Mizuki Nakamura

“She's been trying with limited success to get him to turn out the lights and dance cause like any girl all she really wants that fickle little bitch romance” - The Dresden Dolls

Name: Mizuki Nakamura
Age: 19
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 98 lbs
Height: 5’1”
Build: Thin

Birthplace: Yokota Air Base, Tokyo, Japan
Heritage: Japanese
Current Residence: UCLA Dorms
Current Status: Single
Current Occupation: College Student

Languages Spoken English, Japanese
Demeanor: Orchid
Theme Song: Shores of California - The Dresden Dolls (lyrics)
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A Colonel in the US Air Force by the name of Ichiro Nakamura, an American born child of Japanese refugees after the second world war, and his young wife Megumi where stationed at Yokota Air Base in Tokyo Japan in 1988. It was here that Megumi gave birth to the couples first and only child. Born at the stroke of midnight on a crisp winter night, February 3, 1988, Ichiro named his young daughter Mizuki, meaning Beautiful Moon, after the shinning moon that stood vigil outside the hospital room. After a few days of recovery the family returned to their home on the air force base.

This modest apartment would be the place that Mizuki would call home for the entirety of her primary schooling. She attended a Japanese primary school. An astute student and excelling in the already high standards of the Japanese education system, she showed a great deal of promise. She had a few friends growing up but wasn’t exactly a social butterfly, however she called many animals friends and would often find injured animals around the base and bring them home, nurturing them back to health. This began her desire to go into medical field. Her family always wonder how she nursed so many animals back so quickly but never questioned it. It wasn’t until she was eight years old that they would learn the truth of her healing. Bringing home a stray dog that seemed to have been hit by a car, Mizuki’s family witnessed the act that had saved the lives of so many injured animals over the years. Pressing her palms to the wounded dogs leg she closed her eyes. A soft warm light surrounded her hands, and the open wounds of the dog slowly stitched closed. The dog made an impossible recovery.

Fearing the publics views on her abilities the Nakumura family decided to keep their daughters gift a secret and told her to only perform this gift when no one could see. The couple could only think that this was a blessing from god, and while they had no intention of trying to hide it, they fear there beloved child would be used by this cruel world.

When the young girl turned fourteen, Colonel Nakamura was stationed at Los Angelus Air Force Base. This was the first time that Mizuki had come to the Continental US, however after years of living on a military base her English was superb. She adjusted quickly to her new surroundings, but she had difficulty making friends. She was placed in Archers school for girls, where she once again excelled. The education system in Japan was just so much higher than that of America’s, even a private school education was a review for the girl. She moved quickly through the courses, passing her other students by.

While at Archers Mizuki gained a skill that would not only see her though college by way of a scholarship but also give her a great deal of pride and joy. She began lesions in playing the violin. She, like in all other matters, was a quick study. She took first chair in the school orchestra in her first year, something that was unheard of in the schools history. She was approached by a man from a local college, University of California Los Angelus or UCLA, and he offered her a scholarship when she was ready to go to college. She readily agreed.

By the age of seventeen, Mizuki had completed the required courses to graduate and did so. Gradating at the age of seventeen, Mizuki began pre-med at UCLA the following fall. However her father refused to allow her to stay on campus and she lived at home while she attended school for the following year. Her class schedule was pretty basic and she enjoyed the college life. Her marks stayed top notch though out her first year of college. She began to open slightly to some of her fellow students. They where much older than her, and the guys particularly where drawn to her. She was invited to many parties, however a good girl by nature she declined and stayed to her studies. However at the end of her freshman year, even though ahead of her class mates she was accepted as a sophomore, some of her friends insisted that she go with them to a celebration party.

Attending this party would be the sheltered girls first real exposure to the evils of the world. The party started off as any normal college party would, drinking and loud music abound. However the evening quickly took a turn for the worse. Mizuki, an attractive girl, was quickly the focus of the men at the party. Mizuki became uncomfortable with all the attention and tried to leave. The mens attention became forceful as they where driven by both lust and alcohol. But the actions where stopped by a blond woman that towered over the petite girl, who would later introduce herself as Jang. This woman knocked the men off of the young girl and took her away from the party. The two spent a good part of the night talking over coffee.

This event pushed the already shy girl into a bit of a shell, however the woman’s actions where a ray of hope for the goodness of people in the world. She began to take extra classes and distanced herself from the ‘friends’ she had made. Her marks remained at her normal high however her socializing with people, including her parents quickly faltered. Worried that this was a result of their protectiveness, Mizuki’s father agreed that when she turned eighteen years old she would be allowed to stay in the dorms.

This was a difficult thing for Mizuki, she had wanted to stay in the dorms and live her own life from the time she started college, however after the event at the frat house she was unsure. She put on a happy face for her parents as she saw their concern, but kept the incident to herself. Moving into the dorm was harder for the over protective father. For the first time in her life Mizuki watched her father cry as he loaded the remainder of her belongings into the small private dorm room. This man had been a pillar of strength all of her life, however in some ways it was refreshing and comforting that under that hardened military coating that he was human. After a long goodbye Mizuki sat in the small private dorm room, cold and scared of the times that would come.

It would be many months before Mizuki would leave her room for reason other than bathing and class. It was Christmas break and she felt the urge to explore the city and see the sights before returning to her parents home on base. It was on the streets of LA that she would regain her will to be near people. Running from a building a man ran past a woman and stealing the purse around her shoulder. In his pursuit to get away he knocked a young boy to the ground, scraping his knee. She approached the boy and eyed the man, who ran in front of a car and making him easily caught by the authorities. Kneeling next to this young boy she calmed him down as her hands covered his wound. His eyes grew wide as soft glow and warm sensation surrounded his leg, and when it had faded the injury was gone. They cheery smile of that boy was enough to renew her faith in people. She often walks the streets of LA after class, hoping to find more and more ways to help the citizens of this dank and lost little city.

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