Auspex - Assorted Mental Effects
Animalism - The Manipulation of Animals
Bardo - Humanitas Mysticism
Celerity - Supernatural Speed
Chimerstry - Illusion Weaving
Daimoinon - Dark Infernalism
Dark Thaumaturgy
Deimos - Lilithian Discipline of the Lamia
Dementation - Power over Insanity
Dominate - Control over the Mind
Flight (Gargoyles) -…Flying
Fortitude - Supernatural Endurance
Maleficia - Discipline of the Evil Eye
Melpominee - Otherworldly Singing
Mytherceria Faerie Magic for Vampires
Mortis - Dark Ages Necromancy
Necromancy - Modern Nights Necromancy
Obeah - Discipline of the Healer Salubri
Obfuscate - Stealth and Invisibility
Obtenebration - Manipulation of Shadows
Ogham - Nature and Spiritual Manipulation
Potence - Supernatural Strength
Presence - Manipulation over Emotions
Protean - Shapeshifting Discipline
Quietus - Stealth and Killing
Serpentis - Snake Based Discipline
Temporis - Manipulation of Time
Thaumaturgy - Blood Sorcery
Thanatosis - The Art of Death
Valeren - Discipline of the Warrior Salubri
Vicissitude - Shaping of Flesh and Bone
Visceratika - Gargoyle's Only

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