here on … less-than-legal terms. To rebuild this city, no one will be turned away. And so, we'll know if he is here." Leaning forward, the man squints a bit and rubs his eyes, "You look more tired than I thought. Would you like to sleep now? I will watch over you, if you do."

JianJun adds, "And I could stand quite well. Just needed a short nap was all." The man looks a little defensive, obviously feeling a need to appear macho.

The smile grows a little at Jin's reassurance and she sighs softly, one of relief. A small yawn comes from the young woman before she replies, "I hope you are right, Jin…and thank you. I would like that very much. You are one of few I trust to watch." Yasmira giggles at Jin's addition, eyes crinkling in the corners a little as her smile grows, "And of course. I just did not want to risk you falling in the hole as we had when the bug was here. I never thought I could hate bugs more than I did already." She starts shifting the covers a little, what covers don't currently rest beneath Jin's bottom as she starts to reconstruct her little bed somewhat so that it is not lumpy.

JianJun blinks and murmurs, "Oh." With that, he stands up and steps off the covers. "Right, right. Go ahead and sleep as much as you like. I could easily stand here for days." Nodding confidently - perhaps over-confidently - Jin crosses his arms, across his chest, shotgun tucked away into his belt. "I appreciate the use of your…bed." He coughs a little at that part and rubs the side of his neck uncomfortably

"It is alright, Jin," Yasmira says quietly as she finishes smoothing out the covers to make a fairly comfortable blanketed area with the smoother sheets ready for her to slip into, which she does, fluffing up some of the blanket to act as a pillow as she nestles into the mass of fabric. "You are welcome, Jin. And you can feel free to ask when you need my bed again and we can trade watch for one another. But please…you need not stand to keep your guard. I sleep back towards the wall. Have seat on the edge. More comfortable." The last is offered a little more softly, tired smile still on her lips and her ebon waves fall above the covers in stark contrast of shade.

JianJun nods and sits down on the covers, next to the girl, "Well, there will be no crawling things for you tonight. Do not forget, I am Jin: Slayer of Bugs." As he speaks, Jin casually tucks the blankets around the girl. "There you are. Time for sleep. You should dream of the ocean - clean and quiet. Surely that is where you visit in your dreams. It is a vacation - but for hours - from the jungle. Sleep well." With that, Jin pulls out his shotgun and lays it across his outstretched legs. Quietly - too soft to be heard at first but gradually louder - Jin hums a gentle and patently oriental lullaby. He does not speak the words, but merely hums.

The latina nods with a more serene smile at the thought as she sighs softly, giving a comfortable squirm into the covers at Jin's tucking her in. Her large brown eyes flutter closed and she soon relaxes more, falling into a restful sleep.

All fades away from her in her mind. Warmth settling over her as within her dreams, the covers melt away and she finds she's on a beach. The sky overhead is clear and blue…only a rare fluffy white cloud or a seagull passing by idly. She moves to her feet within the dream, looking around with a sense of marvel and moving to stand at the water's edge. The constant dull roar of wave after wave crashing is soothing and she walks along, enjoying the peacefulness. Parts of the horizon begin to change. To warp. Volleyball posts for nets become streetlights. The sand hardens beneath her feet to asphalt. She looks up as the daytime fades away. Worry and uncertainty flooding over her features as she looks around frantically. Buildings seem to sprout up out of the ground around her. No vines…just buildings. But she recognizes this place. She's been there before. She tries to turn to run only to find it was as if her feet were stuck in the ground. As the dream continues, Yasmira's heartrate noticibly increases.

JianJun frowns at the sleeping girl as she seems to be having bad dreams. He reaches down with a hand, considering waking her - then decides against it. Jin speaks quietly, in a whisper, "Psst! Pssssst! Do you want me to wake you up?" The lack of usefulness of the question does not seem to concern the man, and in fact, he seems to wait for an answer."

The young woman doesn't seem to be able to pull herself enough from the dream to give any indication either way to the Chinaman as a soft whimper comes from her and her form starts to curl up into a protective ball beneath the covers. Her eyes dart back and forth behind closed lids, brow furrowing as a tremble runs through her.

Yasmira watches in horror within her dream, helpless as she watches what appears to be herself rounding the corner. "No! Stop! Go back!" she tries to scream to herself, only eliciting a faint plaintive and incomprehendible mumble noticible to anyone watching the sleeping woman. Yet in her mind she screams and begs. But the vision of herself cannot hear or will not. She watches herself turn down an alley, an all too familiar list in her hand as she checks the building addresses and then shrugs, going deep between the buildings. Darkness. Her whole body shudders in her sleep as she waits in silence within the dream. At the sound of her own scream, however, the young woman sits straight up, awake in breathless panic.

JianJun reaches out and lays a calming hand on the girl's shoulder, "Hey there, easy friend. Easy. Everyone has a bad dream once in a while. It happens. Relax a bit. Shhhhh." The fellow seems ackward, though he attempts to calm her as well as he is able, "No worries. There aren't even any bugs around here. Nothing to be concerned about. Though, I think we need to get you out of this place for a decent expectation of sleep."

No words seem to find the young latina for a few long moments as she continues to shake fearfully, her eyes wide and yet staring vacantly into the darkness before she pulls up to rest on her knees and moves to wrap her arms tightly around Jin as tears start running down her face and she still can't seem to find the words to speak.

JianJun blinks a few times and looks around, startled. "Hey, now…nothing to worry about." The man reaches around and gently pats the clinging girl's back, "Nothing here to go wrong. Nothing at all." The poor fellow does his best, even going so far as to smooth the girls hair, figuring that it works for cats - perhaps it will work for extremely upset girls, too. "I guess the beach had a hurricane in proximity, eh?"

Slowly the young woman relaxes against Jin as she still cleans, the tears slowing but still falling before she finally slips back to rest more fully on her knees, releasing Jin as she shakes her head faintly, "No…no hurricane…bad. Bad dream. I was there…they…they were there. All of it. Just…bad. Very bad." Her words are mumbled, only parts coming out coherent as she closes her eyes tightly, even in the near-darkness the tears glistening on her cheeks.

