In the Middle Ages, soon after the destruction of Saulot, the Tremere clan found itself surrounded by its enemies… The Inconnu, Werewolves, jealous Mages, the Tzimisce… The proud, young clan didn't really have to bother with the Werewolves or the Mages. The first weren't great in numbers and the Tremere knew all about the second's tactics. After all, they were dealing with the thing they had been earlier. But the real enemies it had to face were the Inconnu and Clan Tzimisce. The Inconnu were angered by the death of "The greatest and wisest of all Antediluvians", Saulot, and the Tzimisce were angered by the presence of a competitor-clan in their "neighborhood".

They were facing two totally different threats. The ancient vampires of the Inconnu, who used their highly specialized disciplines against the young clan with deadly efficiency. And the Tzimisce, who had their vozhds and szlachtas to help them (war and guardian ghouls whose fighting abilities are multiplied by the treatment the Tzimisce give them by using their discipline, Vicissitude). Tremere himself had the powers of Antediluvian, and could have easily resisted the Inconnu, but the Tzimisce were another thing… Their Antediluvian was still awake. They had more Elders than the Tremere had. They had armies of their Ghouls. And the worst of all, as the Tremere quickly found out, Tzimisce Antediluvian had an Awakened Avatar, which meaned that he had the ability to use magic, just like Tremere himself.

The Tremere needed a force that was able to face the threat the other clan posed. By using great magical rituals, the Tremere created an artificial creature. It was created by mixing Nosferatu blood with Tzimisce blood and covering a statue with this mixture, and then, by using the magical powers and blood of the Antediluvian himself, gave it life. The eyes of the statue opened. The mouth opened also. The statue originally was a six-armed warrior, but to the Tremeres' surprise, the stone molded itself to the shape of a "normal-looking" humanoid creature with spiky skin and wings. It looked at it's creators with newfound intelligence. The Tremere Lord quickly dominated its still-shaping mind, and forced it into his servitude. He smiled diabolicly and told it to "go forth and multiply".. So it did.

It attacked the near-by villages with rage and embraced new vampires with the speed which made even the Tremere a bit afraid of them. But the Tremere Antediluvian was happy, for he still maintained control over the First One and through him, all his children. The Antediluvian smiled again, as his army of gargoyles tested their wings and flew to his castle just in time to save it from destruction by the attacking Tzimisce Force. The First One was more powerful than anyone had expected. He posessed the powers of a dozen of Tzimisces' best War Ghouls. The battle was turned.

The war raged on, and the Tremere survived it as winners. The gargoyles served Tremere and his children with great loyality. The First One was the only one cabable of creating a childe, for those of the "second generation" had too weak blood. But then, Tremere fell into torpor. The gargoyles were under his mental control, which met that they were set free. But this didn't happen. Once the Antediluvian closed his eyes, all the "second generation gargoyles" howled in pain and turned into dust. Only The First One survived the lack of mental control. It flew to its master as soon as it could. And stood next to his chest, guarding it with his life… The Tremere Clan was once again without its' "muscle", and without a defender, so the Council of Seven decided to repeat the Antediluvian's ritual and create another Gargoyle. The ritual worked again, but the council noticed, that the created gargoyle was unable to create progeny and was far weaker than The First One. And that one person could control only one gargoyle a time. If the controller died or lost control over the creature (by falling into torpor or somthing like that, because they found themselves being unable to end the mental control), the Gargoyle turned into dust. So it the Tremere couldn't gain a potential army, at least after they found out, that no Tremere of the Eight Generation or higher (ninth, tenth, eleventh…) could create a Gargoyle. That was the end of the armies. But the birth of the Gargoyles.

The creation of a Gargoyle is well kept secret amongst the Tremere these days, and only the most powerful of the clan know how to do it..

Creating a Gargoyle Character

As their history points out, the Gargoyles are infertile. They cannot embrace new vampires. This is mainly because their blood is a bit different than normal humans' vitae. If ingested, it causes the person drinking it mild nausea and if drunk in large qualities, a painful death from reasons unknown (some vampires think this is because of the Tzimisce blood used in the creation ritual). The only way to create a Gargoyle is to animate a stone statue by using the ritual involving the blood of a Tzimisce, the blood of a Nosferatu and the blood of the Tremere casting the ritual. The generation of the gargoyle-to-be depends on following factors:

Of which generation the ritual's caster is. No vampire of 8th or higher generation is able to create a gargoyle, even by using Blood of Potency or similar means to raise the Generation temporarily. Add 2 to this number, that will be the generation of the new gargoyle (so a 5th generation Tremere creates a gargoyle, it can be of the 7th generation)

Creation: The generation of the Tzimisce and the Nosferatu the blood is taken from:

-If the weaker of the bloods is of 3rd to 5th generations, the gargoyle's generation will come from its master's generation like mentioned above.

