Kensington Fields Apartment 201
The one-room apartment is clean and pleasant to the eyes, the decor fairly plain
but almost tribal or like stepping into a luau. The pinkish-brown clay tiled
floor is plainly visible as the furnishings are sparse. In the northeast corner
of the room is a futon made of plastic bamboo-like designs with a red mattress.
Near this against the north wall is a small chest of drawers with a flat-screen
TV placed on top of it. There is also a bag leaning against the dresser that
looks made to carry a laptop computer. The western part of the apartment is an
open closet full of shirts, as well as a surfboard and skateboard each bearing
the Glass Walker glyph on them leaning against the walls. The final noteworthy
thing is the kitchenette that makes up the southern part of the room. The walls
are decorated with various island and tribal decorations like Tiki masks and
seascape paintings that give away the obvious passion of the one who owns the

* Exits *
south - Second Floor Landing

No sound of a lock being tinkered with or a doorknob rattling precedes the door's opening, though open it does with a telltale creak. With one small palm pressed against the door itself and her other hand on the knob, a distinctly familiar and bug-eyed pale face peers around the corner. Ella's grey eyes swiftly wash over the scene in front of her, though her mischievous grin fades entirely to a disappointed pout soon after realizing the positioning of the folks in the room. As she steps fully into the apartment, she taps the door closed behind her with the sole of her red Converse all-star and puts her hands on her slim hips. Her pants are the usual grey cargos she seems to wear around more often than not, while her shirt is a few shades darker than those pants and harbor a picture of a Chinese carry out box on it with the words, 'Where my dogs at?' scrawled beneath it. "A party and no one thought to send in invite. Phe-phe, I'm surprised at you and thoroughly crushed."

From inside the closet the sounds of shifting clothes end with a zipper being closed. There is a pause. "Ella?" The door opens from the inside, and thus Phelan emerges only half-finished with dressing but his full ensemble apparent. On his head is a solid black baseball cap turned backwards, the rest of his body covered by a t-shirt, dressy pants, socks and loafers of the same color. In addition to the t-shirt is a half-buttoned tuxedo shirt with a black Celtic knot design going up either side just inside his breasts. Finishing it is a black belt strung through the loops on the pants but as of yet unbuckled, not to mention that usual joker grin adorning the boy's face. He finally buckles the belt and continues doing the buttons on the shirt. "What an unpleasant surprise. You've got a lot of guts coming in here after what you've done."

Maiyun never notices the door open as she scans the area, wondering what she was going to do while she waited for their return. Heaving a sigh, she looks back and jumps when she sees Ella, then smiles weakly. "Oh. Hey Ella." Kayla looks up and sees Ella. Her tail wags as she looks from her to Phelan. Resting her sky blue gaze on her, she squirms to be released. The Kinfolk does so, the pup trotting over and sitting beside the door. Maiyun's emerald gaze lifts from the pup to Phelan and she raises a brow. "And you comment on /my/ clothing." She puts both hands on her hips. "Though…" The Kinfolk thinks about it. "That one outfit that made me look like a thug /was/ ridiculous."

The petite photographer half-turns just enough to reach behind her and lock the door, though her eyes are already rolling as she turns back around to face Maiyun first. "Hey girlie-girl! Nice to see ya again. Isn't this place at least a little better than hanging at that dingy warehosue?" It's only then that she aims her attention at Phelan. "Yeah, okay, next time I'll let you bleed out instead of slapping you like a ho so you'd heal," she chirrups while raising one hand above her head threateningly, the tooth hanging from the coils of brown leather cord around it to dangle in the air. "And next time I'll use the powder." Lowering her hand back to her side, Ella parades further into the room while her nose crinkles. "You're not sinking to huffing paint fumes are you, kiddo? That could explain a lot about you though. Good thing you're ventilating!" she grins widely while cocking her head to one side in a decidedly animalistic fashion. "Either of you guys seen Michelangelo around?"

