The Lamia share the Cappadocians' obsession with the world beyond, though they express it in a different fashion than do their more scholarly counterparts. The Deimos Discipline represents the Lamia's devotion to thanatology through the auspices of the Dark Mother Lilith.

Level 1: Whispers to the Soul

The Lamia may whisper one of Lilith's secret names in a victim's ear. Nightmares plague the victim, and fearful thoughts of doom torment her waking hours.

System: The Lamia must whisper the name (it may affect only one foe at a time). The victim must then roll Willpower (difficulty 8) or suffer hideous visions and nightmares for one day and night per point of the Lamia's Perception. The victim loses one die from all Dice Pools during the period of effect.

Level 2: Kiss of the Dark Mother

The Lamia, through her studies of death, is able to evoke an entropic, life-draining force. She may transmit this through a bite, slaying foes with remarkable swiftness.

System: The Lamia expectorates a Blood Point and coats her lips with blood, turning her bite into an even deadlier weapon. Creatures bitten take twice the normal amount of damage, which is aggravated.

Level 3: Ichor

Lamia routinely use cadavers as objects of study and veneration. In the process, they have gained knowledge con cerning the corpselike body of the Cainite. The Lamia who has reached this level of Deimos may transubstantiate one of her four bodily humors into a vile substance.

System: With the expenditure of two Blood Points, the Lamia may secrete a tainted version of one of her four bodily humors: a phlegmatic, melancholy, bilious or sanguine ichor. This ichor may be placed in an unsuspecting mortal's beverage, or simply used as a contact agent. (Skin contact is all that is needed; the substance need not enter the bloodstream to take effect.) The victim must make a Stamina roll (difficulty 8) or be affected by the ichor. Only one type of ichor may be secreted per scene, and the Blood Points spent provide only one dose.

The types of ichor are:

Phlegmatic: induces lethargy; victim's Dice Pools reduced by two for the rest of the scene
Melancholy: induces visions of death; victim is unable to use Willpower for the rest of the scene
Sanguine: induces excessive bleeding; any cut, slash or puncture wound suppurates, causing the victim to lose an additional Health Level next turn
Bilious: deadly toxin; the victim takes a number of levels of normal damage equal to the vampire's Stamina; this damage can be soaked.

Level 4: Clutching the Shroud

The Lamia, through forbidden study of cadavers, gains an understanding of his own corpselike state. By imbibing blood from a cold corpse, the Lamia may mystically transubstantiate his own humors, thereby gaining powers related to death.

System: The Lamia must drink at least five Blood Points' worth of vitae from a cold corpse, and must expend those Blood Points during the act of invoking the power. The player may add two dice to all soak rolls and may completely ignore wound penalties for the duration of the scene. The Lamia may peer into the Shadowlands with a Perception + Occult roll (difficulty varies - 6 in a haunted site, 8 normally, up to 10 in a sanctified area). Finally, the vampire gains the ability to sense the relative health of beings she scrutinizes ( whether they are wounded or diseased, and how badly; whether they suffer from mystic ailments, etc.).

Level 5: Black Breath

The Lamia may breathe the Lethean fetor of the grave on her victims. Victims engulfed in this black mist are overwhelmed by hopelessness and depression.

System: The player spends two Willpower points and rolls Stamina + Archery (difficulty 7). The breath can be dodged. Mortals (including Lupines and mages) caught in the Black Breath are instantly overcome with a powerful death- unless they score more successes on a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) than the Lamia received on the attack roll, they immediately commit suicide by the most expedient means available. Even if the Willpower roll succeeds, the victim rhapsodizes about death; for the remainder of the scene, all Dice Pools are reduced by two.

Vampires are affected differently by the Black Breath. An engulfed vampire makes a Willpower roll as above, but if the vampire fails, he sinks into torpor for a length of time dependent on his Via rating, just as if he had been forced into torpor. Vampires are likewise consumed by morbidity if they succeed; they suffer a Dice Pool reduction of two as well.

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