Maxwell Hearkenstone In I Didn T Mean It

(Just after a Pack Meeting)

Charlotte brushes her hand against Maxwell's as he tugs against the sleeve of her shirt, looking wickedly bemused for a moment. She closes her eyes with a pause of obvious self control before she turns her attention to Sofiya. "That's the best news I've heard all night." She pulls her arm away from Maxwell slowly, incase he had any inclination to cling before she shifts her weight from one foot to the other soft. She casts a glances towards Maxwell as a smirk tugs up one side of her mouth. "We'll take the van, plus some, I promise." She wrinkles her nose slightly and gives a smile that only women are capible of when they're about to do something exciting. She passes her eyes back to Sofiya. "This will be good for you then. Not just a pencil pusher, right? I hope you can fire a gun."

Sofiya chews abit on her lip as she shakes her head lightly, "Never really have touched one. I know some self defense, but not to great at it." She seems a wee-bit embrassed by such.

"Well. I can show you. I don't know much. A bit. I have to know a little in the line of work that I'm in. But I wouldn't mind. I owe you, anyway..", Maxwell states, before adding, "Unless you can find someone who's better at it than I am. Or, we could probably find you something that you can't miss with..".

Charlotte chuckles lightly as she leans back into Maxwell softly again, brushing her fingers back through her hair. "We can give her a first aid kit. Between the two of you, I think we'll all make it out alright." She stands again and gives Maxwell a playful nudge of her shoulder against his as she turns to walk towards the office. "I'll show you how to fire a gun, Sofiya. It's easy once you get past the first time actually shooting someone with it." She stops at the coffee cart near the door, seeming to have completely forgotten her first mug with whatever rushes through her mind. "We can put you with the girl, too. In and out. That part should be no hassle."

Sofiya says, 'Umm..whatever I can do. I just know that I tend to run better than anything.'

"So, technically, we could hang the Monkey Puzzle around her neck, and let her run around to distract Ice-Heart, while we pull the girl out..", Maxwell states. It's obvious that he's kidding, as could be told from the grin of pure mischevious that crawls across his lips, "A perfect plan. I should have been a stratetician. Er. Strategerian. Strateg—…". He sort of fades off, looking for the right word.

"Tactitian," the honey-haired woman calls over her shoulder at the end of Maxwell's statment, still fixing her new mug of coffee as she shifts her weight from one hip to the other. "But that would mean bringing that puzzle -anywhere- near that warehouse, which just doesn't sit right in the pit of my stomach. We'll see. I'd feel much better with the van than a necklace that doesn't do me any good."

Sofiya glares over to Maxwell when he says that, speaking up, "It's bad enough he is of the same tribe I am. He'll more likely chase after me to take me like that other girl. Dancers are some sick fucks" all out in a haste of her russian. She draws in a long breath as she looks to Charlotte. "Forgive me for speaking out like that."

"Hey. I was kidding. In case you missed the shit-eating grin on my face..", Maxwell states, holding up a hand for a minute to the side. For whatever reason. It's strangely near Charlotte, "..I just want to get something straight. I'm not stupid enough to put a Monkey Puzzle around your neck and pretend you're a wind-up toy. I mean. Don't get me wrong. It would be great to see..", he states, with this last part being admitted with another wicked grin. It's quickly dashed away as he goes on, "..But I'm not into that sort of thing. Or bad plans. You can be assured that if I'm ever really serious about a terrible plan, I won't be smiling when I say it.".

Charlotte groans softly at Maxwell's jokes, clearly quite used to them and just shakes her head. She lifts the new coffee mug to her lips and takes a short sip of it. "We're not using bait against Dancers. And believe me, I've nothing nice to say about them either." She steps back to Maxwell's side, ducking under his arm shortly to bring it around her shoulders. "Or he'll say it in private and you'll never have to suffer through it," she tells Sofiya in a quick tone, chuckling. "Terrible plans aside, it's just not something we can risk to run in there without knowing anything. Riley will get me everything I need to know, with the Claith at his side or not. I wouldn't have taken on babysitting duty if I didn't trust him with it."

Sofiya nods her head as she eyes Maxwell, speaking up playfully, "I think we'll run an extra mile tomorrow at dusk." She smiles innocently before looking to Charlotte, "I believe that to be wise to do. Scout out first, then the plan can be fully laid out in retrieval of the girl. And I'm willing to learn how to use a gun, knife, or my bare hands to help in the cause."