"Just a dream, nothing more." Jin reaches forward and gently wipes some tears from the girl's cheeks, "Nothing more. Dreams don't hurt us anymore than we allow them to. Remember: you are the toughest latina in the city, are you not? And surely the toughest latina in the city is not bothered by little things such as dreams." He offers a smile of encouragement, "We could always go put ourselves in real peril, if that will ease your mind a bit. I'm sure there are scarier things walking around here than preying mantis-ish things. We could go stir them up, if you want?" Jin seems at least 85.7% serious.

The man's first words don't even seem to register as she hears the latter ringing loud and clear, her eyes opening wide as she looks to Jin, shaking her head vigorously as her dark tresses swirl about her head, a few clinging to the remaining moist spots on her cheek and showing her alarm, though it fades quickly and she brushes back the hair from her face, "No…no danger…nothing more to scare me. It's just…it was a dream, but it was more. It was real…well it had been. It…it was just ..not something I wished to remember." Her voice goes soft towards the end.

JianJun nods to show his understanding, "We all have things to keep at bay, but you should not allow them to alarm you so. Control of oneself is critical. I am surpised in your training you have not spent more time on the mental part of the tasks rather than the physical. A bear may be able to dismember a man, but he is easily disarmed with honey. Self-control is necessary to be properly armed."

Voice going apologetic and timid, but almost hollow, the latina nods, replying, "You…you are right, Jin. I must learn better. Normally I have more than that. It was just too much for me. I…I dream of it every night. It haunts me."

After a moment, the hispanic woman adds, looking to Jin's eyes, not seeming to care as she goes on that Jin likely doesn't understand what any of this is about, "I can't make the dreams stop and the memories won't die. I see their faces..I …I feel…I feel the pain. I thought I would die. Almost wanted to die…"

JianJun nods and chooses his words carefully, "My friend, I'll lend an ear to what your worries are. Perhaps if you vocalize what is on your mind, it will be released somewhat from the captivity in which you have held it. Tell me what weighs so heavily upon you, and you will feel better. It is assuredly true. Given how long you sleep with such … considerations … such a catharsis is not only pleasant, but also necessary."

Nodding slowly, the latina asks before apparently dismissing the quesetion and moving on a little more awkwardly, remaining in her position, sitting back on her feet, "Catharsis? But… alright…please…just. Don't …don't think worse of me." Yasmira closes her eyes briefly before she starts to speak again, "You know I came to this city in search of my Father. I…I only knew he was working at some bike shop within this city. So I looked up to see where all bikeshops in this city were and started checking each. One by one. I had gotten down to two left and next was in a bad part of town. But I …I figured I had no choice. Maybe that was where father was…but I go. and …only entrance is in a back alley. A biker gang…they…they came out and. I…I tried to get away. I tried so hard. There was blood…lots of blood. I…I woke up in an alley…a different alley. A day later. I could barely move and remembered little, but what I did, I tried to forget. Hope it was not real. Few months later ..few months later…I…" Her voice trails off and eyes close again, tightly now.

JianJun sits patiently, his face unreadable. "Come, my friend. All is well. We do not hesitate to speak of things long past. They cannot harm us now, of course. No more than a wicked thought or a disappointment. Please, continue and be relieved of this burden. Perhaps I may be of service to you in this matter, if you wish it. Frowning, the man is every bit exactly that - a man, a rock. Aside from a deep frown and an occasional furrowing of his brow, no othe expression crosses his face.

Swallowing nervously, Yasmira nods, continuing more quietly now though, as if afraid that anyone could hear her words, "A..a few months later…I realized they…that..that it was real. They'd…they'd well…raped..and and I couldn't. I mean…I was fifteen." Tears run down her face anew, silent sobs running through her form. "I..I went to some place in the slums. Made it stop… I…I just couldn't."

JianJun nods and draws into himself for a moment. Outwardly, he stares straight ahead. "And these men were … punished for what they had done, yes? That is the way of things. Justice is given to those who have earned it - both in praise and punishment." Jin's face, still unreadable, is disturbed by a winking of his right eye. A closer look reveals that it is not a wink at all, but a twitch. His voice, however, is perfectly neutral. "All is well, my friend. I think no less of you in the least. Not at all, not even one little teeny tiny bit." He makes a smile form on his face - a smile that any predator would recognize for what it is. Never the less, Jin reaches up with his somewhat rough hands and cleans a little dirt from the damp trails down the girl's face. "You're alright now, my friend. Among friends, there is no need to allow such deep concerns to weigh only on yourself." Finishing cleaning most of the dirt and dust from the girl's face, he smiles again - this time more genuinely, "Good as new."

Relief seems to flood through the young hispanic woman as she reaches her arms once more to hug Jin, her voice muffled from how she clings, "Thank you…thank you, Jin…I was afraid. I mean… I know it's wrong, but I just couldn't." She takes a deep breath, remaining where she was, "But no…they went unpunished. I…I could not go to the police. Or hospital. They would have me sent back. I had to find father. I started training, but I couldn't take even one by myself before the jungle came. They had guns… knives… crowbars."

JianJun nods and, acting with suprising gentleness, reaches his arms around the girl and holds her. "If they return to the city, I will see them punished for what they have done. You do not need to dirty your hands and your soul with it. If you prefer, I'm quite sure Gabriel would be as willing to handle the matter. No worries for you. It is done - finished." Jin, unsure of how to proceed, simply holds his arms around the girl in an warm, affectionate embrace.

Nodding weakly, the latina remains within Jin's embrace, her own weakening as the few trembles left within her dissipate. Her voice is a whisper, a tender and greatful one, "You are a good friend, Jin. I..I thank you. It is hard…for me to tell any that. I…haven't told Mister Gabriel yet. Miss Madison only knows part even."

JianJun nods calmly and begins to speak in the most soothing voice he can muster, "All will be handled. You have nothing to worry over. I am pleased that you trust me so far. I am honored, in fact." Carefully and slowly, Jin begins to release the girl, unsure if he should continue to hold or her not. The stone in him begins to melt and the boy returns, bit by bit. "Well then, your beaches may now be unpolluted - I hope."

