Knight In Shiny Chainmail To The Rescue Again

A dwindling candle flickers from where it rests on one of the large folding tables. In the warm, golden glow of the flame, a young latino woman can be seen in the middle of the room with a switchblade in hand. For a while, she practices moves with it in her right, then switches to the left, and back. Her jet-black waves toussle about her shoulders wildly with the occasional spin as she thrusts the shortbladed weapon out into the air in another direction.

A soft crunching of boots-on-gravel is heard faintly. In the relative darkness of the place, a young man picks his way through the rubble. All visible body language indicates the fellow is curious, perhaps searching for something. If one is quiet enough, a soft murmuring of a Chinese lullaby can be heard as he makes he way from place to place. He does not notice the woman immediately - as he is far away, just barely within the area.

The crunching sound brings a pause to the young woman's activities, though the blade stays in her hand as she narrows her eyes into the darkness, trying to see the source of the sound. Stealthily, she moves slowly and quietly from the glow of the candle to the outer reaches of the light as she creeps along one side of the laundry room towards the end closer to the rubble of the outside. The blade is slipped into her left hand as the right slips to the hidden holster in her ripped jeans, a small handgun drawn in her hands as she lowers into a still crouch, eyes searching the darkness.

JianJun makes his way quietly to the edge of the light, still murmuring his Chinese lullaby. As the light illuminates him, it becomes obvious that the man is extremely well-armed. Even in the low light of the place, certain things become clear: a bulletproof vest reflects dully, in sharp contrast to the two handguns strapped to his thighs, the shiny handle of a flick-knife tucked into his belt, the numberous loaded magazines tucked about his person - and the rather viscious looking shotgun that is held loosely in his right hand. The man, once reaching the edge of the light, promptly sits down cross-legged and speaks to the darkness, "If friend or foe be here, be known to me. Should I mistake the former for the latter, I shall be judged harshly in the end." A close look would reveal that the man does not look directly at the light at all, keeping his eyes averted and accustomed to the darkness.

A voice, thick with Spanish accent, pipes up from within the realm of shadows, a female voice, "Who..Who are you?" The voice is somewhat timid, but soon, stealthy and silent movement follows the words and leads her to the edge of the light as well, her heritage combined with the candlelight giving her a deeply warm and honeyed glow.

JianJun chuckles softly into the quiet of the place, "Just a boy, I suppose. A very well-armed boy. You may call me Jin. And who are you, my latina acquiantance? Should I be worried that you would spill my blood at this time, or shall we sit and speak a moment. I am looking for the survivors. There have been some rather large and nasty beasts about. Nastier than the normal, if you will." Carefully, Jin places his shotgun in his lap. "Shall we have some civil words? It would delight me."

"I spill no blood that means no harm to me, Mister Jin," comes the reply as the handgun is slid back into that hiden holster and the young woman walks with a silent, cat-like grace to sit up on the folding table, near the dim light of the candle. Her voice is very calm now, any worry seemingly past, though she keeps her knife out, tossing it absently from one hand to the other as if it had become second nature by now, "I am named Yasmira and it is good to see there are more survivors than I had first thought. And yes, we shall have civil words. What worst beasts could there have been? I saw a dragon. Huge…black dragon come from the sky and trip up this hotel." The young woman's legs swing idly beneath her, back and forth as she continues the deft handling of the blade.

JianJun blinks a few times, digesting this information, "A dragon?" The man considers this for a while before continuing, seemingly not the least bit disturbed. "I see. A dragon. I've not had one of those yet, myself. Though many strange and unfriendly things have fallen to me recently. But not a dragon." With a slight gesture the man covers his mouth and yawns, "So then, you've been hiding down here? This is not the safest place in the city to seek refuge. I can only wonder about your food supply. There is fresh game at the floor of the jungle, my friend. Are you hungry?"

