Lunatic S Territory Croc Hunter Edition

Trapsing along merrily through the night comes a large muscular form. Walking atop of cars, he doesn't even seem to care as he sets off more than a few alarms along his way. Dressed in black boots and a pair of tattered blue jeans he walks as if he owns the city. His torso is covered first by a crisp bright white straight jacket, though the bindings of the arms are left undone and hang loosely from his sleeves beneath the heavy black leather motorcycle jacket. An almost manic smile can be made out upon the man's face, as he grins from ear to ear, taking in the night. A smiley face button is pinned to his left lapel and a spiked collar about his neck, as his only form of jewelry.

"Fuckin-ay" mutters the balding man, grinning at the car-pedestrian, reaching up to the corner of his mouth to withdraw the cigarette for a moment, to shake the ashes of it. After the ash-shaking is done the man puts the cigarette back in his mouth, The man looks about himself yet again before reaching up and touching a rather nasty looking, pus-covered, swollen burnwound on his forehead. The wound in question is perhaps large as a quarter coin, and looks very, very painful.

Lenny pops his neck, his head swiveling to gaze at the man off to the side. Noting the burn upon his forehead and the features matching the description given to him he nonchalantly hops down off a car hood . The broad grin upon his face only growing larger as he opens his arms and speaks to the audience, "Ladies ladies ladies, Shonk is in the hiz-house."

The balding man keeps his eyes on the car-pedestrian, grinning and clapping twice, untill the man mentions his name, at wich point the man nonchalantly pushes way from the wall and begins walking, keeping his head low, flicking away the cigarette and stepping on it, getting out a cellphone and busying himself with it, as if wanting to appear busy

Lenny trapses after the fella nonchalantly, "Now now what ever am I to do.." He turns and looks in a random direction for a moment and speaks to the audience, "Oi, this here's another Adventure in the Wild Urban Jungle, where I, Shonk the Lunatic, am gonna follow this here lamb to the slaughter. Crickey he's an old one to have a mouth on em like he does, wonder if he's a bleeder." Gesturing at the audience he turns back following being the balding man, "Lets find out!"

The man slows his pace down, putting his cellphone into his jacket pocket, "Excuse me?" He asks, looking back at the other man, "Are you talking to me?" His hands manage not to shake once as he reaches into his pocket and gets out a pack of cigarettes, drawing one out and lighting it, drawing a deep breath, his eyes still going back and forth, as if expecting someone or something.

Lenny pauses midstep and looks towards the audience once more, "Crickey, we gotta be careful, I think it might have spotted us. Now if it makes a run for it, I wantcha to watch closely and try to keep up, we gotta be careful though.. These tricky buggers like to try to call for help." Smashing his fist into his open hand he makes a smacking sound, "And when that happens ya gotta pounce or else they're apt to get away."

The cigarette in the mans hand begins shaking, "What's this about, yeah? I dont got any money, this cellphone is a pre-paid and I dont use credit cards, I got nothing you want, what you want my smokes? Take em, I dont care" he draws the pack and holds it out to the other man, "Call for help? To whom? These people? Like they gonna fucking do something? Call the cops? I'd rather get my ass kicked than calling some fucking cops, bunch of cunts" He takes another drag, the cigarette shaking so much that ashes fall from it without his say so, "You fancy kicking my ass, aint much I can do about that, except ask myself why?"

Lenny hooks a thumb towards the balding man and speaks offhandedly towards the audience, "This is where most predators make their mistake. It starts to plea, and by crickey believe me, I've heard every story from every Sheila in the world." Chuckling lightly he shakes his head from side to side looking back towards the man, "See what ya gotta do is learn to go deaf and just stare it down.. The rabbit will run, or it'll curl up in a ball, either way you're job's pretty much done at that point."

"Fuck it then" mutters the man and begins walking again, humming, with a rather panicked voice, obviously expecting the blow to come at any moment

Lenny follows behind the man as he begins walking again, overtheatrically sneaking as he twists the mustached portion of his goatee up with his finger tips. "See, its on the move again.. but you gotta be very sneaky trying to get up close to the rabbit." He pauses for a moment and turns towards the nonexistant audience, wagging a finger, "And remember kids, poaching in Lunatic domain, and or running your mouth about a Lunatic is hazerdous to your health. The surgeon General has stated that it cuts your life expectancy by ninety eight percent!" Giving the Camera two thumbs up and a broad cheezy smile he once again begins to stalk after Samuel with the same over the top sneaking gestures.

