Holiday Graves


The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep
But I have promises to keep
And Miles to go before I sleep
And Miles to go before I sleep
- Robert Frost


Full Name: Holiday Elton Graves 'Waltzes with Death'

Age: 17

Birthday: July 20th

Family: Renold Graves (Cracks the Dark Ice) [dead], Carmilla Graves [dead], Thomas Graves (Ice Heart) [dead?]

Birthplace: Juno, Alaska

Tribe: Bone Gnawers

Auspice: Galliard

Breed: Homid

Personal Totem:The Monkey King

Rank: Fostern

Theme Songs: All in Black - Alkaline Trio, The Running Free - Coheed and Cambria

(Holiday is not impressed by your photography skills.)
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