"Yes…dragon. Fire-breathing and smelling of sulphur. Like it says in the Books. And yes…I have been hiding here. Mister Gabriel protects me though. Helps teach me to be strong." She closes the switchblade, stuffing it in her left pocket as she scoots back a little at her perch, drawing her knees up and wrapping her arms around them as she nods faintly, "I do hunger though. We run low on food. Well Miss Madison and myself do. She is a survivor as am I. Most our food has grown stale or begun to rot. Takes time now to find what is good to eat. I have hungered worse though." The young woman does not elaborate, but rests her chin atop her knees, a somewhat lethargic look in her eyes for a moment.

JianJun nods, "Gabriel has no shortage, I see. Very well. In his absence, I'm willing to lend my services to you. Would you like to head above-ground and see if we may find some game? I'm unsure of what may be there. As you say, Sir Gabriel is not here at this moment - are there any other of his colleagues about that we may stumble upon? I would hate to injure an ally, you see. This jungle has me on edge." He considers the woman carefully and nods, "It would be wise to leave this place, at least for a time."

The young latino cants her head faintly to one side, away from the candle's flame as she considers Jin a moment, "As much as I long for food, Mister Gabriel told me I am not to leave this hotel, that it is too dangerous. I must obey Mister Gabriel, he's done nothing but help me despite how we met. And hmm…there is a Mister Carmina…a mister Freydstadt. Miss Madison also says she has seen a blonde woman, but I have not seen. As far as I know, that is all of us who survive here, but I may be wrong. I mostly stay here in the basement. It is safer under ground." At the tilting of her head, the ebon waves cascade over one shoulder.

JianJun taps his chin thoughtfully, "I see. Gabriel, Freystadt, Carmina, and possibly one more. Precious few. You seem to be a very … loyal … friend of Gabriel. It is healthy to have friends in this place. Though, it will do little good to have them if you die of starvation." The man sighs quietly and rubs the bridge of his nose. "I suppose I should speak with the man, Gabriel, about the condition of his crewpersons. It is dangerous to eat questionable things. And medical care is not exactly readily available. Nevertheless, his intentions are noble, I'm sure. Unfortunately, I have no provisions with me. It is too inconvenient to travel with." He gives the woman an apologetic look. "I am sorry."

"Do not worry of it, Mister Jin. I am sturdier than I look. I have gone a long time with nothing but water before." Her brow furrows after having given a kind and soft smile to the man, eyes moving away to probe the darkness. "I guess there is little I have to worry about admitting it here and now. With things as they are…so I will tell you. This country is not my home. I should not be here by law, but I came in search of Father after Mother died. Not only do I not find him, but now I am trapped here. In the city of Angels that has fallen to demons. I missed evacuation because I hid. I thought them deporting me would be a bad thing…but Father is likely dead now. Or deported and cannot find me. Mister Gabriel took me in. Despite my first having tried to steal from him. I would never betray him now though. He is the one I am closest to." Her words turn into idle ramble as her focus seems a little lost for the moment, perhaps a result of her hunger, notable by a soft rumble from her lean stomach.

JianJun grumbles and stands up, "Alright. Let Gabriel have his way. I'm sure what he /meant/ was 'don't leave the hotel without an honorable escort' - that would be me. Now, let's get to the floor of the jungle and find some food, yes? You will feel better, I 'm sure. If Gabriel comes in the interim - and we shall be near the hotel - then I shall explain it to him. Being of noble intentions, I'm certain the man will understand completely."

The young woman's glance to Jin appears mildly worried and skeptical, "While I hope you are right, and I know he is a noble man, what of the danger? While you are armed so much I am surprised no daggers are attached to your teeth and hair, it is…as you said…a jungle out there. I am strong for a girl my size, but I am nothing against those beasts. I would be little help to you." The reply is genuine, a bit of sadness at her admission. "I would likely only get us killed…" Her voice trails off as she frowns fully now, lips forming a pout from the motion and the fullness of her lips.