A soft and perhaps sheepish laugh comes from the young woman as she smiles faintly at Jin. "Of course I trust you…and yes…let's hope. The beaches were ripped from me. But now maybe the buildings will stay away….thank you, Jin." The thanks is murmured more softly as she slips back more onto the padding of her makeshift bedroll rather than her feet. "God blesses me with good friends to light my darkness, I think."

JianJun nods in agreement, "Things have a tendancy to find balance. We all find balance, eventually. Hopefully, you are closer to your own. And to celebrate, on my very next visit I shall bring a fresh change of clothes for you. No more wearing my humble stuff. I shall find something more fitting." The man, or perhaps the boy, smiles at his imagination. "Something quite nice."

Yasmira smiles more, eyes crinkling a little as she giggles, "There is nothing wrong with it, but I thank you. I am not sure what you may find in the city that is a jungle. Plus, you could then have your shirt back." She giggles again, glancing a little embarassedly to how Jin's vest covers his chest. "You've been so very kind to me. Someday maybe I can repay your favors smehow."

JianJun grins and leaps to his feet, "What shall I find? I shall tell you!" The boy starts making lines across his own body with his finger, outlining an extremely low-cut, exceedingly short dress. "Height of fashion! Red…black…how do you feel about dark green? Shoes to match!" After a moment's pause, Jin does inquire, "And exactly what size shoes do you wear? I believe dresses have sizes as well, but I am unfamiliar…I'm sure I'll choose the right one. I'm sure of it."

JianJun continues, "As for repaying favors? Your company is compensation enough for me. Easy tenfold more than I contribute."

"Goodness!" Yasmira exclaims as she giggles, eyes growing wide at the visual discription Jin creates of the short dress he sees within his mind, "Oh…I love dark green. Very pretty. And well..shoes…I wear size six. For both actually…unless it has tight sleeves or the top is small. Then I wear an eight or ten. Depends on how the top part is made, but I'm sure you could find something. Thank you though and hmm…you think my company so much more than yours? I am honored then, Jin." Her eyes glimmer warmly and she leans against the wall, smiling over to Jin.

JianJun taps his chin thoughtfully, "Single-number sizes. Insanity if you ask me. I will never understand why female clothes do not use actual measurements, as men's do." With a shrug, he dismisses the thought and continues on to another, "Perhaps I will find a shirt for myself. That would make it quite a rewarding adventure indeed. The jungle is not good to clothing."

"The sizes are odd, yes, but that is how they are found here. But I learned something, since mother once told me. American clothes for woman, add twenty to the number for inches. And yes, a nice shirt…maybe burgundy for you? A deep red that would be hard to get dirty. I think it would look good." A smile forms on her lips and she rests her hands on her middle as she draws up her knees just enough to keep from slouching down the wall at the sliding of the covers and sheets beneath her.

JianJun blinks and repeats questioningly, "Add twenty to…what?" The man obviously doesn't understand.

Yasmira considers a moment, her head canting to one side before she starts speaking again, words measured a little, "Well..mother told me like with jeans. If a woman wears a size eight, for example, you add twenty to that. Twenty-eight. That is her waist size. Though the hips may be most any other size, but usually four to six inches more. I learned all this when mother was daydreaming aloud…telling me of her dream dress she would have when we had the money to move here. But she died a couple years ago now."

JianJun nods and frowns a bit, "Sorry to hear that, my friend. I am sure she is much happier now, watching events from above." The man utters a very short prayer in Chinese, then continues, "Right then. Size 6 to 10. How I do love specificity." Looking around the place, Jin grumbles a bit and states, "Really, I look forward to this place being a city once more."

"Yes…I hope. Happy in heaven. No more sickness for her. She was sick much at the end, but I was in the Catholic school and had no means to go see her much." A soft sigh escapes her before she shakes her head a little, "But on the other note…dresses allow for the flare…it is only the chest that might change the size. So it would only be a six or an eight. Depending on the top part. There are no odd sizes, so it is not so many different sizes it could be. And you are not the only one who wishes for it to be a city again. I wish so much for a hot bath."

JianJun nods sincerely at the first bit, and speaks to the latter part, "Females tend to desire things to be complicated. I should speak with Gabriel and see if I can't get him to grant you a liberty card for a time. I'm certain we could find something, mutually."

Nodding, Yasmira smiles and giggles, "But it is not so complicated. Women just don't want to admit to bigger numbers. So a different system. I think that's it. But that would be nice…if there's somewhere safe elsewher to stay. Anywhere safe..peaceful…" Her words trail off as her gaze wanders over the debris and she adds hopeful, "Clean…"

JianJun nods, "I can think of at least one safe place - though 'clean' is not a word I would use to describe it. A few friends of mine are staying in an apartment a little ways from here. I am sure you would be welcome to join us - though I would prefer to find another place. One less-known to others. Their apartment has had a few … bugs…of their own. I'd rather avoid such a questionable situation, though there is safety in numbers. Also, I believe there to be at least some sort of clothes in the place - not exactly height of fashion, but they don't have rips in them, either."

"I see," Yasmira says, nodding, laughing softly. "It is good to hear that you have a safe place to stay though…and hmm…anything without rips is certainly better. I would not want to risk being …seen. At least where I shouldn't be." Her brow furrows faintly, still apparently fully oblivious at having given Jin a flash of side-boob not many days ago before Jin had given her his shirt.

JianJun colors slightly, a fond memory bringing a little more joy into his life. "Right. Wouldn't want that." The man cups his chin in his hand and involuntarily gives the girl an appraising look. Quickly, though, he flushes a little more and rubs the bridge of his nose, "I will see what I can find myself before bringing you out. It is a dangerous place and Gabriel would have my skin…and probably other very important belongings of mine … if you were injured because of a decision of mine."

Seemingly not having even noticed the appraising look or having mistook it as more that of a tailor or seamstress visually approximating measurements, Yasmira giggles and nods, "He probably would. I am lucky he is so protective of me. Especially for one he has met so recently. He must have a big heart too. My friends are few, but they are good friends and dthat is what matters." The hispanic woman gives a definatively little nod. Indeed…her friends include a drugged up stripper, a very lethal Chinaman, and an even more dangerous vampire…but all things in consideration, her view remained the same.