Giving a soft chuckle and a shrug of his shoulders to each of the women in the room, Phelan finishes buttoning his shirt leaving the top two buttons undone so the collar of the t-shirt can still be seen. "Any special order you want those questions answered in, Ella?" he jokes, then shakes his head. "First of all it's good to see you're still alright. Secondly, no. I'm sticking strictly to soda, adrenaline and just a little, little bit of pot every once in awhile… though I've kinda lost my taste for that." Looking over to Maiyun he nods softly as if reassure her. "And I haven't seen Michelangelo in days."

Sieg dodges back in the door from down the hallway, peering inward towards the two in the room then the new arrival. "I saw you in Cairo…. Ella was it?" He offers, his voice holding something of a musing sound to it as his eyes glint with a mischievious gleam. His lips curl just a bit with a grin at that before slipping back into the apartment in entirety. "Geeze Phelan, you manage to get one woman to come see you and now you've got another. Maybe I should party with you more often." He raises his hands behind his head as he strolls on through casualy.

"A /whole/ lot better." Maiyun nods and then she looks back at Phelan. Then, looking towards Sieg and Ella, she then walks to the wall to lean against it. As soon as she was leaning against it, she rested her gaze on Ella. "No. I haven't seen him around for days, really… Same as Phelan, pretty much." The Kinfolk shakes her head and looks back at Phelan. "Hope he's all right."

"Oooohh this one doesn't know me very well, does he?" the dark-haired woman grins madly as she jerks a thumb in Sieg's direction, the nail of which is painted a shiny gun-metal grey. Her slate eyes peer over her shoulder at Sieg as if committing his form to memory, nodding once to herself as she finishes. "Yeah, you buggered out kinda quick in Egypt. Always wondered about that.. " her voice trails off, though one angular eyebrow does lift in his direction. "So, if you guys see that wonky-eyed fellow before me, let me know? I'm not going to keep doing fly-by's of the warehouse in the vain hope he's wandered back there. He might have stumbled to an interesting section of the Umbra and forgot to come back for all I know." She offers up a nonchalant shrug, "Shit happens." Ella then makes her way to the futon, plopping down on one end of it, "So, anything fun and interesting and possibly gossipy happening tonight or will I have to go prancing about Santa Monica to get my fix?"

"I just got a text from Maxwell, actually. He said something's happening at the Golden Phoenix and he wants us to join him." Nodding slowly he takes a few steps foward and smirks. "Somehow I have to wonder exactly what it is. Is there any chance of you doing us a favor, flying onto the scene and letting us know what we're getting ourselves into before we get there?"

"I just got a text from Maxwell, actually. He said something's happening at the Golden Phoenix and he wants us to join him." Nodding slowly he takes a few steps foward and smirks. "Somehow I have to wonder exactly what it is. Is there any chance of you doing us a favor, flying onto the scene and letting us know what we're getting ourselves into before we get there?"

Sieg turns his head to look at the other woman in return. "I was there, I just had other things I had to do for the pack in Cairo." He replies with that same perpetual grin on his lips before letting his arms fall from behind the back of his head. "Fly? What are you talking about?" The younger man turns his attention to Phelan for a moment before shifting it back to her, his eyes narrowing just a bit before shrugging.

Looking from Ella to Phelan, Maiyun listens in. She calls Kayla over in a small whisper. Both ears twitch and the Klee Kai moves towards the girl. There she sits beside the Kinfolk, curiosity written all over her face as she watches the others. Both didn't speak a word.

Ella tucks one leg up beneath her while she lets the other hang to the ground, her arms stretching out across the back of the futon as she makes an obvious show of settling in and getting comfortable. "Why don't you just call him back and ask him what's going on? I'm not a courier, you know. I don't even own a fucking bike or tire iron. Though, in retrospect, a tire iron might be pretty useful for when I have to sneak up behind some crazy dogs and club them for beating on another dog," she mentions in an oddly dismissive fashion, though her gaze is leveled entirely on Phelan for a few moments before blinking towards Sieg, "You mean you can't?" At this she grins and shakes her head briskly from side to side.

