Daydreams At Night And A Spanish Lullabye

Tiredly, Yasmira still sits where she had been at the beginning of the night, amid the crumpled sheets and covers that are her makeshift bed. Despite the tiredness in her eyes, she almost mindlessly whips out her switchblade, opening it, closint it, and then replacing it in her pocket …or rather the top of her pocket as her lounging position only allows it that far.

JianJun walks along the rubble carefully, keeping his balance. The man seems to have had no luck getting a new shirt and is still bare-chested. He makes his way slowly into the area, cursing at the roughness of the cobble beneath his feet. "I will appreciate carpet unlike any other man alive. This I do solemnly swear." Grumbling all the while, he spots the girl and heads over in her direction. "Hey there, my friend. Still lounging about? A princess in your own right, eh? Just lay around all night…"

The latina woman smiles as she sees the Chinaman approaching, putting away her switchblade deftly with left hand before motioning with the same over to the other end of her pile of covers invitingly, "Oh..Hello, Mister Jin…no shirts in the forest for you, I see. I am sorry but I still thank you much. Come sit…and oh…no Princess. Just not much to do but practice and I grow tired. Tired of this whole situation."

JianJun sits down on the edge of the sheets, so as to be off the harsh rubble, "Yes. Well. The forest didn't seem to want to provide me with a shirt today. Perhaps tomorrow. I will look more carefully when I have company. As for fatigue, I believe you to be bored of the confines of this place. I try, I suppose I fail, to provide you with some measure of relief during your stay. I wish I could do more."

"No…you do fine, Mister Jin. You help greatly, but there is only so much I am capable of with life like this," replies the young woman softly, accent a thick Spanish that purrs over each 'r', having apparently grown more obvious in her tired state. "You are good company go me, Mister Jin. I only really have yourself, Mister Gabriel, and Miss Madison for friends here."

JianJun shakes his head, "Nonsense. You have friends everywhere you look, I'm sure. Though, it is quite flattering to be on the preferred list. I wish Gabriel would let you out for a while. I believe I may know of a couch on which you may rest. Not exactly the best bed arrangement, but a great deal better than here, in this."

Yasmira laughs softly, the apples of her cheeks taking a subtle hint of a dusky rose hue as she smiles to Jin, "I would be greatful for such, Mister Jin. I do hope as well that Mister Gabriel will agree then. Perhaps he will when I see to ask him. And of course you are on such a list. You are very much kind to me, Mister Jin." The last is stated with very mild offense, as if surprised that Jin would even think himself not one of her good friends.

JianJun puffs up a little with the praise, "Yes. Well. Of course. And you may call me -Jin- sans the 'Mister.' I won't mind, I promise. I prefer it, actually." Looking around the place, Jin frowns a bit, "I considered dragging a couch or something down this way, but I'm afraid all the furniture has been demolished. I don't think I can carry something like that through the jungle - and have realistic hopes of making it here, with both myself and it intact."

"You are certain? ..I…I shall have to try to remember that then. I am just used to saying Mister or Miss for everyone. But Jin you want, Jin you shall be," the young woman says quietly, looking to the Chinaman with a warmth in her tired smile. She then giggles a little, nose crinkling just slightly as she does, "A whole couch dug so far? You are right. It would not make it, even if you did. Do not think to risk yourself like that for me, M-…Jin."

JianJun chuckles and sighs, leaning back against the wall. Underneath him, rubble shifts and can be seen poking obviously uncomfortably into his legs as he sits back - though his face gives no indication of it. "Under normal circumstances, I would insist upon getting you a room with all the necessary comforts. …yes, if things were normal."

Shaking her head with a little amusement, the honey-skinned latina motions for Jin to move a little closer, "The covers are of more comfort…and I have no doubt of your hospitality, Jin. You are too kind. It amazes me, truly."

JianJun moves a little closer, an involuntary sigh of relief escapes his lips as he sits on softer material. "That's….better. Thank you." Leaning his head back against the wall, Jin closes his eyes and speaks softly to the air in front of him - though always meaning to address Yasmira, "I have never been to a Mexican beach, my friend. I imagine blue waters and white-capped waves. One day, when all is well here, I intend to see it for myself." Jin looks exhausted -and for a moment - very old. It is a passing moment, and soon vigor returns to his features, "Yes. I will wrestle the shark and ride sea turtles like water skiis."

In Jin's brief moment of giving in to his exhaustion, Yasmira admits somewhat embarassedly, "I've never been to the beaches there myself. My family had not the money to travel so far. That's why Father came here to America. He wanted a better life for us." She giggles softly at the words that follow, "That would be a sight though. I would love to see such. You would draw quite a crowd, Jin."