JianJun chuckles and nods, being in his estimation at least as lethal as that old bag of dust, "It is good that he is on your side. He is a very potent man. A very distinct and well-respected individual. Your friends are all good, I'm sure." The man rubs his still-sore neck once again. "Really. We need to see about getting a mattress down here."

The latina nods, laughing softly and poking at the covers beneath her, "They are better than nothing though. I slept wherever I could hide myself for a couple of years. Often hidden under things in strangers' basements. They made good hiding spots once I learned to pick locks." The young woman blushes at the admission, resting back against the wall.

JianJun says, 'In basements? Those days are done with. Once the city is returned, I'm sure you'll find a seaside view much more appealing than cobb webs and cockroaches. Gah. It will be a good time. I am already looking forward to never setting foot in a garden again.'

"I am so glad…I will be glad to be far away from all this. Living in sunshine, sleeping in a warm bed. Eating whenever I want, not just whenever I can find it to eat. No more finding whatever I can to pawn or sell to get enough to eat. It will be bliss, no?" Yasmira sighs softly, stretching her legs out in front of herself and gazing dreamily into the darkness. "How I long for it," she whispers more to herself than anything as her accent comes back strongly.

JianJun grins, "Be careful, my friend. Too many chocolates and that size 6 will be a size 12, and before you know it…" Jin puffs up his cheeks as large as they will go and gives a distorted grin. Accompanied, of course, by a wink.

Giggling, the latina's nose crinkles up and she shakes her head, mirth in her eyes, "No…I train hard. And besides, I'll stay away from much chocolate. Right now I want fruit…a nice fresh orange or maybe an apple. Grapes…something. Then again, I would be happy with most anything that did not taste like it came from a can or worse."

JianJun holds up one hand in protest, "The first food you shall eat along the shore /must/ be … the eggroll. Once you have tasted it, all the peaches in the world will pale in comparison. Latin food … you have not yet tasted what real food is. We'll fix that, of course."

"Of course, Jin. I must try the eggroll. And all sorts of different food. It will just be nice to never have to think so much of hunger, you know?" she asks softly, a small laugh having come from her at Jin's protest, eyes warming a bit. "Someday…someday. Though, I will have to show you what good Mexican food is. Not the stuff these Americans call Mexican."

JianJun nods in the affirmative. "I shall and we shall. It will be an excellent time to live. Excellent."

Yasmira nods as well, smiling to Jin, "It will be. There will be much to do… so much to experience. It will be happy times. I am sure father would love to meet you and Gabriel. He might not want to meet Miss Madison though. He might think she's a bad influence for me." A soft giggle escapes her for a moment before she adds, "You know she offered me cocaina?"

JianJun blinks a few times, "Cocaine? …did you accept?" Jin looks more curious than upset, "I wouldn't touch the stuff personally. A bit tough on the body and the mind. I am glad you have good friends, however. I would like to speak to Gabriel about you. I believe that once the jungle is clear, you should not be influenced so closely - not kept so very close for protection. After all, Mighty Jin - that's me - can protect you in any way you would not wish to protect yourself. Incidently, I further feel that you will be well-prepared for anything you could ever see in any section of the city."

The latina shakes her head quickly at the question, "No..no I didn't. I would not. It would probably have only made ith arder to fight if something had happened anyways." She then hrms a little and nods, "You are right though, but she would not convince me to do anything I'd not do. I did say no after all and well…I wonder though. You think he would mind? I don't mind at the moment though…having to stick close. Things are dangerous out there. Better to stay safe in here. Even with the Mighty Jin." A soft giggle escapes her as she adds, "You are really good with your guns, Jin."

JianJun smiles, somewhat to himself, "I will be better. I will be the best." Changing topics, he returns to Gabriel, "I notice how close you are to the man Gabriel. He does has a certain gravity to him. Though, in the short time I witnessed, you were quite close to him, indeed. He is quite an individual, though I'm not sure I understand the nature of your attraction to him. He is…just a very, very close friend? Or a father-figure? Or something altogether else?"

Confusion crosses the young woman's featuers as she considers Jin's words slowly before speaking, "I am not certain really. I do not even know how he feels for me, except that he must be fond of me somehow. He is very kind, gentle…perhaps fatherly at times. A very good friend…but more than that, I am still uncertain." Her brow furrows a little and she tilts her head to one side slightly, "He calls me 'beautiful child' often. Though, as I said, I am not sure how he thinks of me. Or for that matter, how I think of him. I hadn't really thought it out much." She shrugs her shoulders faintly at the admission.

A very, very brief look of frustration crosses the man's face and dissappears, "I see. It is very strange, really. I suppose it may not seem like it from within the situation. Child, hmm? I see. Curious thing, really. An interesting affair." Jin strokes his chin thoughtfully, "Well, a bridge crossed once reached at some point, I suppose." What he means by that is extremely unclear.

The latina nods slightly, her cheeks growing a little reddened. "Perhaps he thinks fatherly of me…or perhaps he thinks more. I cannot tell which way he means things. And I am not sure which I hope for. I just know that he is one of few friends I know I can trust and count on. Why do you ask, Jin?" There is curiosity in her voice, head tilting as she asks the last question, her eyes searching Jin's face in the darkness.

From the darkness of the mysterious jungle outside, the loud rustling of leaves can be heard, followed by a sharp trilling sound that rises to a fevered screech before dying off into nothingness once more. This is soon proceeded by an angry hiss, the sound growing bold, then faint as it echos through the curtain of vines and leaves. In the distance, another far fainter sound rings out, though it's hard to discern from the ruckus of the wilderness.

JianJun draws his handguns, deflecting the question with professional skill, "Seems we may have some visitors. Shall we be ready for them, hmm?" The man stretches his limbs and rolls his head on his shoulders. "Alright. Perhaps they come knocking."

Answers always elusive, Yasmira sighs and nods as she climbs to her feet, drawing her own handgun and switch blade. Blade in left hand and gun in the right as she peers into the darkness, watching for any hints of movement, "As ready as we can be, Jin. As ready as we can be."

