Lawrence Goodspeed

I am the shadow on the wall, the darkness that creeps down your hall…

Character Quote: "You know what history loves? Martyrs. Are you ready to die for your cause? No? Well, I'm willing to have you die for mine."

Name: Lawrence Goodspeed
Age: Unknown, presumed to be at least three hundred.
Apparent Age: Unknown due to physical deterioration, has the build of a young teenage male
Birthplace: Paris, France
Eyes: Deep blue
Hair: Black
Height: Five feet, four inches
Weight: One hundred and twenty pounds
Occupation: Second Story Man

Status: Nosferatu Primogen
Sect: Camarilla
Sire: Henrietta Goodspeed
Childer: None known
Generation: Unknown
Disciplines: Assumed Obfuscate, Animalism, and Potence

Favorite Song: White Kids Love Hip Hop, MC Chris
Theme Song: You're Pretty When I'm Drunk, The Bloodhound Gang

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