"Ya all know Tuan's song of old: "I am the hot wind that blows. I am the foam upon the beer. I am the boar at the party." I am the one who's damn sick of that song! It's time for some new songs, and I am the bard to sing 'em."

- Angus Firethroat, Fianna Galliard


Widely known for their storytellers, bards, musicians, poets and other artistic types, the Fianna are true madmen whose love for parties, alcohol and company can easily turn into fierce hatred, bloodlust and feral rage. The Fianna claim that the first Galliard was a Fianna and they're known for their blood-ties to the fairy-folk.

Every Fianna has a story to tell and few can live up the skill with which twist their tongue, though Silent Striders come closer than any other tribe. Fianna lust for a good fight is possibly matched by the Black Furies, whom they tend to hit on at grand moots, and Get of Fenris. Even though they share kin with the Fenrir, they are on bitter terms with each other due to several teritorial disputes between the two tribes, and the tribes kin. For this same reason the Fianna have feuded with the Silver Fangs in the past, though as a tribe they generally respect the Fangs leadership and the honor they show to the spirits. The Fianna have warm relationships with the Children of Gaia and Bone Gnawers.

While the tribe didn't originate on the British Isles, they now consider it their homeland (especially Ireland). They forced the White Howlers, who lived there before, to move into Scotland, while they overtook England, Wales and Ireland. With the first kings and queens, the Silver Fangs came to the isles, to claim their kin. Later the Get of Fenris invaded along with their Viking/ Saxon kinfolk (source of their bitter relationship). But besides that, the isles were a relatively calm place, since they were well protected. But when the Wyrm managed to corrupt kinfolk among the local Garou and turned the White Howlers into the Black Spiral Dancers, the relative peace suddenly ended. Today Fianna still fight anyone with passion, any who bear wyrmish taint. Like their kinfolk, the Fianna of England and Ireland, developed a grudge against each other. With the rise of the British empire and the great potato famine, Fianna settled in America and in lesser numbers in Australia. They never settled in the British colonies in Asia, where the shapeshifter population is governed by the Beast Courts of the Emerald Mother.

In wolf form, the Fianna are quite striking. They are huge like dire wolves (with the occasional resemblance to wolfhounds), with shining red or black fur. They often use Gifts to make their eyes glow green. Their howls are heartbreakingly beautiful, with an ethereal quality no other tribe can match.

Their appearance in Homid form often reflects their Celtic heritage. Most are descended from the people of the British Isles or Western Europe, and Fianna can be found almost anywhere English is spoken. Fianna can be fair-skinned or swarthy; they can be blond, dark-haired or redheads.

Their Kinfolk descend from the finest Celtic stock, many of whom immigrated throughout the world. Fianna are close to their Kinfolk and fiercely protective, a fact that has led to no few skirmishes. Most of their wolf Kinfolk live in North America, but a few treasured members roam hidden on protected European estates and parks.


Stag: Totem of Respect: Totem Spirit to the Fianna Tribe, stag represents a connection to the wilderness like no other. He is associated with masculinity, virility, and the wild raw power of nature. Stag isn't a creature of good or evil but one of light and dark natures, and is credited with giving the Garou their affinity with Nature. Whiles he is a creature who is master of the Wild Hunt, he wants his children to take a responsible attitude towards humans. In times of need, his avatars will occasionally appear to and help lost Garou to places of safety.

Those running under packs dedicated to Stag can call upon extra willpower, the enduring force in the ability to survive, and can push themselves like no other in feats of running for long distances. Those will hear stories of Honor of those who take up Stag as a pack totem, and Fianna will work along better with them. Faeries spirits and Changelings will show them honor as well.

However, whether it be in a pack, or as one of his children, Stag demands that you show respect for your prey. To do this you must learn the Rite Prayer for the Prey after a successful hunt. Children of Stag must also always aid the Fae.

Tribal Advantages/Disadvantages

Original Advantage: Heirloom - In earlier editions of Werewolf: The Apocolypse & Laws of the Wild, Fianna began play with two dots of Fetish. In later additions this piece of genre was completely ret-coned, going so far as to say that if a character had a fetish it was often held onto by a ranking family member until the Garou was worthy. Further it was stated that Fianna usually only bound spirits into Fetishes for 1 year. (Fianna Tribe Book: Revised)

3rd Edition: High Performance - In 3rd edition, the previous background was changed to represent the tribal ability to sing, dance, play an instrument beautifully, or failing that fight.

Low Self-Control: All Willpower rolls are at +1 difficulty.
The Fianna are a headily emotional tribe, given to bursts of manic joy, flashes of murderous anger and bouts of severe melancholia. Their philosophy is to live life to its fullest - a philosophy that, sadly, does not promote quite as much discipline as would be preferable.


Grandchildren of Fionn
Eire Fundamentalists
Children of Dire
Whispering Rovers
Brotherhood of Hern

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