The far-off sound draws closer, revealing itself to be something unheard within the confines of the city-jungle for some time. The yell of human voices. The timbre is harsh and angry, drowned out by the occasional roar of anger or wail of panic, all sounds both foreign and feral to a world so recently comprised of only concrete. The snap of stems and crunch of leaves and bark ring out as boot-clad feet trample them with heavy, sure-footed steps.

JianJun basically levitates off the ground approximately three inches with his excitement, "Men! That's the sound of men!" Jin is all but jumping up and down with excitement, and he looks to Yasmira, "Do you hear it? Men! Where…have they torn down the wall? Are they clearing the city, do you think?"

"I…I don't know! Maybe..oh how I hope!" exclaims the young woman as she moves close behind Jin, peering out from behind him with surprised curiosity. Her eyes are almost comically large as she still keeps her weapons ready though. "How I hope…"

Words, now, can be understood, filtered though crashes and groans that seem to shake the earth itself. "What the hell is THAT?!" "I don't know! Just burn it!" Anything else is drowned out by a loud whooshing that sounds much akin to the roar of flames. Another blood-curtailing shriek is let out, the dying scream of an unknown beast. Once more, the footfalls sound, stomping upon yet more brush as they move along the overrun city.

JianJun breathes, "Starship Troopers for those kids. I should join them…" He looks shocked and pleased beyond words. "Let's have a look, shall we? No harm in it. Come on, then!" Jin offers his hand to help Yasmira along the rubble, "Let's go!"

"Just to the lobby, but yes! People…clearing away the beasts! A miracle!," Yasmira is completely in a state of disbelieve, sticking close behind Jin after taking the offered hand, closing and putting away her pocket knife that was in her left hand before she does…still keeping the handgun out for just in case.

Through the rubble and remains of the once-grande hotel, a glimpse of army uniforms can be seen. Spotlights and flames reflect off of the dull surfaces of weaponry, adding an even more menacing appearance to the troops. Gas masks and goggle shield faces from view, making the men seem as alien as the jungle that surrounds them. A single head turns away from the task at hand, focus seeming to turn towards the husk of a building. "I think I see something in there.", is announced. "Permission to check, sir?" "Permission denied. Whatever it is will burn when we torch the place later."

Eyes widening, the young woman steps out from behind Jianjun and yells loudly over the roar of the flamethrowers, having her hands, "Please! Please don't! Do not torch this place….We have survivors!" The young woman stays next to Jin's side though, seemingly ready to sprint out of sight though at a moment's notice.

JianJun yells as loud as he can, "Dallas is the capital of Texas! We are American! Do not shoot!" Thinking quickly, he tucks his gun away and waves his arms in the most unaggressive way possible. "We have survivors! Do not shoot!" Quietly, only for Yasmira's ears, Jin comments, "If they open fire, we're done. There are far too many."

"Sir, I heard voices." Another head turns towards the buildings of the strip, this soldier looking at the nearby apartments from behind her goggles. The commanding officer gives a single nod, one arm reaching out so that a gloved hand can gesture forward. "Okay then troops, let's move." The heavily armed infantry begins to stomp onward, continuing to burn and crush anything it their path with ruthless efficiency as they move towards the seemingly abandoned residence.

Following Jin's suite, the latina puts away her gun as well and waves both hands in the air, calling out, "We're here! Don't shoot!" Her accent is controlled as best she can as she continues to wave her arms about and jumps up and down a little, an almost mockery of jumping-jacks.

JianJun keeps waving and is obviously overjoyed. He turns to Yasmira, a smile splitting his face in two, "Finally! You would think they would have been here faster…" Still grinning like an idiot, Jin reaches over and ruffles Yasmira's hair into total disarray, "Can't have you looking like you just sat around and did nothing this whole time. Quickly! Come up with a heroic, epic story to tell the boys." With that, Jin begins to walk towards the troops, towards the street.

The heavy thump of footfalls sounds out through the wilderness, branches cracking beneath the harsh steps. Inhuman wails and moans ring out through the night, their anguish cutting through the rustle of leaves and snap of vines. Suddenly, a group of heavily armed troops bursts through, a trail of flames following in their wake. The blaze warms the surrounding air as it chars the various growth to nothing but ash and dust that settles on the masked figures, joining the thin coat already there.

Chasing out after Jin into the night towards what she can only pray are the men that would save them all, Yasmira continues to wave her arms about as if she could fly with them even as she calls out along the way every so often, "Survivors! Don't shoot!"

JianJun yells at the top of his lungs, "All survivors! All survivors need to make yourselves known! The military is here to save us! Come out and be safe! They have fire, it's comming down hard, beware!" Other than preaching some serious doomsday type warnings, Jin seems pretty chill - all things considered.

Huddled in the arched entryway towards the secure glass doors of the Four Winds, the shivering, wide eyed figure of a twenty-something white female is huddled near a back corner. The woman is extremely pale, though nearly orange freckles dot her so fiercely that it almost coats her skin, and is only intensified by brilliant fire-hued hair that falls to her waist in matted tangled and neglected spiral curls. The lithe redhead is wearing what looks to have once been a wedding dress, though each measure of silk and lace is pitch black, and the gown itself is nearly ruined from use. The large, southern bell skirt has been ripped and tattered, looking unevenly hacked to the middle of her thighs with a dull knife.

The long sleeves were ripped away some time ago, and a pair of heavy black combat boots are on her feet, though from the layers of dirt that cover them, they don't seem a recent addition to the once elegant outfit. Something close to a dog collar, nearly three inches thick and decorated with four D-rings at the front, back, and both sides of her neck, clings to her skin. From the front ring off the odd jewelery, a nickle sized silver charm displays a yellow smiley face with a chain running between its hollow eyes. Around thin waist, over the poofy layer of skirt and the slight curve of her hip, a men's leather belt supports a thin sheath with an oddly shaped length of metal protruding from it.

The infantry of six men and women, all of whom are wearing army uniforms, now come fully into view. Gas masks and goggles shield their faces from view, hiding any sense of humanity that they might represent. Most are carrying automatic weapons as well as enough ammo and sidearms to protect a city block. The two bringing up the rear are toting flamethrowers which they aim and fire at anything that so much as twitches. "You know the orders. If it moves, kill it!", is roared by who appears to be the ranking officer, the gruff tone distorted by the mask. However, the group pauses as the two figures of JianJun and Yasmira come rushing into view, open hostility radiating from them.