JianJun waves his hand dismissively, "It will be quite easy, I'm sure. We don't even have to get exceptionally close. We'll find something natural - probably something with teeth, large ones - and I will subdue him. And then you may feast. It is a simple plan, really. Surely one set for success. Once more, you will be under escort - neither I nor he would send you out alone. I have met a few latin people before. I have no doubt you are in equal parts feminine and lethal, so let us get about it, mm?" Grinning, the man hefts his shotgun, "I warn you, if you continue to protest I will be forced to use my signature charming smile to get you to come along." He winks, giving the joke a litle punctuation.

A soft and sheepish laugh escapes the young woman as she releases her knees and lets them drop to hang beneath her, though she doesn't move to stand yet, "I guess that could work…I would have to find safe place to make a fire and cook it…I may have had to make my way here by means of stealing for food, but I cannot stomach the uncooked. There is surely a rod around here big enough to spear through an animal to turn over a makeshift spit as well. At least Mother did teach me some of cooking." A soft blush goes to her cheeks at the wink, though not much of one as it's hard to add much more rosiness to so rich a complexion. Her toned body slips to the ground, black sneakers making hardly a sound as she finds her feet. "I never thought I would say it though…but things were so much nicer in Mexico."

Unfortunately, the hum of machinery does not exist to mask the footsteps leading into the basement. Two pairs of boots echo through the vine-twisted halls, barely muffled by the light speckling of dirt and debris scattered over the floor. Two men, one shining, shirtless, ebony skin as dark as the dirt below. His muscular frame is almost hulking, almost animalistic, one could say. The black man wears a pair of grey army pants, with combat boots to match, a military grade machete strapped to his back with a leather sheath. His muscled arms hang at his sides as he creeps along, stealthy and predatory, brown eyes observing behind a pair of black-rimmed spectacles. Accompanying him is a pasty-skinned man in a grey coat and brown suit, a sawed-off shotgun held deftly in one hand, pointed at the two occupants of the basement. "Now, jus' who are you?" Asks the black man in a no-nonsense tone, a grimace of focus fixed to his marble features. "Patrick, you get ready ta pull that trigger, now. I don't recognize I don't recognize this young man and lady"

Not long after the other men would arrive would there be the sound of metal clanking slightly growing louder and louder as it neared. Finally the form of the chainmail clad Prince would come into view, bits of his well muscled chest being visible through the gaps in his chest piece, his hair as normal tied back behind him, axe strapped onto his back and shortsword on his side. The mans deep emerald orbs would quickly lash out moving from person to person in the room a slow brow faintly lifting.

JianJun rubs the bridge of his nose quietly and speaks very slowly and deliberately, "I think, my friend, that we should be on with it if we are going to. I think, perhaps, I am an unwelcome guest. A well-meaning one, to be sure." The man looks outwardly calm, though he carefully inspects all the new arrivals with an appraising eye.

The young woman freezes at words of the ebon-skinned man's words, large doe-brown eyes growing even larger in fear. No words seem to come for a moment as her mouth opens and closes a couple times in shock before she hears the jingling of the Brujah's chainmail. This whole time, Jin's words go unreplied to, even as relief comes at Gabriel's appearance. "Please…I am allowed. I am named Yasmira. Mister…Mister Gabriel told me to stay here," Yasmira calls out to the ebon-skinned man finally, still a little frantic sound to her voice, a heavy Spanish accent to her voice, "Mister Gabriel…please…tell him."

Ruark hears the clinking of the chainmail far before the others, and has already stood to his full height, shedding the animalistic nature welling deep within him long enough to give Gabriel a proper bow. Patrick, however, still keeps the shotgun's sights trained on JianJun. "Who're you?" The suited man asks, watching Jian with an almost bored expression. Ruark offers one of his ecstatic smiles to Gabriel, pulled from the well of never-ending energy and hospitality(only towards allies, it would seem), within the aged black man. "Mistah Gabriel. A-he-he. Nice ta see a friendly face, Majesty."