The man keeps walking stopping a few times as if wanting to say something, but quiets down and continues walking again.

Lenny draws up closer and closer till he is quite literally breathing down the nearly bald man's neck. Turning to look towards the camera for a moment he speaks in a loud whisper, "Alrighty.. now you see how I did that? Good, now here's the tricky part where you gotta throw down and shove your thumb up their bum! Crickey though ya gotta be careful, sometimes they're right shitters and take it from me, you don't want to walk around all day with your finger smelling like another person's bumhole.."

The man turns around and stands his ground right abruptly, "You kidding me? You look like the kind of faggot that'd eat asshole by the fucking KFC bucketload, you wanna fucking throw down? Let's fucking go tough-guy, you want to be talking all that good shit? Back it up some!" He looks past the man and looks at the 'camera' "After these words, see what happens when you fuck with an anarchist, we will fuck you up"

Lenny grins from ear to ear and reaches out suddenly and picks the man up by his collar and moves to throw him. A broad cackling smile upon his face as he trips over his own feet and is sent sprawling to the ground. "Crickey! The earth be shaking!"

"Fucking hell!" Cries the bald man as the other man solidly LIFTS him of the ground, as the former car-pedestrian drops him he manages to retain his footing, and uses the time to start legging it down the street, screaming, "Fuck this shiiiit man!"

The muscular biker pushes himself off the ground and takes a massively powerful leap forward as the lanky man runs for his life. As he runs, Lenny comes soaring over his head and lands infront of him, the broad smile ever present upon his face as he speaks, "Mmmm I do like fast food.."

The balding man stops and screams as the man leaps over him, "What the fuck is this shit? I saw universal soldier, I saw that shit, fucking stay away from me, Super-pimp!" Needless to say, the man is afraid out of his mind

Lenny nods his head up and down over and over again, chuckling deep within his throat as he takes a step forward. His broad manic smile growing even larger with each chuckle, "Das right!" He takes a moment and poses with his hands upon his hips, "Shonky, the super pimp of Los Angeles!" Then starts chuckling once more, the mad look returning to his face as he grins from ear to ear, showing his pearly whites. "Dear boy, you just fell down the Rabbit hole an into my domain. And well ya done fucked up making a good first impression, but since I'm.." he throws his hair back over his shoulders, both hands coming up behind his head, causing him to thrust out his hips and chest as though posing nude, "Such a sexy beast.. And a nice guy.." He drops back down to the manic look once more, prowling forward towards the man, "I'll give you a chance to make ammends, how does that sound?"

The man retreats a few steps, "What the fuck" he mumbles and stares at the obviously insane man, "Yeah, sure, what the fuck do you want me to do?"

Lenny smiles brightly and claps his hands before him lick a giddy child, "Thats the spirit my boy!" Still grinning from ear to ear he gestures towards the west, "Now you done said some not nice shit about my girl and well, lemme just stress how badly you need to make an apology to her next time you meet her, and take what ever lip she gives you from now on on the chin. Cause I tell ya what, I hear about you making Daddy's girl pissed off again, well I'ma hunt you down, and start cutting stuff off until either you learn manners, or I run out of ideas. Believe me, I can make life down this rabbit hole a very very messy ordeal cause while ya saw me coming today, theres no gurantees about tomarrow or the next." Stepping forward and grabbing the man by the collar of his shirt once more, moving in close to look him in the eyes, "This is Lunatic territory, and you're on borrowed time. Don't make me repossess your shit."

"Yeah, sure thing, Im sorry, I'll talk to her, I'll seriously ask her for forgiveness and all that shit, I'll even you know, I'll grovel, and then i'll go away, i'll never come back, I'll go, I wont stay on your turf" He holds out his hands in an apologetic fashion

Lenny shakes his head, grinnding from ear to ear, "Naw you can stay. Just make sure to apologize like a goodboy." Setting the man back down he lightly pats him on his head and begins to skip off, singing as he goes, "Skittle-ma-linky dinky-dink, skittle-ma-linky do!"

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