Abbey steps around vines, her shoes sinking softly into the grass. She tries to stay within the dim pools of light as much as possible, sometimes making almost-balletic leaps between them. Her gray cardigan flies out behind her like a cape while she is briefly airborne. She keeps one hand concealed within her olive messenger bag, as though she is cradling something precious. Abbey spots a man and a woman several yards ahead and makes her way towards them, hoping that the armed group does not take a shot at her. Despite her cautious steps, there is a look of serene calm, almost happiness, on her face.

Darting behind Jin as if for protection, the young latina stops her flailing about as she screams, "No! Don't shoot! We're survivors… PLEASE! HELP US!" There's desperation in her voice as she looks about frantically for paths of escape, should anything happen. Foliage doesn't offer up decent spots, but she keeps her eyes on an area beside a stairway.

The readhead that was huddled in the doorway to the side of the street, just moments ago, can't be seen anywhere in the surroundings with all the noise and movement, but there's no reaction by the fire death squad if they had noticed her at all.

JianJun puffs up as large as he can, sucking in a deeeeep breath and then he yells at the top of his lungs, "DALLAS IS THE CAPITAL OF TEXAS! WE ARE BEING AMERICAN! DO NOT SHOOT!" Quickly, he checks the straps on his vest and pulls the latina girl completely behind him, out of line of fire of the deathsquad.

"Hold it right there!" Suddenly, three guns are leveled at Yasmira and JianJun, the third being pointed at Abbey. Any one of the weapons appear more than capable of killing all three several times over. "The only survivors were evacuated. And I don't give a shit what the capital of TEXAS is." Four clicks ring out through the heated air, the flicker of flames providing an eerie glow to the entire scene as it reflects off of weapons and goggles. Four trigger fingers twitch to life, only to pause just as suddenly as the commander once more hollers out. "Hold your fire. These are the first not to run like animals." He takes a confident step forward, leaning in towards JianJun as he sneers, "If you're survivors, why are you still here?" Nobody seems to notice the red-head who seemingly never was…

"Oh God, please," murmurs Yasmira behind Jin as she clasps her hands together. She stays behind Jin, trembling. For once, thankfully for her, as the rosary begins to flow from her mouth, she's able to keep the words to English. If nothing else, they should recognize the words and know at least that she's far from an animal.

Abbey removes her hand from her bag, putting both hands in the air. "Please… please don't shoot. I don't have a television or a radio, by the time I heard about the evacuations they'd already happened." She forces emotion into her voice, making it waver slightly, as though she is about to cry. "Oh God… please don't shoot me."

JianJun speaks loudly and clearly, "I did not want my apartment and all my sentimental belongings to be stolen in my absence. I had many valuables I would not have been able to take with me. I had ample food and water supplies and … wanted to study the fast-growing plants. For potential use in medicine. I pay taxes!" After a moment, he looks over his shoulder at the latina, "And this is my, erm, girlfriend that elected to stay with me rather than to leave. Silly girls, no?"

"Uh-huh…" Even through his gear, the commander sounds throughly unconvinced. The rest of his unit apparently echo his sentiments, as their guns remain raised towards the three, no signs of mercy showing. "Nice try.", is growled out in a clearly irrate tone. He raises his arm from his side, hand moving to make a small gesture towards the gunmen. "Fi-", just begins to filter out of his mask when a loud cracking sound can be heard from within the nearest tree still left standing. The entire plant seems to shudder, branches waving as though blown by an invisible wind. Suddenly, in a blur of motion, something rather large jumps down from the leafy canopy, landing at the commander's feet. Standing about three feet at the shoulder, a creature with the head of a lion bears it's fangs, thick mane bristling. Its scorpion-tail flexes and arches through the air in quick swiping motions, lashing out frantically. It's front four legs also reach out, but this time towards the gunmen, hawk-like talons glinting wickedly. The back four legs remain firmly planted on the ground, the flaps connecting all of them obviously meant for gliding. Some drool drips from it's maw, the saliva sizzling as it hits the ground.

Leaning forward to Jin, Yasmira does all she can think of…whispering into his ear. "We run for it! They have the guns…they can protect themselves. Let's go! They would kill us rather than help us anyhow!" Her eyes are wide and her shaking hand reaches Jin's shoulder, eyes still fixed over that shoulder on the beast before them.

Abbey gasps as she sees the monster jump down from the tree, then hisses out a curse as she sees that the group's guns are still pointed at them. She slips one trembling hand back in her bag, her arm tensing as she wraps her hand around an object inside. Her face shows no fear, though she is resting her weight on the balls of her feet, ready to run, and her knees shake from time to time. "Don't run," she mutters, "unless you like looking like Swiss cheese." She blinks back nervous tears that have started to gather at the corners of her eyes and shouts, "Don't shoot us! Stragglers aren't the enemy, the fucking monsters are!"

JianJun looks back and forth between the beast and the military. Beast. Military. "Sometimes," he says to Yasmira, "Discretion is the better part of valor. They're willing to kill perfect English-speakers. Let them deal with the consequences. I wish them luck." With that, Jin grabs Yasmira's hand and leads / drags her towards the questionable shelter of the Four Winds. He keeps his body between the girl and the infantry.

Right about now, all hell starts breaking loose. The creature lets out a bone-shaking roar that's joined by a large glob of thick spittle. The viscus, greenish liquid lands on the commander's shoulder, burning through his uniform as soon at it hits. He lets out his own growl at the pain of the acid, reaching down and drawing his gun before the sound fully leaves his throat. Meanwhile, a blur near the door of the apartment shows that the red-head has reappeared and is now heading towards the door with a suitable, "Fuck this…" However, one of the soldiers notices her escape attempt and shifts their gun away from JianJun and Yasmira to point at her. This is a fairly pointless effort, as when the latter two make their own attempt at escape, the guns trained on them follow. There's still a gun pointed at Abbey too.

