Elijah Day

"I want to feel the change consume me
Feel the outside turning in.
I want to feel the metamorphosis
And changes I've endured within…"

Basic Info
Age: 23
Nature: Masochist
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
From: New York, New York
Theme Song: Forty Six and Two - Tool

"Yeah, Elijah. Elijah Day. Junkie extraordinaire. Addict of all things good and bad. Cesspool of discarded hopes and dreams. Poet of the cast away. Muse of the unimportant. I feel fucking dandy, Sybine. I feel like killing someone. That is a /good/ mood, nowadays. Would you like to help me murder someone tonight?"


"When I first saw you and heard your history,
you were an experiment."

"I wanted to see what your body and mind could take.
And in each test, you amazed me."

- Devon Obertus

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