ou are widely known among the mortals, perhaps as a movie star or writer. This gives you great privileges when you travel among the mortals, but it can also attract just a bit too much attention. Fame can grant a lot of pull in the mass media, allowing you to attempt to manipulate the thoughts of the populace.

Sometimes Fame can seem like more trouble than it is worth, causing you to be recognized when you don't wish to be seen. However, there are many circumstances where it can come in handy, like getting you into clubs, parties and appointments that you otherwise would not have been able to attend. You are also harder for your enemies ot physically dispose of, as you cannot just "disappear." Sometimes Fame will be used with Manipulation in order to make a roll ("See if you can convince the doorman to let you in - difficulty of 8"), but more often it is simply used as a measure of how well-known you are. Each level of Fame subtracts one from the difficulty of hunting rolls in heavily populated areas (people tend to flock around you).

o You are known by a select subculture of society in the city: among the elite.
oo Your face is recognized by a majority of the populace: local celebrity.
ooo You are fairly famous: your name and face are known by many.
oooo You are quite renowned: everybody knows something about you.
ooooo You are a nationally famous individual - a movie star, politician, or performer.

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