Across from the Four Winds, down a dank and mostly infested alley that probably hasn't had a visitor since most of this siege came to be, a short man with curling red hair and green eyes comes stumbling out of a next of foliage, weary-faced. He is literally dragging a broadsword in one hand, and holding a bottle of Scotch in the other, which doesn't seem to have anything but five or six drinks left in it. He looks fairly hungover, and for the moment, just barely aware of what is happening.

On the steps of the hotel, the extremely slender woman would with long red curls pauses in her steps as soon as one of the men raise their guns towards her. A muttered "Aw fuck," slips from her lips, and the thick leather collar around her throat tightens against her thin neck as she turns a bit while putting both hands up with her palm outward. The toe of one combat boot bounces four or five times against the step, and she catches her lip ring between her teeth. The ragged ends of black silk and lace that hang off the bottom of her torn wedding gown shiver as she sets her weight easily out into one hip. "Fucking huge monster, and… Oh look, I have a gun." She mutters her words under her breath while turning around slowly to face the group, though she keeps her hands up infront of her. All in all, for the situation, she seems far less occupied studying the soldiers or monster as she does the burning remains they'd come from.

JianJun yells over to the solider, "Want some help with that thing, erm…ugh…soliders? I could probably give you a hand if you would kindly get your god damn guns off of me." All the while, Jin continues to move towards the Four Winds, ushering Yasmira along in front of him. "Really. You should help your friend…officer-boss. I'm certain he would appreciate it."

"Listen to him, soldiers, please! The beasts are what's bad!" yells Yasmira as she's guarded the way towards the apartment building, her heart pounding in her ears the whole way, doing her best to hurry and yet remain in the protection of the mighty Chinaman. "I knew we shouldn't have left the hotel," she murmurs as they run.

Abbey nods furiously as the Asian man speaks. "We're all going to get killed by this monster if you don't take your guns off us and concentrate on… on that! We can help you!" She sighs, exasperated with the soldiers' persistence to the point of stupidity. "We may have to fight," she mutters softly out of the side of her mouth as she looks at the group near the apartment building, then quickly at the soldiers, signaling that they may be the more fearsome foe.

JianJun whispers to Yasmira, 'Stay in the hotel? Bah! This is the fun part, my friend! You will be fine, I'll wager my very soul on it. Have some faith in me, yes?'

WIth another acid spewing roar, the creature lunges at the commander, though not before the man draws his gun fully and lets off several shots deep into the beast's chest. While these does slow it down, they don't stop the thing from sinking it's teeth into the man's arm and shoulder. He lets out a cry as the acid sinks into the wound, firing into the distance as his arm slackens. Seeing this, the soldiers carrying the flamethrowers step forward, flicking the devices on and aiming them at the wrestling pair, though obviously hesitant to fire. The soldiers with their rifles continue to keep their attention on the small group of survivors, most of who claim or are shown to have guns. No response is given to them.

"Ara, wot's goin' on ar'der…", comes the voice from the hungover man with the curled locks of red. It doesn't seem as if he's been noticed yet, but he has gathered his wits about him well enough to notice that there is a giant monster, some civilians, and some militaristic shenaningans pointing their guns at the wrong thing. Flipping the broadsword up with a foot and resting the flat side of the blade against himself, Oison shoulders past the people and turns to face them, spouting out with this, "Aya'doin'witcher'poiners'com'ere. Ye ne'be a' pointin' 'em 'poiners a' dattaway boys..". He points at the wicked beast, but doesn't seem afraid of it. Perhaps he's drunk and not hungover. He glances over his shoulder at the civilians, gesturing to the apartment complex, "Ye'b'all rollin'n thar and nau' be gettin' shot 'a shite..". That done, he turns back to the soldiers, and pulling his sword off of his shoulder, takes a defensive stance.

As the first bits of screaming cut through the air, the boney figure of Sybine moves a few uneasy paces down two more stairs, hugging to the side of them, looking dramaticly shaken. One hand remains up a little, but the other comes to the front of her throat where her index finger is looped and tugged against the large d-ring set into the thick leather about her neck. At the appearance of Oison, Sybine cocks an eyebrow shortly. "I like where /that/ man's head is at. Door's fucking stuck, though." She looks immediately towards the trio of JianJun, Yasmira and Abbey, motioning with the thumb of her already raised hand back at the door.

"Dios, nos entrega!" the divine plea escaping Yasmira's lips more like a curse than she'd meant it to be as she's ushered along towards the apparently stuck door of the apartment buildings. "Then we all try to kick it down at once! We have to get INSIDE away from those beasts!" Remaining hidden behind Jin, the latina woman calls out to the soldiers who are apparently mindless idiots, taking orders that defy common sense and any form of logic. "Please…Fighting one another, we all die and the beasts win. We must find shelter and rest up. We can fight better as one…we survivors. We have been fighting all this time for this city, our home. Do not kill us…we have same goals!" (3 successes persuasion)

JianJun curses in a foreign language - it seems to be an impassioned string of profanity that only takes a pause for a new breath and does not seem to repeat itself. "I'll shotgun it down. Stand aside!" He does not, however, draw out his shotgun just yet. Instead, he addresses the soliders, "If you do not help your friend, he will be eaten shortly." Looking over to Yasmira, he states, "I have access to an apartment inside - once we get inside. No worries, I have everything under control."

"Maybe we can get Lancelot over there to help us," Abbey remarks somewhat sarcastically, though she is smiling. She calmly strides over to the door and pushes against it with her foot, feeling the weight of the door. "If we go in there and they follow us, there's no way to go but up… and then we'll be trapped." She lowers her voice, sighing sadly. "We might have to… to hurt them and run instead of barricading ourselves inside. Even if we kill that monster I bet they'll still try to get us."

The acid-spitting beast continues to gnaw on the commanding officer who lets out another hiss of pain as he attempts to level his gun with his good hand. "Damn what happens to me! Burn the fuckin' thing!", is called out with a strangled cry to the soldiers with the flamethrowers. They reluctantly oblige, though only manage to singe the creature's thick mane before it jumps back, roaring more acid in protest. Meanwhile, the gunmen's attention is drawn towards the maniac with the broadsword who's acting as a human shield, giving both Abbey and the group at the door a little more freedom of movement. Meanwhile, the door slowly begins to become unstuck, possibly aided by the bottle of scotch that the irishman throws over his shoulder at the area above it.

