Thought to be an offshoot of the Gangrel, these so-called Druids lurk in the guise of nature godesses and priestesses in pagan lands. They are highly territorial and said to be targets of local churchmen and Cainites alike.

Organization: Lhiannan form broods centered around a powerful individual and her followers; these broods are often referred to as "covens" or "sabats". Sabats act in conjuction and generally maintain herds of mortals and ghouls. Rival sabats are often bitter enemies; this lack of cooperation is one more reason why the Lhiannan have failed to defend their holdings.

Sobriquet: Druids

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Ogham, Presence

Weaknesses: Lhiannan are innately pagan; the mark of the Mother-Goddess flows through their dead veins. As such, all difficulties to detect their nature via Soulsight, Faith Numina, etc., are reduced by two. Additionally, Lhiannan increase all difficulties by two (including soak rolls, if such are necessary) when resisting Faith magic - even pagan Faith.

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