The priestesses and temple guardians of ancient Cappadocians, the Lamia are among those who put the lie to the belief that only Low Clans spawn bloodlines. The Lamia worship Lilith and have a reputation as fierce warriors.

Organization: Lamia adhere to a cultlike hierarchy, worshipping the Dark Mother through a variety of rites. Though males and females alike are Embraced, women are considered closer to Lilith and thus often occupy the higher echelons of the "priesthood". Lamia dutifully serve Cappadocian elders, but from free choice rather than dictum. The sire-childe bond is particularly strong in the Lamia; Gorgons often form themselves into tightly knit family units of a sire and two childer. Such "gens" often become the nuclei of mortal Lilith cults, and some serve as cadres of noctural knights-errant, protecting cultists and Cappadocians alike.

Sobriquet: Gorgons

Clan Disciplines: Deimos, Mortis, Potence

Weaknesses: Lamia are carriers of a virulent plague, which they dub "The Seed of Lilith". Anyone of anything upon whom they feed must make an unmodified Stamina roll (difficulty 6 for women, 8 for men) or become infected with a loathsome, Black Plague-like pox, which is always fatal after a few days. Vampires who consume Lamia blood do not die, but they become virulently contagious. Most princes know this and ban Lamia from their domains outright or, at the very least, restrict them to leper villages and the like. More humane Lamia often feed on corpses and burn the bodies thereafter.

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