Get Of Fenris

"Get up! I'm not done killing you yet. You fight like a woman, now die like a man!"

- Kaavi Axe-Hurler, Get of Fenris Ahroun


The Get of Fenris traces their roots to Germanic tribes and wolf packs of Germania and Scandinavia. They are known as fierce and unforgiving warriors. They constantly train in battle, duel, engage in survival activities to hone their warrior skills. Cult of strength and endurance is so prevailing that they prize every battle-scar and sometimes engage in ritual (self)mutilation to prove themselves.

The tribal totem Fenris, takes on a different role than said wolf takes in your historical Norse myth. The roles of the Jotuns and Asgard have been mixed, in a similar fashion to the mythos of the Space Wolves. Fenris is a major incarna, in service to Luna and Gaia.

They are infamous for the constant "testing" the other tribes of Garou for being fit for being true defenders of Gaia. In practice they challenge other tribes to duels and take over their caerns if they are unable to defend them. It was for this reason (or pretext) that they have been engaged in a series of battles with the Fianna tribe and were a primary force in war with the Uktena and Wendigo tribes and their Native-American kinfolk.

They are also notorious for being unable to compromise and prone to rage - the reason they are derided by other tribes. Also, more manipulative tribes (like the Shadow Lords) tend to think of Fenrir as of cannon fodder.

The Get are a very martial tribe. Most are intensely muscular, and they bear their scars with pride. Their lupine forms resemble the huge gray wolves of the North, belligerent beasts with broad shoulders and huge, savage jaws. Many have dark patches in their fur, although some supremacists mock any Get who does not have a pure coat. Many look Scandinavian, Germanic or Anglo-Saxon in Homid forms, but modern Fenrir come from any culture that produces sufficiently strong warriors. Nearly all Get cultivate impressive scars and tattoos. Some even brand their fur or carve runes ceremoniously into their flesh.

The Get of Fenris first stalked their tribal homelands in Northern Europe, but they have traveled freely throughout many lands like their Viking ancestors. Most favor rural areas near their Kinfolk, often under conditions adverse enough to "cull the weak" from their human herds.


The Fenris Wolf: Totem of Respect. Tribal Totem to the Get of Fenris, this totem demands much of his children. Over a thousand years a go, the Norse peoples spoke of the ravening Wolf-God Fenris, a beast even the other gods feared. Powerful, blood thirsty, he neither gives nor expects quarter. He is a warrior's totem, and disdains weakness of any kind. Therefor he only chooses packs whose purposes is that of frequently soaking their blades, claws and teeth in the blood of their foes.

Packs worthy of Fenris become hard in their physical abilities, and are given their Glory known for taking Fenris up as their totem. The Get will respect followers of their tribal totem, a little more than most "outsiders". But they will test them, and test them often, sending them on savage Wild Hunts and battles against powerful enemies.

Whether it be in a pack, or as one of his tribe, Fenris commands that you never show yourself to be cowardly, and that you never turn down a challenge.

Tribal Advantage/Disadvantage

Pelt of Fenris: Harking back from the lands of the Norse, the Get are used to the cold and harsh weather. As such those Fenrir who take on the war-form to their lupis forms can take more damage from their foes in combat.

No Get of Fenris is ever encouraged to compromise her ideals. The tribe’s constant emphasis on fighting a never-ending battle and showing no weakness tends to breed a rather intolerant point of view. Every Get has a particular object of contempt, something she cannot abide. When confronted with this stimulus, she will be unable to endure its presence and will do everything in her power to rid herself of the annoyance.

The player may either define a specific Intolerance for her character (with Storyteller’s approval) or choose from the list below. Wyrm creatures may not be chosen - all Garou, particularly the Fenrir, are expected to be intolerant of the Wyrm.

  • Cowardice - You hate cowardice in all its forms, whether fear of bloodshed or fear of taking charge in social situations. Anyone in your pack who demonstrates cowardice must answer to you. If the tables are turned, and you go into a fox frenzy, you are so consumed with self-loathing that you take unnecessary risks trying to atone for your moment of weakness.
  • Compromise - You see compromise as no better than outright capitulation. To compromise is to surrender, and you scorn those who advocate such tactics. You refuse to compromise any of your beliefs of your own accord; if a leader forces you to do so, that is fair, but it does not speak well for the leader’s judgement.
  • Lower Animals - Respect Those Beneath Ye? Hardly! As far as you are concerned, that’s a poor Litany rule. You defend creatures lower than you as is your duty, but such wretches - including humans and wolves - deserve not a whit of respect. A grave insult from a human is enough to drive you toward frenzy.
  • Weakness - You hate physical or moral weakness in others, scorning those you deem weak and refusing to tolerate such qualities in yourself. This leads you to be quite unmerciful - those who need sparing, in your mind, don’t deserve it.
  • Weaver Stuff - You’re convinced that the Weaver is the grand enemy, and refuse to let too much of her stuff near you - especially technology. You especially despise the Glass Walkers and all urrah. Weapons more complicated than bows or swords are of no interest to you; the same goes for other technological items, particularly luxury items.


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