For purposes of rolling for Gifts, refer to this list:

Alertness is Awareness.
Empathy is Rapport.
Expression is Arts.
Intimidation is Presence.
Leadership is Presence.
Martial Arts may be substituted for Brawl, if the player wishes.
Performance is Arts.
Primal-Urge is Awareness (for sensory Gifts).
Primal-Urge is Rituals (for summoning Gifts).
Primal-Urge is Endurance (for physical Gifts).
Primal-Urge is Presence (for emotion-altering Gifts).
Subterfuge is Socialize.

Gifts do not have variable target numbers. Gifts listed with variable target numbers work in one of two ways: if the Gift aids the Garou or another person, or affects the environment or inanimate objects, then assume a listed target number of 3 is +3 dice, 4 is +2 dice, 5 is +1 die, 6 or 7 is normal difficulty, 8 is +1 difficulty, 9 is +2 difficulty, 10 is +3 difficulty.

If the Gift targets a sentient being or spirit to cause some kind of harm, where the listed difficulty is equal to a Trait or combination of Traits, assume the target may roll these Traits as a reflexive resistance to the Gift. When two rolls are asked for, one from the Garou and one from the target, with variable target number difficulties based on different statistics, or when a Gift directly damages the target, use the list given above for bonus dice or difficulty penalties.

Rites: Rituals are a slower and sometimes more powerful way of focusing a Garou's spiritual energies. The Garou may start play with 1 level of Rites per dot in Rituals. During play, he may have no Rite of higher level than his Rituals score. The rules for Rites and list of basic Rites appear in the Werewolf: the Apocalypse book, pages 154-167. Note that for the purposes of group rituals, any 5 paranormals participating in the Rite adds +1 die to the roll for the ritual. Willworkers may use Spirit magic to add successes to a Rite.

Use the rules for Gifts to determine difficulties for a rite. If a rite has a listed target number of "8 - Rank" or "8 - Caern Level," assume Rank or Caern 1 gives no bonuses, with +1 bonus die for every 2 Ranks or Caern Levels above this.


Rank 1 Gifts
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Garou Rites

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