As he chuckles and watches Ella get comfy on his bed the young surfer nods and reaches out for his cell phone, putting it into his pocket. "I suppose I could do that on the way. Thanks for the suggestion." He dismisses her comment about the tire iron though it does seem to make him smile a little more broadly. "Sieg, since you never had a chance to meet Miss Priest in full I suppose you should know. She's the little blackbird I told you about before. So now that she's invited herself over you've seen all the chicks I picked up in Cairo. Good to know the intros are out of the way. We can stay focused on business from here on out." He looks over the others, especially Maiyun. "Hmm… Well, seems I'm the only one who's dressed to get into the Phoenix. I'll hafta let Superkin know that and see what he wants us to do."

Finally Ella lets out an exasperated gasp and pushes herself to her feet, stretching her arms above her head until something within her anatomy pops. "I figured the craziest wolves in town would at least have something fun to do, but I guess not. Ugh, the Golden Phoenix," she crinkles her nose. "You have no idea how overrated it is.. and be careful what you eat," she then points animatedly to her t-shirt and the slogan written across it. "Be -very- careful. You never know." With that she pulls one hand through her hair in order to free her face of obstructions, already marching towards the door, "I guess Santa Monica it is," she mutters on her way.

Maiyun looks at Phelan. "But wait. This place sounds like some fancy exotic place. But why wear such clothing?" A brow raises as she eyes the outfit he has on. "Kind of odd. I should be able to go too. I'm wearing something just as odd." She pulls at the fabric of her hawaiian dress and then her flower bracelets. "I look like some victim used for a volcano sacrifice." Kayla looks up at her master/mother then her flower anklets. She paws at one before licking it. Then she begins to nibble, only to receive a tap on the head. Her sky blue gaze lifts towards Maiyun who had her hands on her hips. "How many times do I have to tell you that those are not toys?" The pup's tail begins to wag.

"Wait a second, Ella," Phelan urges, taking another few steps in her direction as she starts to walk away. "Are you trying to say the food is just disgusting or is there something else I should know. I know you birds aren't famous for being anything less than cryptic so could you try to break the mould this once?" His eyes shift over to Maiyun as she speaks, and with a chuckle he nods at her. "You're dressed for it, yeah, if you'd take off the flowers. It's what's waiting for us there that's got me worried." He puts his hands in his pockets, reaching for the cell phone in moments. "Maxwell specifically said it was an emergency. Considering what we're up against and what our prorities are, that could mean just about anything."

It's only the word 'emergency' that brings Ella's attention back around, her entire body turning with the twist of her head. Her hand is still outstretched towards the doorknob and her fingers even tickle that cold meal for a moment as both of her angular eyebrows shoot upwards. "Wait, wait, what sort of an emergency? And I was only kidding.. halfway.. about the dogmeat in the food. It used to be a lot more prevalent until the FDA took their health inspections a lot more seriously," she then shakes her head and scowls at herself for tangenting yet again, pulling her hand away from the knob to flick her wrist as if waving the subject away. "But emergencies.. those are important and interesting." She gives Maiyun a quick wink, "I think they wouldn't mind the flowers. It adds something positive to the entire ensemble."

"And you don't want me hurt." Maiyun rolls her eyes. "I get it." She huffs. "Just tired of feeling useless." Kayla leans against her, looking at Phelan with a tilted head. "I will only get in the way anyway. Don't have the proper training." Then she looks up at Ella. "But are you sure it's safe? Those 'Dancers' could be there." Kayla looks from Ella to Phelan.

"That's exactly what I'm afraid of." After admitting this to Maiyun the boy gives her a short nod and a smile, then his eyes shift back to the Corax to begin addressing her own questions. "He didn't say. All he let me know was that it was an emergency and he wants backup dressed to blend in with the crowd." Phelan pulls his hands out of his pockets, the right one clutching his cellular phone. Flipping it open he thumbs a few of the keys and checks his messages once more. "…Nothing else," he states after giving the original texts a skimming.

Grey eyes narrow at Phelan as Ella points an accusing finger at Phelan, "This is something all of -us- are taught really early on," she says, waggling that single digit, "Secrets never got anyone anything but dead." She then frowns and throws up her hands, "Whatever, Whatever. I guess I'll just have to find out on my own. And believe me, I can find -anything- when I put my mind to it." This time when she turns around, she does open the door, slipping out of the apartment without another word and closing the door softly behind her.

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