"Nice to be seen my friend, and even more nice to see you well doing such a wonderful job this evening" The Prince would offer to the large black man before walking casually past him, his steps would reflect utter grace and power while nearing the girl, "Oh and yes Mr. Mctierney, she is well with me and shall be protected at all costs" his eyes would focus on her as he would offer her a warm smile, his eyes quickly darting to the other man, "And I am not quite sure where you think she'll be going with you, but I must certainly promise you shes not"

JianJun noted the attitude of the black man and the woman. With as much grace as he is able, the man makes a bow that halves his height. As he rises slowly, the man keeps his eyes downcast, "Of course. Absolutely silly notion of mine. It was an offer of refreshment for her - to be given a little conversation and an opportunity for fresh …food. Under my capable escort, of course. It was my understanding that your most honorable intentions were that she be kept healthy - to which I might add the food supply here is diminished. It was my most humble intention to assist your loyal - erm - subject."

The honey-skinned young woman's relief grows to a calm and she moves a step closer to Gabriel, smiling gratefully to him before glancing to the others again, particularly watching Jin as he offers explanation and then she gives a faint nod, "He was trying to talk me into a hunt to the jungle floor as most of our food must be sorted through now to find what is still good. Some is stale or moldy, and other is fine, but with no power, it is harder to keep. I…I am glad to see you again Mister Gabriel. I have been practicing." Her hand moves to her pocket to smoothly flick out the switchblade, open it, close it and put it back in a …somewhat deft motion before she smiles proudly up to the Brujah, seemingly unconcerned of the situation now with Gabriel back around her.

Ruark watches the interaction between Gabriel and the woman closely, lowering to a predatory crouch once more. "She's a trustworthy one, eh, Mistah Gabriel? You sure o' that?" The black man asks, creeping forward again as his energetic eyes take the people into detail. The man with the shotgun steps forward again, his grey overcoat sweeping behind his legs as he grimaces, pointing the twin barrels directly at Jian's face. "I asked who the fuck you were. This isn't a game, this isn't social tea time. This is survival. Answer now or lose your face." The black man turns his head, staring up at Patrick with a bemused grin. The gun-toting man's conduct only earns him a soft, "A-he-he."

Gabriel nods slowly toward the Scourge before placing himself between the other man and the woman a slow hand lifting toward the man with the shotgun, "Easy my friend" he would simply say as he took a single step closer to the man, eyes scanning him closely, "I would like to know who you are, infact from the way you speak perhaps a formal introduction is due" the Princes demeanor was stern for certain, though he expressed no hostility or anger.

JianJun nods his head deeply and speaks in a calm voice, "I am JianJun Weisheng of Dalian, China. I am -" obviously unsure how to proceed, the man changes his statement, "I am deeply sorry if I have offended your wishes in any way. My intent is only to do well by all, nothing more. It is a noble ambition of but a humble man." Casting a look over to the man who evidently can't wait to blast him, he says calmly, "You may call me Jin, that is my name, friend."

A half-step is taken as if to fully hide in the shadow of the chainmail-clad Prince, her arms wrapping about her waist as she looks on with a mix of confusion, worry and curiosity. The mere lack of smile on her face forces her full lips into a pout as she listens. There are no further words from her at the moment, though she cants her head to one side for now.

The brown-suited man stands down instantly as the Prince speaks, a well-disciplined nod offered to the man before he turns and makes his way to the doorway, to stand guard. The black man stays where he is, crouched and watchful. "Don't mind Patrick, young man. But, he's got a point. These are dangerous times, and you just happen ta be walking around like a tank. A-he-he."

"Indeed they are dangerous times" the Prince would say before a smile would be offered to the other man, "Certainly you understand, I see you are only wishing to do well though, and as such I would ask that if there is more to say of your introduction you may freely speak it here" looking back to the Scourge he would smirk, "Yasmira here has tasted the wine of life and knows its strengths to a lesser degree than us of course"

JianJun gives the slightest shake of his head, "I am simply unknown. My introduction is but idle chatter before your own symphony. I would not profane the air with as much, less it offend you." The man makes a neat quarter-bow to demonstrate his sentiment, then rises again, head and eyes still lowered.

