Momma May

Name: Momma May
Birth Name: Mable Ann O'Day
Birth Date: December 30th, 1906
Birth Place: L.A., California
Apparent Age: Early 90's
Height: 4' 7" hunched over, 5'1 if she was to stand fully upright.
Weight: 86lbs
Hair: Cotton ball white, streaked with dirt and leaves. Always worn covered by a patched scarf.
Eyes: Bright and lively cornflower blue.
Constant Companion: A one eyed, mangy old black tom cat by name of Old Tom.


Name: Tom, Tommy, Old Tom.. Furball, Hey you! Get out of here! And sometimes.. words better left unprinted. That's what crapping in a shoe is for.
Birth Date: Sometime before yesterday?
Birth Place: The old gray box behind Lu-Lings chinese food resturant.
Apparent Age: Old enough to know better, still to young to care.
Weight: Round, rolley-polley, portly. Larger than the average kit-kat.
Fur: Sleek glossy black! Alright maybe a little bit of hair loss here and there, I refuse to do a comb over.
Eye: Yes, eye. Just one thank you. And it's yellow. The other one.. don't ask.
Constant Companion: That crazy old lady with the viddles that scratches just the right spots.

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