Said to hail from the lands of Prestor John, the dark-skinned Laibon appear only very rarely as travelers in Europe. They are said to commune with spirits and to know the secrets of Golconda, but no proof of these claims has ever been forthcoming. They are more common in Saracen lands.

Organization: Laibon are solitary creatures, and if any European Cainite has seen them discourse among themselves, none has told of it. They are guarded and talk little of themselves, but a chance comment or two has led astute Brujah and Lasombra to surmise that Laibon hold their sires in highest esteem. Laibon sire rarely, none taking more than two or three childer. Each Laibon, upon release from childehood, chooses either to take a domain or to wander; those Laibon in Europe have chosen the latter. The Laibon speak guardedly of their sires, but certain hints have led Cainite scholars to surmise that elder Laibon are frighteningly powerful indeed, perhaps on a par with the mythical Antediluvians.

Sobriquet: Sphinxes

Clan Disciplines: Abombwe, Animalism, Fortitude

Weaknesses: The Discipline of Abombwe involves direct dominance of the Beast, but this power has a price. A Laibon's Beast is particularly ravenous and recalcitrant, consuming a "tithe" of blood each time the vampires uses Blood Points. If a Laibon expends of ingests Blood Points, the Beast automatically "consumes" a point, or two points for an ingestion/expenditure of five or greater in one scene.

Thus, is a Laibon kills and drains a mortal (10 Blood Points), she only receives eight Blood Points; if she spends three Blood Points to heal herself, she actually loses four. Laibon grow hungry much more quickly than do other Cainites, and most try to ensure that ample feeding stock is within reach, les they do something unseemly in their hunger…

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