"Hey. Ex-nay on the unning-ray, Ofiya-Say..", Maxwell states, pulling a thumb across his throat. Immediately, he changes the subject of the conversation, taking the metaphorical steering wheel of it and jerking it hard, with copious amounts of verbal power-braking, "I'd go with a gun. You don't seem like the type that is going to bare-hand wrestle someone to their death. Or maybe a knife..".

Charlotte looks between the two for a minute before a grin touches her lips. "You're taking Max running?" she asks looking directly towards Sofiya, looking amused by the thought. "That's fantastic. I didn't know you ran." She nudges Maxwell again playfully and goes back to ignoring him for the female interaction. She wraps her free arm around Max's back as she stands next to him. "We'll get you both in class as soon as the whole pack isn't acting like they are lost without the sight of each other. I can't have the studio open with all the traffic."

Sofiya smirks, "Yes, I am. To help with his problem of giving up weed. Which I said, THANK GOD, when he told me last night." She chuckles as she adds, "I do run. Well enough to have Russia want me on the Olympic track team. Training and keeping with my duties are a pain at times."

The palm of the Glasswalker Kinfolk is slapped upon his face at that comment, and he just shakes his head. It takes him a second to respond. Perhaps it's the lack of weed, or something else all together, but when he does speak, it goes something like this, "FUCK. What the fuck, Sofi. That Monkey Puzzle plan is looking really damn good right now. I think we'll be using it. But before we do! Let me open my closest and kick some more shit out!". He waves his hands a little, essentially doing 'spirit fingers' as he steps out from under Charlotte's arm, and then opening an invisible closet, digging around, "Oh, look at that! I joined a wrestling class too! Imagine all of that bare-chested, sweaty man-wrestling! Oh man. I fed a homeless person yesterday!". He glances back at the pair of them, before looking into his invisible closet again, if just for emphasis, "What's that? The journal I keep und—..". About this time, he just stops. He's gone too far.

Charlotte scowls softly as Maxwell ejaculates sarcasm. She lets her eyes stay on him for the whole while that he talks, and her expression slackens a little. "I know you keep a diary," she tells him in no uncertain terms, her voice forcably soft as though it would at all make him feel better. She wets her lips, looking a little lost for a moment, which for the honey-haired alpha is a new expression. "Why did you stop smoking?" Her brow furrows slightly as she looks at him, and drops her gaze from the two of them long enough to take a short drink from her coffee mug.

Sofiya tries not to laugh as she goes to response, "Oh my..gosh, Max. Just chill. Be glad I haven't said more than that." She watches him, blinking at him as she shakes her head.

Maxwell stops. Just stops. He has a blank stare for a moment, as if thinking. One could almost see the gear(s) in his head as they crank and turn. Then, he begins to answer things in a methodic answer, turning to Charlotte first, "You don't need to be reading that. It could be dangerous. Also. We'll talk about the pot thing later, when the information assassin over there isn't hanging around with a blackmail dagger at my throat..". Then he turns to Sofiya, and with a very /direct/ manner, he states, "You know what. The new Pup wants to munch your asshole, Blackmaily McMailerpants. So you should worry about that, instead of the stupid things I say when I don't have pot to keep my mouth from running..".

Sofiya looks back at Maxwell, staring at him as she speaks with a rush Russian in her voice, "HE wants to do WHAT?! No one, and I mean no one will.." giving a growl out towards him as she speaks again, "Sick fuck..just ugh." She throws her hands up in the air as she hastely says, "Do you want to go and take this into the ring with a slapping contest? Hrm??"

Charlotte looks between Maxwell and Sofiya quickly before her arm wraps around his back again and she tucks herself under one arm to bring her side against his chest. "I would never, never read it. You let it slip yesterday." Her voice is left in a hushed tone, probably the most non-abrasive tone that the usually high strung Alpha knows. At Sofiya's words, Charlie's arm loosens reflexively from around Maxwell's waist, clearly used to dealing with Garou rather than Kinfolk, and she takes a soft step backwards.

Maxwell just continues to glare at Sofiya for a minute, though he does seem to calm down a bit as Charlie admits to never having invaded his precious man-journal. However, her next set of words seem to stir a passion in the Glasswalker Kinfolk. It could have been abated, but then Charlotte stepped back. His glare sharpens a bit, and a quietly wicked grin passes over his lips before he goes on to trash centuries of finely-watched Silver Fang breeding and heritage. Taking it back to the third grade, he drops to his knees and forms a peace-sign over his mouth, sticking his tongue through it, "Imagine that warm, wet Lupus tongue on your tiny, pink Silver Fang asshole! Oh yes. Om nom nom nom nom!".

