Ebon Jackal

"God, things used to be so simple. I knew what I wanted and I took the steps to get it. Now I don't know much of anything except that I'm being watched 24/7. Like the TV show… without the chickens… or the stripper. Not that I care. We're all voyeurs. Let them watch." - Raimi Matthews, Broken Saints

General Info

Name: Nathan Brown
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Glasses, Celtic wedding band on r/ hand

IC Personas

Phelan Wulfric - Garou Beach Bum
Sylvia Jacobs - Trouble-making Camarilla
Zachariel West - Drifting Caitiff

Theme Songs

"Angry Young Man" - Billy Joel (Lyrics)
"Black Bugs" - Regurgitator (Lyrics)
"Dark Chest Of Wonders" - Nightwish (Lyrics)
"Flaming June" - BT
"Justify" - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Lyrics)
"Muse" - Wither (Lyrics)
"Pizza Day" - The Aquabats (Lyrics)

Other Stuff


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