There are few vampires who would willingly grant hospitality to a Follower of Set, and for good reason. The Setites, as they call themselves, are servants of darkness and corruption incarnate. The clan's ultimate goal is to corrode the ethics away from humanity and Cainites alike, creating a surfeit of slaves for themselves and their dark master.

Legends name Set, or sometimes Sutekh, as the clan's founder. In ancient Egypt, or so they say, Set was a great warrior and hunter. He hounded the desert nights like a beast and became worshipped by mortals as the god of night. He welcomed such worship and enjoyed the respect of his fellow Cainites. But eventually he was cast out. Here the stories become confused; some say Osiris banished Set, while others claim Horus defeated him. In any event, Set swore to reestablish his rule, but this time from the darkness. And in his footprints walked his childer.

Set disappeared in A.D. 33, promising to return someday to his followers. The Setites therefore work to make the world a fitting place for their master's return. So far, they have enjoyed moderate success. The approve of the widespread disease and imbalance of wealth; the more unhappy someone is, the more likely she will snatch at any chance to better her lot.

Setites work in insidious ways. They believe that the best way to corrupt someone is to give that person exactly what he wants, and watch desire breed even stronger desire. They foster ecstasy and indulgence in their flocks, always encouraging excess, quietly addicting their prey to the pleasures only the Setites can provide. Pity the Thrall with a Setite Master, or anyone else caught in their honeyed snare. The Followers of Set do what they do from religious zeal, and thus can be even more merciless than the inhuman Tzimisce.

Only an extremely small number of Sabbat were originally Followers of Set. They have proven especially gifted in espionage and sabotage. Some have even become members of the Black Hand. The members of this clan seem to enjoy the constant Jyhad the Sabbat wages.

The Setites of the Dark Ages
Believing themselves to be descendants of the ancient god Set, the Setites are devious fanatics. They carry themselves with a malignant air and pride themselves in being custodians of forbidden knowledge and traffickers in sin and damnation. Lairing in the sands of the Middle East, the Followers of Set have wormed their way into Europe following the upheavel of the Crusades. Although they are distrusted as foreigners, the Setites thrive in Europe by providing the things few others can, or want to. Ingenuity and guile are a Setite's calling cards.

Organization: Traditionally, Setites favor the ancient priesthood practices of Egypt, with each temple run by a Superintendent and First Prophet of Set. Thereafter, the remaining Setites fall into line as the Second, Third and (where applicable) Fourth Prophets of Set, though this last is rare. Circumstances now favor small intimate cults of mortal followers with the chief Setite acting as First Prophet of Set. Still, any hierarchical structure belies the Setites' respect for one another as vessels of Set's blood. Desheru are less stringent and ritualistic. They often simply rather what slaves will follow them.

Sobriquet: Serpents, Setites

Clan Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis

Weaknesses: Set lurks in the night and hates the day, which is the domain of the tyranny imposed by Osiris and Horus. Therefore, Followers of Set suffer greater susceptibility to the sunlight, enough so that exposure to the sun inflicts twice as many levels of aggravated damage to them as it would to other vampires.

The Setites of the Modern Nights
The Followers of Set, more commonly referred to as "Setites," are mistrusted perhaps more than any other clan. Their ties with the archetypal Serpent of myth are well-known, and bolstered by their disturbing powers. They are custodians of knowledge that, according to their claims, predates even the First City. When they enter a city, the Cainite power structure almost inevitably erodes. But most unnerving of all, they share a dark and powerful faith as a clan - a faith that the blood of gods pulses in their cold veins.

Of course, the clan's very name is proof of such faith. According to most Setites, their clan founder was none other than the dark god of ancient Egypt, a hunter without equal in the desert night. Other tales state that Set was an Antediluvian - at feast - who enshrined himself as a god among the Egyptians. In either case, Set's rule went unquestioned until he was challenged by a being named Osiris - whom some call a vampire, and others something else. Their war lasted for centuries, but ultimately Set was cast out of Egypt, into the darkness. And yet, his followers claim, it was in the darkness that wise, ancient Set began his rule in earnest. Although great Set has vanished from the world, his childer work to ensure that the world will be in a suitable state for his return - advancing their own schemes in the process, of course.

To achieve their goals, Setites master several potent tools. To their thinking, the weapons of addiction, seduction and decay are the oldest and finest of means to an end. Setites use drugs, sex, money, power - even vitae and supernatural lore - to draw others into their coils. To date, the Followers' methods have proved terribly effective. Kindred and kine alike succumb to the Setites' charms, gladly doing whatever their new masters bid in return for the Serpents' reptilian patronage. Indeed, in some cities, entire subcultures and economic strata are under one or more Setites' sway.

The Followers of Set cryptically refer to themselves as the "eldest among clans," whatever that phrase may mean to them. Cainite historians dismiss this as groundless braggadocio, citing Set's rise as well past the time of the First City. However, those who listen carefully to the Setites' whispering are somewhat less flippant, as the Snake Clan seems to have access to hoary lore that, some worry, might date back to the first and longest nights of all. A few Serpents have even hinted that Set was thrown into the darkness before Caine himself received his own curse - a theory that most Kindred dismiss, but one with frightening implications nonetheless.

Whatever the clan's origins, it is a fact that its influence is widespread indeed. Although they are rare in "traditional" vampiric haunting grounds such as Europe, the Followers of Set prowl many other areas of the world. They have a potent presence in Africa, particularly in Cairo and the sub-Saharan area of the continent. They nest in India, just on the edge of the Cathayan hunting grounds, pursuing the wisdom of destroyer gods and gathering cults to themselves. They sleep under Middle Eastern sands and rule the Caribbean night. And they go unafraid into the worst urban hellholes in America. Their web stretches from continent to continent, and the other clans have yet to realize just how much of the world the Setites have in their clutches.

Nickname: Serpents

Clan Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis.

Weaknesses: The Setites, as creatures of the most ancient darkness, have a severe allergy to bright lights of all sorts, and sunlight in particular. Add two health levels to any damage inflicted by exposure to the sun. Followers of Set also subtract one from all dice pools while in overly bright light (spotlights, magnesium flares, etc.)

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