Hyperion, also known as Katanka-Sonnak to the Wendigo, is the Planetary Incarna of Helios, spirit of the Sun. Though not the closest to us, we acknowledge the Wind Rider's power to illuminate the darkness. Humans consider the sun the most important celestial body. They have even adopted some of the Garou words to express the loss of the sun during an eclipse. Not understanding the full importance of the terms they use, they nonetheless call the area of the earth in which the sun is in total eclipse the Umbra or shadow, while those at more of an angle are known as the penumbra or outer shadow. It is believed that they stole these terms from the Corax, who claim a special relationship with Helios — and do tend to gossip.

The trek in order to reach Katanka-Sonnak's domain is a long one, even for umbral travelers. Stopping along the way for rest happens quite frequently, most of the time in minor domains of Aetherial spirits. At times moon paths are waited on to that travel can be safer.

Might as Well be Walking on the Sun

Once one finally is near Hyperion's realm, one can feel the heat, see the brilliant light — after all it is the only thing that can illuminate the darkness out here. Like Sokhta, Katanka-Sonnak has many forms and many names. One of his forms is that of the of the Aetherial sun, which appears in its true white colour in the the Aetherial Realm. He also may appear as a human warrior clad in bright armor, a golden eagle, a huge raven or a diamond-bright crocodile.

Trying to tell how much time has been spent in the presence of Hyperion is pretty useless, for this close to the Sun there is not difference between night and day. Even shadows are lost in this realm.

Once in the realm, the Wind Rider is not inclined to treat most Garou kindly — he blames them for the harm that was done to his children in the War of Rage. It is whispered that he believes that the Garou have helped bring on the coming Apocalyse. (He may be right, too.) Among the Garou Tribes, only the Children of Gaia and the Wendigo truly hold his favor.

Once the light of any other star, planet or even the moon has dimmed beyond sight, Hyperion's servants come to great travelers. These beings of elemental fire smell of molten metal, they dance around their lord and guard the approaches to his realm.

However the only one can really pass them is to take the heat and be sturdy, any hostility from travelers is met with just as much if not more hostility back.

Katanka-Sonnak is fierce and proud like a strong Ahroun. However, as said before, he does not care for Garou that much. If one speaks with him, they must speak with respect, remaining brave and honest. Do this and he will respect you in turn. He may even choose to heal wounds that were inflicted on the way to his realm.

He is quite aware of the presence of the Red Star, after all is called Anthelios for a good reason, it is everything that Helios himself opposes. And another sun, darkened and corrupted, but an unwanted interloper. Those speaking to Hyperion should be careful. He may want more than they can give.

Katanka-Sonnak can heal any sort of damage to himself or any other; he is equally capable of inflicting damage that can be healed only through mystical means. Among the Silent Striders, rumors whisper that he can restore life to the dead.

If one can convince him that their mission is both important and just, that it serves both his and Gaia's interests, he may gift you with Sunfire. Though his gift requires that you suffer the pain his fiery touch brings, it can burn out disease and poison and heal even severe wounds. His other gifts are less painful, though still potent.

Hyperion's Citadel, The Great Flaming Tipi

The citadel of Hyperion seems to appear in one of two forms. The first is that of a pure white tipi decorated with symbols of the sun and flames in brilliant yellow, orange and red. It rest upon a plain of glowing embers, bathed in blue white fire. Inside there exists a great council chamber around a central fire.

Beautifully designed peace pipes and speaking sticks adorn the walls, which are lined with firs and raven feathers. Each fur pulls back to reveal other chambers, each resembling a separate tipi. Guests visiting Katanka-Sonnak's realm are welcome to stay in some of the areas set aside for them. Aetherial spirits come to the Incarna for judgements and counsel.

The other form consists of an actual citadel, a walled city with spires and turrets, made of flickering flames and set within a lake of burning fire. Like the tipi, there is a central chamber, though it resembles a medieval throne room. Tapestries of living fire adorn the walls and pools of lava light the hall. Katanka-Sonnak rest upon a crimson ruby throne lit from within by its inner fire. When the Incarna is not present, the throne remains dark and the whole room seems to loose its luster. Golden doorways lead to other halls and rooms.

In either form, one can feel the heat bathing them, but it doesn't burn or harm travelers as Katanka-Sonnak has granted them the right to be here. Sweet smells, as of burning incense, waft through his citadel and the sound of crackling flames fills the air. If one listens to these flames one can hear the voice of the Incarna.

From here one can follow the star roads to the next destination, unless the Wind Rider see it fit for travelers to ride on the solar winds.

Dangers of the Realm

Katanka-Sonnak's Fire - Fire elementals form a ring around the sun's realm. Garou wishing to approach the Wind Rider are attacked as they near him. One Elemental attacks for each Garou present. Those who try to pass through the ring must suffer five attacks to break through, each time taking damage from intense heat and being set ablaze. One can try to soak this damage, however it is very difficult. Children of Gaia and Wendigo will find it slightly easier to enter this realm but not by much. Some gifts such as Luna's Armour and Chill of Early Frost, can prevent or mitigate the damage. For every wound a Garou receives in this manner, they grow stronger in their resolve.

Those who suffer enough damage to die may die a real death, or if they are lucky, they may find themselves in the Incarna's citadel, completely healed. This is all a matter of if Katanka-Sonnak believes the life that one has lived is one that he would approve of.

Wise Garou will realize that their objective is to reach Katanka-Sonnak's domain, not battle elements. If they pass through without retaliating, there are no more attacks on them and they can reach the Incarna's citadel with no further trouble. Those who insist on battling the elements must suffer through all five attacks as normal, but for every attack they attempt upon the elements, they become subject to another attack. These wounds also cause Garou to slowly loose willpower per attack.