The Prince's words bring a blush that turns her honeyed cheeks to a dusky rose, a soft and complacent form on her lips as she nods slowly, looking from Gabriel to the Scourge and back, "Which I thank you for, Mister Gabriel. Wine which has made me strong." Her head cants the other direction at Jin's words, however, and a brief skeptical look crosses her features beforee it is repressed, both that and the blush finally fading away.

"Ooh, boy, every second I'm likin' you a little less. A-he-he." This produces a chuckle from the man at the doorway as well, who stares at Jian with distrusting eyes. "If you don't wanna offend, Mistah JinnyJun, then I suggest you don't spit all that Jazz. Because you're just butterin' up yo person-al-i-ty." The black man says, tilting his head to the side as he stares at Jian, narrowing his eyes slightly. Now he turns his gaze to Gabriel, features becoming respectful and thoughtful at once. "In a time like this, Majesty? Really?" he asks, seeming perplexed with the Brujah's behavior.

Two Men in buisness suits come out from the long hallway, they have thier hands by thier sides and support a warm smile on both of them. Both are white in thier mid forties to fifties. As they enter the basement they look around, both seem to eb in shock. "Thank the baby Jesus Christ." The man with a british accent. The Australian accent man looks at Prince and nods. "We thought we were the oly ones to survive out there.

"Indeed in a time like this, in part for loyalty, another for power which equals more protection for us all…and also for casual drink" The Prince would say as he moved to the side of Yasmira draping a single arm over her shoulder, "I do think a hunt would be a good idea… for though it is not very proper, we can indeed feed on what we bring in, and then those who stay with us may use it for food" pausing for a moment he would turn to face those who just enter, "In these times we must protect others aswell as ourselves so that we as a whole may survive…"

"Thank you, Mister Gabriel. I am not unfamiliar with going without food for some time, but I am sure I would be of more help if my stomach might not rumble loudly enough to bring beasts upon us," Yasmira says softly after dipping her head gratefully to Gabriel. Her smile grows a bit at the Prince's actions. Tilting her head briefly to the side and lifting her shoulder to somewhat 'hug' or 'nuzzle' Gabriel's arm briefly, the young latino girl then turns her head to look to the Prince with a warm and hopeful smile.

Ruark watches all of this with narrowed eyes, turning his head calmly as Prince steps in past Patrick. The black man watches everyone's actions eagerly, even as he steps back slightly as if fading into the shadows, still crouched in his animalistic form.

Both of the men nods deeply towards Gabriel for a smile. "Great to see Mr Bennett weathering it out, how very lovely.." The Pritiash man states, The Australian man nods as he looks around. Prince speaks up eyeing Gabriel. "Mr Bennett could I have a moment of your time somewhere private, it concerns details you wish to hear.

Gabriel cants his head sideways slightly a curious brow lifting at Prince's words, "What is it related to atleast?" he would ask allowing his arm to move from the girl and a couple of steps to be taken toward Prince, "I had just had plans to take everyone hunting for some food… as we all are in need of it.." a casual glance would be offered toward the Scourge over his shoulder.

Making his way down from the Laundry room, Markus stretches out a little bit. He carries a flashlight in one hand and a map and pen in the other. Rotating his shoulders and bending his neck to each side he slows his paces as he sees the group and one eyebrow slowly arches.

From the relative darkness to the side of the room, the crouched, predatory Scourge stares at Markus for a mere moment, though a sense of knowing is held within the gaze. He turns his eyes back to the group for now, watching carefully. Patrick nods respectfully to Markus, standing guard at the door with a sawed-off shotgun in hand.

JianJun inquires gently of Gabe, "If it is your wish, perhaps I may scout forward and see if I may relay back the locations of any especially nasty things lurking in the jungle? I understand there was a dragon that did well to damage this building. An individual, such as myself, would better hide and relay the danger to the hunting party - than bring the whole into very real danger of such a beast."

Prince whispers something to Gabriel.

For a moment, the young latino woman appears a little crest-fallen as the Prince moves away from her side. A small smile reappears on her lips once the initial look is suppressed and she pads softly over to lean against the folding table that bears her nearly-lifeless candle. Her head cants quietly to one side as she watches the dying flame. It probably wouldn't last more than a quarter-hour or so. A faint sigh escapes her.

