The Maleficia Discipline is the power to use the evil eye, to bestow curses and to invoke plagues. Maleficia inflicts madness and misfortune on its targets. It is said that infernalist Malkavian developed this Discipline with the aid of demonic patrons.

Maleficia's effects may be turned on the infemalist. Should the target of this Discipline realize she is being affected, she may make an opposed Wits + Occult roll (difficulty of the infernalist's Willpower); if the roll is successful, the infernalist suffers the effects of the Discipline. This can only be done if the victim knows that she is being afflicted and can confront the infernalist. Likewise, if the inferalist's attempt botches, she suffers the effect herself. The victim can also flee to the Church, where an exorcism or blessing ritual will free her from a curse. All of the powers of Maleficia are dispelled if the infernalist is killed.

Level 1: Evil Eye

This power allows the infernalist to afflict someone's life with a minor mishap. This may prove fatal in combat.

System: The player must roll Wits + Occult (difficulty 6) and spend a Blood Point. Each success cancels one success from the victim's next die roll.

Level 2: Minor Curse

This power causes the victim a string of mishaps and accidents.

System: The player rolls Intelligence + Occult (difficulty 6) and spends one Blood Point. For each success gained, the target suffers the curse for one hour. Ignore the highest die on any roll that the affected character makes for the duration of the curse. This can be disastrous for characters with low levels in critical abilities.

Level 3: Psalm of the Damned

By chanting strange verses, the infernalist causes her foes to be distracted and unable to concentrate. Once begun, the psalm is heard by the victim wherever he flees, so long as the infernalist keeps chanting.

System: The player rolls Manipulation + Music (difficulty 6); each success reduces the victim's Dice Pool by one. The victim must be within earshot of the infernalist when the power is activated, but as long as the infernalist chants, the victim remains penalized. This power may be used on a group, in which case the infernalist's successes indicate how many individuals lose one die from their Dice Pools.

Level 4: Barrenness

The target of this power is rendered barren. Given the importance of children to medieval people, this power is dreaded by all.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Occult (difficulty equal to the victim's Stamina). If the roll is successful the target is stricken barren, unable to produce children. This power affects even vampires, rendering them unable to sire, and so is greatly feared. The effect may be removed only through exorcism, high-level Thaumaturgical Rituals, or the slaying of the caster.

Level 5: Greater Curse

The target of this power suffers torments night and day: her skin breaks out in boils and she is shunned by others.

System: The curse is invoked with the expenditure of three Blood Points. This power requires a resisted Willpower test (difficulty 8) between the infernalist and victim. Whoever loses is afflicted by the curse, the effects of which last for one year. During this year the victim is unable to sleep comfortably (suffers + 1 to all difficulty numbers), takes on the appearance of a leper (Appearance drops to 0), and suffers all the effects of a Minor Curse. Vampires are able to resist the effects of a Greater Curse by spending an extra four Blood Points as they sleep each day.

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