Sunspots - In the physical world, sunspots are areas where the gaseous matter which comprises the sun burns less hotly. They appear darker than the surrounding area. Various phenomena are associated with sunspot activity. In the Aetherial Realm, sunspots cause Aetherial storms. Such storms are what make the solar winds dangerous. While usually more predictable, often coming in groups, then fading away for a time, sunspots (and the wild storms they cause) have become more frequent since the advent of the Red Star. As the ominous interloper comes nearer, sunspot activity increases until solar storms are almost constantly raging, mirroring the Incarna's anger.

At present, the sunspots, whiles prevalent are not inescapable. If one occurs, it presages a howling storm with hurricane intensity solar winds. Such winds rip travelers from moon bridges and paths, hurling them into random locations with in the Umbra such as Atrocity Realm, or somewhere in the Aetherial realm. These storms inflict nearly mortal damage onto unsuspecting travelers.

Solar Flares - These towering columns of flame erupt over an area encompassing several hundred feet to a few miles. Mile high geysers of flame, solar flares cannot harm travelers by their fires —- but the blast from the eruption and radiation spewed forth by it are another story. The energy of the eruption is enough to throw anyone completely off the sun. In the physical world, solar flare explosion is equivalent to ten times the force of the Hiroshima bomb. In the Aetheria, a flares force is enough to incapacitate a Garou. Further, the radiation causes strange afflictions. Though temporary, they can range from annoying to down right dangerous. These effects should last from a few hours to a few days. and can sometimes be cured with Mother's Touch or healing from Sunfire. These can range from partial paralysis of the arms and legs, deafness, blindness, nausea/vertigo or even uncontrolled narcolepsy.

Hyperion/Katanka-Sonnak as a Totem

Just as Luna's face of Sokhta/Phoebe will sometimes act as a pack totem; so does Helio's Incarna of Katanka-Sonnak. He does so very rarely, and only when throughly impressed with a pack's merde and foresight. Mokolé and Corax, the other children of Helios, respect Hyperion's children and will cooperate with them as necessary.

Katanka-Sonnak appears as a great Native American warrior with deep bronze-red skin and long, flowing black hair. He dresses in creamy buckskins with beautiful yellow, red and blue beadwork depicting the sun disc and an elaborate headdress of eagle feathers and ermine. in Hi right hand, he holds a feathered spear painted red and upon his back he carries a quiver of flaming arrows and a fire strung bow. He rides upon a pony as black as night with a mane and tail of orange-red flames.

His eyes reflect the stars within the Aetherial Realm and burn with his inner strength. His face is harsh, but fair — like his judgments. His voice can be as soft as sunbeams falling upon a single blade of grass or may reverberate throughout his realm, carrying his commands to all who serve him.

Those he chooses to be his children receive the Gift: Kiss of Helios. The pack may also call upon a massive store of willpower.

But because of the War of Rage, Hyperion/Katanka-Sonnak is commanded to protect other shapeshifters left on earth, Mokolé and Corax in particular.

Katanka-Sonnak, The Wind Rider: The Fifth Lunar Month

Aetherial Realm - Sun
Auspice - Ahroun
Colours - Yellow
Element - Fire
Other Names - Helios, Hyperion, Sol, Re, Lugh
Quality - Warmth
Tarot Card - Strength
Tribe - Wendigo
Vices - Gluttony
Virtues - Energy, vigor
Zodiac Correspondence - Leo

Action follows introspection, and the fifth lunar month resonates with purposeful activity. Katanka-Sonnak, the Wind Rider, springs from his fiery mansion in the sun to announce his presence to the universe. Called the Wind Rider because of his association with solar winds that sweep through space, Katanka-Sonnak represents the energy of renewal and rebirth.

Bright yellow, like the sun at its peak, is the colour of Katanka-Sonnak. His element, fire invigorates the world and provides the catalyst for action and life, even in the coldest climes.

Ahroun enjoy the patronage of Katanka-Sonnak above the other auspices, since they bask in the directed action of battle and relish the heady flush of victory over their enemies. Ahroun burn during the fifth lunar month, therefore, tend to wage war with all the drama of the great heroes of the First Times, risking themselves with confidence rooted in their boundless energy. Katanka-Sonnak Ragabash have a directness to them that seems uncharacteristic of their auspice; their tricksterish ways tend toward the bawdy and flamboyant. In the same fashion, Galliards born with Katanka-Sonnak as their patron delight in dramatic renditions of songs and stories, delivering their repertoire with a fierce exuberance that infects those around them with heightened emotions. Philodox influenced by Katanka-Sonnak pronounce their judgements with a single-minded conviction, delivering fiery speeches to argue their decisions and brooking no opposition. And the Wind Rider's Theurges often prefer allying with vibrantly active spirits of fire, wind, and other exuberant qualities.

Katanka-Sonnak favors the brashness of the Wendigo, despite their affiliation with the cold winter lands and the icy cannibal spirit of their totem. The angry energy of the youngest of the three tribes who came to the Pure Lands attracts Katanka-Sonnak, who watches them burn with the pure brightness of the winter sun.

In the western Zodiac, Katanka-Sonnak roughtly corresponds to the sign Leo, associated with Nemean Lion of Herculean myth. The meteor shower known as Leonids originates in the part of the sky ruled by Leo, and these fiery messengers also echo aspects of the "Wind-Rider."

Garou ruled by Katanka-Sonnak demonstrate great energy and vitality in their actions, never faltering in their duty towards Gaia. The Wind Rider's weakness, gluttony, comes from his insatiable hunger for action the need to constantly fuel his inner drive.

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