Gabriel lifts both brows slowly as he hears the mans words, his lips would purse together while a concerned demeanor making its way across his face. "Indeed… maybe that is best discussed more privately, is it utterly urgent that could cause danger within the next few hours?" he would ask Prince, his eyes moving however to scan everyone, "For lack of food may very well do that…and perhaps the dragon outside, or the hordes of other nasty things that lurk so near to our very bodys…." sighing softly a thoughtful look would then be cast to the asian, "If you would desire to do such a thing, I would not deny you the glory that would surely come of it.. though I must caution you of the danger of course"

"Ruark, Gabriel. We shall retire, now." Markus stands up to his full height. He begins to move towards the Elysium and motions with his hand, "Prince, you're allowed to come also. How qualified is J-sorry, I forgot your name nor can I pronounce it entirely - to do that? And who is he?" Strangely enough, the man seems completely composed and in his element. Once again he is dressed in black cargo pants that have been kept close to his legs, and a dark navy blue commando sweater that has been tucked into the pants. "I have a plan that does not require going out into the open."

Ruark nods his head and stands to his full height again, letting the bestial nature fall away once more. "Sure thang, Mistah Markus. Patrick!" he calls, gesturing to his ghoul before turning towards Elysium.

JianJun makes a final deep bow and backs away from Gabe, "Should I find something warranting concern, a flare will be seen less than 100 yards to the south of it. One Hundred Yards to the south. If it finds me first - the flare shall still go up if I have use of my arms." Making a final farewell gesture, the man casts a look to the woman and states, "For the greater good, it shall be done." With as much, he begins to head to the exit.

Prince shakes his head with a smile, he keeps his hands together. "Not that important, Prince.." He steps away now standing next to Michael, he nods his head to Markus. "Acually I have a mission to try get photos, and this is what I must finish, good day to you all." Both men turn around and walk back towards the long hallway.

Yasmira blinks as she glances away from the flame to look to Jin and she just gives a rather vague and distracted nod, a small smile almost finding her lips again before its beginnings fall away and she turns and slips up to sit on the edge of the folding table. Her usually smooth and cat-like movements are a little less smooth as her stomach gives a faint growl of protest and her lips purse. She gives her trim but offending stomach a little glare at the sound before looking to Gabriel and then off into the darkness.

"We shall? shall we… Thanks for asking" The Prince would offer a serious look being cast to Markus, "Be well Jin…godspeed" his eyes would drift over Jin and slowly toward Prince, "Well.. do as you must, though I do wish to hear about this in full as soon as possible given our circumstances…" Gabriel would then turn to take a few steps toward Elysium, "Yasmira, I shall return to you soon… find what you can good and eat, there is no sense in your starving, if I have to go out alone and bring you back something I shall" his words would be spoken out of honor as well as duty, a more than serious tone to them.

Ruark smiles towards Markus, following close after the busy Ventrue. "Jus' fine, Mistah Markus." The black man replies, turning his head to make sure the ghoul is following him closely.

The young latino woman nods, faint blush returning to her cheeks as she nods, accent slightly less noticible as her voice goes soft, "Yes, Mister Gabriel. Thank you. I will go now and see what left is good. Maybe I overlooked something." She slips off the folding table and to her feet, brow furrowing as she watches Markus depart before she shakes her head a little and then reaches for her candle and starts to make her way up to the hallway.

"Glad you find it in my best interests to decide where my feet shall take me Markus, Though I have much interest in what you might suggest" The Prince would say simply, dryly, a slight aggitation to his voice as he followed the men, he would casually lift a single hand to unclip the strap across his axe slowly descending the steps into Elysium.

Yasmira grumbles as all she manages to find is canned food, though one of them is thankfully those little canned sausages. Though they were more like hot-dogs…why did anyone call them sausages? She shrugs to herself and pops it open with a knife, heading back to the basement and eating hungrily as she goes.

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