Daughters Of Cacophony

The Daughters are a small bloodline, centered mainly in the New World, and members Embrace only those who show real singing talent. Most create no more than one or two childer. The childer learn from their sires for years before being released into the world.

The Daughters go to great lengths to avoid Embracing anyone of wide reknown, but most of the line's members were beginning promising careers in music at the time of the Embrace. They retain their love of perfomance, but perform mainly for each other and for their small Herds. They keep their Fame minimal, but often find the lure of small clubs too much to ignore. Hearing such a perfomance can be an unmatched experience for anyone.

While they seem to abide by the Masquerade, Daughters can be found in both the Camarilla and the Sabbat. Some Kindred insist the Daughters have undying loyality to whatever sect rules the city in which they reside. For instance, one famous Daughter, Sayshila, is known to have stopped a Sabbat attack on a Miami concert house. On the other hand, she is believed to have driven a Gangrel anarch mad after the pair spent a night together howling at the moon.

Disciplines: Fortitude, Melpominee, Presence

Weaknesses: All perception rolls more difficult by one. Alertness cannot be greater than three.

Sons of Discord: Contrary to popular belief, the Sons of Discord are an apocryphal fan creation. The Daughters are an entirely female bloodline, so it wasn't long before fandom started discussing the all-male offshoot of the Daughters, the Sons of Discord. It got to the point where most fans assumed they were official.

The only official mention of anything resembling the Sons of Discord came with Vampire Revised's Vampire: The Masquerade Storytellers Companion. The writeup of the Daughters therein mentioned that the bloodline had recently purged all male members from the bloodline, thus removing the Sons from the picture permanently

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