-If the weaker of the bloods is of 6th generation, gargoyle's generation becomes one higher (so 5th generation Tremere creates an 8th generation Gargoyle)

-If the weaker of the bloods is of 7th generation, gargoyle's generation becomes two higher (so 5th generation Tremere creates an 9th generation Gargoyle)

-If the weaker of the bloods is of 8th generation, gargoyle's generation becomes three higher (so 5th generation Tremere creates an 10th generation Gargoyle)

-If the weaker of the bloods is of 9th to 12th generation, gargoyle's generation becomes four higher (so 5th generation Tremere creates an 11th generation Gargoyle)

-If the weaker of the bloods is of 13th or higher generation, the ritual fails.

The gargoyle is blood-bound to its master and the Gargoyle will do whatever he says, usually without questions. The gargoyle can empathically sense, if its master needs its help (like The First One sensed Tremere's torpor). If the gargoyle's master dies, it dies the same instant. This restricts the playing of a gargoyle a bit, but also can make it very interesting. Especially if the chronicle is such, where players are playing elder characters, and one character happens to be a Tremere, who owns the gargoyle, who the other player is playing. But the mental link isn't one-way. If the gargoyle dies, the master will suffer great pains, and because of the magics that unbound upon the creature's death, he will take two points of damage because of the shock. It seems, that the only reason for a gargoyle to live is to serve its master.. A duty in which a gargoyle is unbeatable.

Nicknames: Blockheads or Stone-faces

Appearance: Gargoyles' appearance varies quite a bit, but to a human, they all seem like grotesque statues with repulsive appearance. They usually have a "demonic" appearance, with tiny horns and wings which grow as the gargoyle gains age. A young gargoyle has fragile and weak bat-like wings. They can fly at the speed of five miles / hour. For every 100 years they live, this speed increases by 5 mph. Their skin appears to be stone and becomes harded the older they grow (for every 200 years a gargoyle has lived, give it one extra soak dice).

Haven: Gargoyles maintain their havens just there, where their sire's hold their havens, usually at the Tremere Chantry (because usually the Tremere, who own gargoyles are at least regents). If a gargoyle is sent on a mission, it usually prefers gothic cathedrals where no-one notices a gargoyle statue. But these are extremely rare situations.

Backgrounds: A Gargoyle has the generation which comes from it's creator. A Gargoyle character who is new begins the game with no background whatsoever (we are talking about a piece of rock that has just been animated…)

Character Creation: A Gargoyle usually has Martyr or Sycopant nature and either a Bravo or Traditionalist demeanor. Their primary attributes are always Physical and Talents are primary abilities. As said earlier, Gargoyles begin the game with no backgrounds.

Disciplines: Potence, Fortitude, Visceratika

Weaknesses: Gargoyles have appearance of zero. They are infertile. They die if their master dies. Because they are not normal vampires, they are unable to close the wounds they cause by their bites and because they have very different biochemistry from normal vampires, they are unable to commit diablerie.

Advantages: Gargoyles are immune to mind-control of any sorts because their minds are artificial and already bid to servitude for their master. If they don't use blood on anything else, they use only one blood / week to sustain themselves. Their blood serves as a mild poison to mortals. If someone tries to commit a diablerie on a Gargoyle, and proceeds to the "soul-diablerie"-phase, the diablerie will fail and as the "soul" of the Gargoyle is sucked from its body, the diabolist takes two points of agravated damage because of the magical energies which create the "soul"…

Organization: One could easily imagine, that the bloodline has no organization and each one of them just serves his own master. This isn't true. The Gargoyles share the same blood and somehow each new Gargoyle is aware of others existance even if its Tremere master never tells it of the bloodline. As the tremeres all meet on tuesdays on their chantries, so will the gargoyles. The meetings of the tremere are so secretive that even Gargoyles aren't allowed to be there and during these meetings, the Gargoyles gather in a place that is either a node (a source of magical energy) or someplace near a place with a Faith rating (meaning there is something "divine" in it). These places are important to the gargoyles because of their magical nature. In a meeting the Gargoyles discuss the possible threats their masters might be facing and which are the best ways to deal with those threats. They never discuss their masters' secrets with each others because that would force the other gargoyles to tell it to their masters, which would harm the Tremere the facts are told about. Because of this race-link, a gargoyle will never, under any circumstances, attack another gargoyle, or another gargoyle's master, which would destroy a Tremere. This has unfortunately leads to that, that the Tremere who know how to create Gargoyles rarely pass on the secret. It makes easier to defend oneself from someone if you have a bodyguard who can attack the guy who is trying to kill you.

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