"Ara'ye'be'all gettin' arse in thar 'afore ye'r jus' dead'n shite. Ye be mak'n like tha' Frenchies an' weed'n aut..", Oison calls out, shouting a little warning to go along with his bottle tossing spectaculare. He lifts the silver cross on his chest and kisses it, mumbling, before taking his sword and letting out a battlecry, "'Aba'na'slep 'n ye' can' bite m' arse!". He grunts as the glinting blade is swung across in a line, hard enough and sharp enough to tear half of the barrel right off of the gun that is being wielded the closest to him.

"This is crazy, Jin!," Yasmira murmurs and then glances to the door, blinking with surprise. Not needing more of an invitation, the young latina's eyes go wide as she notices the door loosening its hold on the doorframe and she gives it a firm kick in an attempt to dislodge it the rest of the way, "Dios, excepto nosotros todos!"

"Might as well throw my lot in, though I don't know if I can do much," Abbey says jocularly, gesturing to her thin frame. She takes her hand out of her bag and places the bag on the ground next to the door, glad for the Irishman's distraction. Shrugging her shoulders a few times, she braces herself and slams her shoulder into the door, grunting softly as she makes contact.

The moment the Irishman swings his sword, the gunmen open fire on him, only to be amazed by the fact that the bullets don't seem to penetrate him, instead falling harmlessly to the ground with soft, 'clinks'. Strangely, the soldiers seem undisturbed by this fact, and one simply gestures for one of the men with the flamethrowers to come forward. The other remains in place, keeping the beast at bay. Meanwhile, everyone's gentle persuasion towards the door manage to open it enough for them to squeeze through into the apartment.

Only speaking again once the two take a speedy path straight to the apartment in question, Yasmira turns to Jin, seemingly a little shaky still, "This is ridiculous, Jin….is this how the American military is? Rather shoot their own innocents than kill the monsters which actually attack them? I've said before and I say again…I wish I were back in Mexico!" Her lips purse and she shakes her head, a bit overwhelmed by it all.

JianJun motions to the sleeping man, "That's Talbain. He's young and foolish - but not a bad kid." Nodding to the girl, he agrees, "I understand completely. It is not usual to be met with such hostility. I suppose they were seeing the jungle for the first time.. I will forgive it this once." Going to a dresser the man opens it and takes a black duffle bag from it, which he then opens and rummages through. "I have … nothing." He begins rummaging through the least used drawer and finally comes out triumphantly with a pair of pajama bottoms, "There we are! Good for sleepwear if nothing else. You're welcome to them." Gesturing, he leads the girl to another room.

JianJun gestures to the bed - cleaner than a floor, but not five-star by any stretch of the imagination. "You're welcome to it, my friend. I will stay here with you, if you will have it. Talbain and Sam can be a little….mischievous at times. I'd rather not wake to shrieks due to some kid trying to take a peek down your most lovely shirt. Wherever did you get it, by the by? It looks great on you." Jin winks and smiles.

Large and curious brown eyes peer around the dark bedroom, relief washing over the young woman, perhaps due to the cleaner state of the room or simply being away from the earlier situation, "I…I would like for you to stay here with me, yes. And thank you…for everything. The shirt…rescuing me. All of it." Her cheeks redden at the compliment and the wink, though she walks over to sit on the edge of the bed, slipping her shoes off for the first time in what feels to have been ages. "And thank you for the sleep pants too, Jin…" she says after having stood once more, walking back over to Jin.

JianJun smiles and rubs the side of his neck, "It really wasn't a big deal…any of it. You know. I'm sure anyone would have done as much or more, easily." Looking around the place, Jin suddenly seems interested in the floor. "I hope they fit. Soon it will not be so difficult to find things to wear. That will be blessedly welcome."

JianJun holds out the pants to the girl with a boyish smile, "Here you are. Not exactly fresh-pressed, but I think they'll do."

"It certainly will be, and oh…I do not mind if pressed. That is the least of our worries," the young latina replies softly with a giggle, reaching forward to accept the pants, a faint blush on her cheeks. She waits a moment awkwardly before moving to the other side of the bed, padding over barefoot as she does and then turning her back to Jin as she unbuttons and unzips her pants, starting to remove the ragged jeans in the shadows.

JianJun steals a look and blushes deeply for it. He doesn't seem to regret it, though, and he clears his throat. "Right then. Probably a bit softer than those others as well. It will feel good. I would offer you a bath, but I'm not certain on the water situation here at current. We're better a little dusty and full than clean and parched."

"Very true, Jin," replies the latina as she slips the pants the rest of the way down and off, folding them rather haphazardly to lay on the floor. Reaching for the pair of pajama pants, she slips them on and up, quickly covering the overly simple white excuse for a pair of panties that the young woman is wearing. Turning then to Jin, she smiles softly and walks back around to lie on the side of the bed nearest the door, "Besides I feel better for being in something I know is cleaner than those jeans. You have done much for me already." She sighs softly, a small smile forming on her lips, "I almost forgot how good a bed feels. This is the first time in…what…two nears? Nearly two nears since I have laid on a bed."

JianJun nods and smiles, "I imagine it is a very welcome change. Come on, then, under the covers you go!" He pulls the covers back and waits for the girl to slip into them before covering her and tucking her in, "That's the way it should be, no?" A kind smile on his face, Jin carefully brushes some of Yasmira's hair out of her face before sliding down to sit on the floor beside the bed - his back leaning against the bed. "I'll just relax here, I think. This is a safe place and a little nap won't hurt."

Slipping under the covers and snuggling into them as the Chinaman tucks her in, the young hispanic woman smiles softly to Jin as he moves to sit beside the bed, "Thank you…I…I'm sure I'll sleep much better here, Jin. Sweet dreams." The last is murmured, her eyes already growing heavy and closing as her voice becomes a whisper. She grows still and falls asleep.

JianJun lays his shotgun across his legs and leans his head back against the bed. "Goo
dnight, my friend. Perhaps I will meet you at the ocean…" And with that, Jin begins
keeping watch of the door like a statue.

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