This is the Garou's connection to the Umbra and the spiritual might of Gaia. It can feel like the sensation of a warm spring rain or seeing a beautiful sunrise. Gnosis carries the grandeur of nature as well as joy in the world's beauty. Without Gnosis, Rage would surely overcome a Garou, but without Rage, Gnosis may very well make the Garou incapable of fighting Gaia's enemies.

Rage and Gnosis
A character cannot spend a point of Gnosis in the same round as he spends a point of Rage, except in the case of Gifts or Fetishes which require both. He may not activate a Fetish, step sideways, or use Gifts which require Gnosis while he spends Rage. If the Garou has extra actions from Rage, he may choose either to take these actions or to use Gnosis in a round. He will be able to take his extra actions in later rounds, and may take normal multiple actions while spending or using Gnosis.

Stepping Sideways
Gnosis allows a Garou to peer through the Gauntlet or simply step through it. He must roll Gnosis, difficulty equal to the Gauntlet, to do either. Staring at a reflective surface adds +1 die to step sideways. Peeking through the Gauntlet means the Garou cannot see the world he is in, and is treated as if blind to attacks from this world. The Gauntlet is not consistent in all areas — in powerful Nodes, Garou may have +4 or +3 dice to step sideways. In natural or spirit-attuned areas, the Garou may have +2 or +1 dice to step sideways. In spiritually-distant or oppressive areas, the Garou may be at +1 difficulty. In areas of stasis or horrible suffering, the Garou may have +2 or +3 difficulty stepping sideways. In the most constricted and ordered areas, or those where massive harm was caused to both worlds, the Garou may experience difficulties of +4.

Stepping sideways takes five minutes for 1 success, 30 seconds for 2 successes, and is instant for 3 more successes. Failure means the Garou cannot step sideways at this spot for at least an hour. Botching traps the Garou in the Gauntlet, and he can only be removed with aid. The Garou may lead others of his pack who have the ability to step sideways through the Gauntlet, using his successes.

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