Sofiya's eyes seem to flare as she moves to Maxwell, drawing back her open hand back to slap it across his face. Staring down at him, "Insulting wretch!", balling up her fist as she steps from him, looking to Charlotte for a moment with a lower head as she speaks as calm as she can, "I will leave now. Forgive my actions."

As Sofiya steps forward, Charlotte seems to have the same impulse, and the second assult it kept quite close to the hand that meets Maxwell's cheek. Charlie takes a careful step forward and gives the kneeling Kinfolk a solid hit of her foot against his backside. "That's the most terrible damned thing I've ever heard," she explains quickly as she regains her footing, her cheeks lighting with blush as she immediately drops to her knees next to the man. "-You- don't have to apologize," she explains, obviously to Sofiya, though her attention is on Maxwell completely, and she nearly spills her coffee on her lap in her haste to set down the cup.

At first, Max is shocked from the slap to his face. It doesn't seem to hurt as much as it should, but it's just not ladylike. And then he's shocked worse by the kick to his rear, which does hurt a bit more, but still not ladylike. There are two paths that he could take here, and taking the first got him beat up. So he goes with the second. He looks at Charlotte, seeming pretty frustrated for a moment. He doesn't seem to know what to do. Something must click though, because of all things, he pokes her in the cheek with his pointer-finger. Not hard. Just more of a..button-pushing effort. Perhaps he is attempting to power her down, "You know what? I haven't smoked a joint in two days because of you, woman. On top of that, I've done more physical damned excercise that I have in the past /ten years/. And it was just like..a one mile run! And a wrestling class! Do you think..that I..enjoy having images of Sofi's asshole in my head? NO!", he states, as if it should be rather obvious.

Sofiya speaks, "And do you think I like have images of you and Charlotte going at it in mine?", bites her lip quickly.

Charlotte brings her hand up to slap Maxwell's away, meeting his gaze with more confusion than anger, though there's no lack of either. Her eyes don't turn from him even while Sofiya speaks, though a pang of hurt crosses her features before she discards it. "-Don't- you poke at me, Maxwell Hearkenstone." Her voice snaps feverishly, and she brings one hand up to rest a few fingers over the place he'd touched on her cheek as though it had hurt her. "It's -your- choice to be here. It's -your- choice to smoke, or not. And," she pauses for a sharp breath and a glance at Sofiya, "It's very much your choice to tell -her- whatever you'd like." She just stares at him for a moment as though filtering through things to say before she drops her gaze to the floor, and with a quick pivot on her toe, she turns away from him and steps towards the hallway and the office.

Anna can be seen to have been poking her head out listening to the loud voices from the office.

Pushing to his feet, Maxwell pushes out, "Fuck. No fucking wonder I've been single for three years..", he /ejaculates/, though it's hard to tell whether he's mad at Sofiya, Charlotte, Himself, or just the world. A few steps bring him to the back door of the studio, which he opens, places his head into, and then attempts to close. It's not hard, really. Perhaps it's just a weird ritual of attempting to clear his mind. A very. weird. ritual.

Anna speaks softly up at Charlie, "I think your boyfriend is a masochist.. or he's in harano.."

Sofiya blinks widely as she runs to where Maxwell is, attempting to keep the door from hitting him like he wants it too.

Sofiya says, 'Maxwell, stop that. Sorry for all the words, but I do not do this to punish you. I swear.'

Charlotte stops in the door of the office as Anna steps infront of her, and almost mechanically the honey haired woman pushes her hand into the pocket of her shorts and holds her cellphone and some cash out to the girl. "Be a huge help and order us dinner. Everyone's going to be starving when they get back. Let me alone for a bit." She drops the items into the girl's hands and steps around her carefully and into the office, pushing her fingers through her hair. As the office door slams closed, Charlie's muffled voice curses and the radio clicks on to Bob Marley before it's turned up to drown out whatever noise comes from inside besides the choppy old tape.

"Did it ever occur to you, Sofi..", Maxwell starts with, letting the door bounce on his head once again, before holding it there, "That I told you about those things because I wasn't ready to tell Charlotte about them yet? Or..I don't know. Maybe because I trusted you? I mean. You're no fucking Shadow Lord..". There's a bit of sarcasm in his words, and a few of them are stretched for emphasis.

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