The Realm-system begins with Gaia and is bounded by Gaia. Many Garou hold that all things that exist within the Tellurian are of Gaia, although some refute the notion that evil beings are truly a part of her. Gaia's growth and development are inextricably linked to the growth and development of the living beings within her. Gaia loves all of her Creations, and she extends to them a pure, unconditional acceptance and respect. Life is both a manifestation of Gaia and a celebration of her glory. Death is but a transfiguration of her energy, as the dying being ascends to a new state of in the cosmological cycle. This natural cycle of life and death has been altered by powerful intelligences, which, in turn, weakens Gaia. She is also weakened and degraded by the ongoing clash of the Triat. The Garou rage at the violence that the Weaver and the Wyrm inflict on Gaia, and they have pledged their lives and souls to defending, upholding and restoring her. They fear that the impending Apocalypse may signal her ultimate destruction.

See also: Wyld, Weaver, Wyrm

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