JianJun nods understandingly, "My father's estates were not bordering the sea. I have seen plenty of them - mostly dirty, polluted…" A slight frown crosses the face of the young man, as he daydreams - or perhaps remembers. "But there will be a place, a beautiful place…with white sand and clear water. I will SCUBA dive there. I think you will join me - yes. You will want to SCUBA as well. Gabriel will want to stay on the shore, though. Not his style - motorboats. All the life under the ocean - and all so quiet. I will not have have these instruments of death which I carry now. Just gloves to avoid abrasive things…yes. It will be wonderful."

The hispanic woman's own eyes close, arms wrapping contentedly about her middle as she gives a soft sigh, "Is it true the sea smells of salt? What is it like to SCUBA? And I think you're right. Mister Gabriel sounds like he'd like that. A big fancy motorboat. Nice and fast so he feels king of the Ocean and waves. I bet they are beautiful…the waves crashing in…" Her soft voice trails off, small smile on her lips at the thought.

A click-clack sound - caused by the falling of Jin's shotgun from his hand - jerks the young man awake. It seems he had fallen into a light doze. Grumbling and grunting with the effort, Jin forces himself to his unsteady, obviously exhausted feet. "Yes, well. Too comfortable…seems I'd fallen out for a moment. I can't allow myself such carelessness. No, not for a little fatigue. Nothing to it but myself being slack." The man's appearance alternates between a somewhat seasoned solider and a very tired boy. He is not steady on his feet - even under a conscious attempt to be sturdy, he wobbles slightly.

Concern crosses the young woman's features and she shakes her head, "Go ahead and rest, Jin. I will wake you if anything happens. We all must sleep. You do not look safe enough to travel, Jin." Her full lips purse slightly in the darkness as she watches her friend waver unsteadily.

JianJun holds up a hand dismissively and bends down to retrieve his gun, "No worries. Just a little too comfortable. I am perfectly -" he yawns, "Awake. I just need to stand for a moment or two, nothing more."

"You are sure, Jin? I…I don't want you to end up hurt for being too tired. I can stay awake for you to nap and feel better," Yasmira offers gently, drawing her knees up to herself as she looks up to the swaying Chinaman. There is worry in her eyes and a purse to her lips still.

JianJun kneels down on the sheets and places his forehead on the cool wall, "You…would wake me if anyone is sounding as if they are coming, yes? So that I may be on my feet before they arrive?" He looks at her, dark bags under his eyes. Exhaustion slowly begins to overtake the man, though he fights it away visciously.

"Of course, Jin. As soon as I hear anyone coming. Please, you must rest. You will make yourself sick and not even awake enough to aim straight if you do not." Yasmira warns softly as she motions for him to lay down rather than kneel as he does. "Besides, it is the least I can do after you literally give me the shirt off your back." She laughs softly as she looks to the man. "Sleep or I will just have to sing you to sleep," the latina teases softly, moving her hands to her lap and turning somewhat on her seat at the head of the covers to face the Chinaman.

JianJun chuckles weakly and begins to lay down all tough-man like on the rubble at the very edge of the sheets - to give room inbetween himself and the woman. The broken concrete scrapes the man's exposed skin and he grumbles, shifting to get as comfortable as possible. "You bluff. Your serenade could not possible lull me to sleep, though I wouldn't mind hear it…if only a bit. A nice change of pace from…no friendly sound at all."

"Don't be silly, Jin. Lie on the covers…your upper body at least. With no shirt it is silly not to," her voice is soft and full of friendly but almost motherly scolding despite her young age. A soft smile forms on her lips though as she closes her eyes and clears her throat very gently, "But I will sing for you then…just a little." There are several moments of silence that follow, perhaps as the young woman tries to think what she wishes to sing before a soft and sweet-sounding melody flows from her lips, the words all Spanish and tune soothing as she sings, "Hush a mi amigo, cierre que vendrá su amanecer de los ojos, traiga el calor del sol. La paz le calmará lejos. Sonrisa para mí. En su sueño. Sepa que estoy aquí y todo está bien. Hush a mi amigo, cierre sus ojos. El nuevo día nos encontrará sanos. Las bendiciones fluyen como luna-marea, ducha abajo como rayo de sol. Caliéntenos ambos y diríjanos. Dulce del sueño esta noche de mí.(5 successes)

JianJun scoots back onto the covers and almost immediately falls asleep. Exhaustion simply overtakes the man's body and he begins to breathe deeply and slowly - a small smile is present, perhaps due to the singing. He sighs quietly and is still - on the covers and moderately comfortable.

Song's translation: Hush my friend, close your eyes…dawn will come, bring warmth of sun. Peace will lull you away. Smile for me. In your sleep. Know I am here and all is well. Hush my friend, close your eyes. New day will find us hale. Blessings flow as moon-tide, shower down as sunbeam. Warm us both and guide us. Sleep sweet this night by me.

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